VIP Coaching Weekend


VIP Coaching

VIP Coaching Weekend

Experience Undivided Attention, Lavish Queenly Treatment, and Potent, High-Impact Personal Coaching.

A one-on-one weekend coaching experience with Debrena. The equivalent of 8-10 weeks of consecutive weekly coaching sessions, all in one power-packed weekend.

Experience the VIP Queenly treatment and customized coaching sessions with Master Coach, Debrena.

The weekend kicks off with dinner at a fabulous restaurant w/Debrena, and then your private Coaching Weekend commences with sessions tailored to your personal needs and objectives; and a night of sacred relaxation. 

Offered select weekends each year. Starts Friday at 6pm, concludes Sunday at 10am.

Schedule Exploratory Phone Call

Schedule an exploratory conversation with Debrena about your VIP Coaching Weekend.

Paid in Full $2,550 OR 4 installments of $687.50.
*Includes all meals, coaching sessions, and VIP Gift Bag.  *Client pays for own hotel room, 2 nights.



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    I have worked on and off with Debrena for over 10 years, and I continue to be impressed by her work and classes being current and innovative. Most recently, I needed a business consultation as my career has shifted directions. Debrena was right there for me with a wealth of wisdom, guidance and resources. My one-hour coaching call with her was the best professional development investment I could have made during this transition. From that Call, I had breakthroughs that manifested into firm results of a class outline, creative marketing strategies, a few assignments, and clear direction as to my next steps to implement immediately. All of this from just ONE hour!!

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    I felt it was time for me to make an investment in myself that would assist with the strengthening of my spirit as well as garnering a better understanding of men and how their minds work. I knew that this would be tremendously helpful in my marriage. I was very excited about the possibilities of what could happen, but also a bit nervous. Since this would be a 1:1 experience, I knew there was really no way to sit back and blend in. I was ready to be 100% active in the creation of my joy and fulfillment.

    I would definitely recommend this VIP weekend to any woman who is READY to receive support in creating a marriage or partnership of respect and deep connection. This is not for someone who wants to play house, but for a lady who is desiring to walk “in her woman” every day of her life. I am so pleased that I decided to make the investment in myself to strengthen ME and open my reality to what additional possibilities exist in creating a nurturing and exciting romantic partnership with true connection. In all situations, always honoring me to the fullest extent….

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    The sessions and exercises that were most powerful were the “Cleaning Out Disempowering Beliefs,” “Which Love Lies am I operating From?” and the “I LET GO” exercise. I was surprised to uncover crazy beliefs I had about love, approval, sex, money and communication. I was shocked about how screwed up my thinking was and how many assumptions I have that have nothing to do with reality. I was also surprised at how many emotions were bottled up inside of me during the I LET GO confessional exercise and how relieved I felt to speak them out loud.

    I really felt like a V.I.P. At the end of the weekend, I wanted to stay another week! I had a strong urge to get every piece of wisdom that I could get from her. I didn’t want to miss anything.

    I strongly recommend this experience to others. Having the “live” aspect of this experience increases its value tremendously because it’s more powerful to do this work in person versus over the phone. The additional power comes from seeing it modeled in Debrena and by her. She’s not just telling me what to do or how to be, over the phone; rather, she’s modeling it for me in her interactions with others. That in-person, “live” modeling enhances the power of what she is advocating because I got to witness it with my own eyes.

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