How to Explore Coaching with

Debrena Jackson Gandy

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1. Determine your Focus Area

Fill out the form to apply for an exploratory phone call with your Focus Area and your specific coaching area of interest: Life, Love or Business. You also let us know where and on what you’d specifically like her support, guidance, and assistance; and the outcomes/results you’d like her to help you achieve. Note: Debrena's style of coaching - potent, holistic and truth-based, is not for everyone. You have to be coachable and READY.

2. Have an Exploratory Phone Call with Debrena

You’ll receive a return email with a proposed time for a 20-minute Exploratory Phone Conversation. This Exploratory Phone Call is to determine if your needs combined with Debrena’s areas of expertise and approach, are a FIT; to get your questions answered; and to explain how the payment and session scheduling works. She’ll also share her recommendation for either her 4-session Medallion Coaching Package or her 8-session Medallion Coaching Package, or a custom option.

3. Schedule your Coaching Sessions

If you both decide that you want to proceed, then she gets you registered and paid over the phone (or the date is set to process your payment at a future date, from our office), and the sessions are calendared while you’re on the phone. In many cases, she sends a pre-session questionnaire to you to complete and return prior to your first session. You can opt to continue with an additional cycle of coaching sessions with her once your initial cycle completes, if you both mutually decide to proceed.

  • I knew that receiving one-on-one coaching from Debrena was GUARANTEED to be transformational! Debrena is able to pack so much into her coaching calls, illuminating areas in both my personal and business life that were holding me back. She is both spiritual and no-nonsense, able to cut through my limiting beliefs and patterns, teaching me how to recognize and shift my thoughts, and then empowering me to adopt a new way of thinking. I am so fortunate to have access to her wisdom, intuition, experience and humor in navigating the path from where I am now to the life of my dreams! - T. Martin
  • You are soooo anointed and appointed to assist people in aligning their lives to its original state and purpose, and helping us truly understand love relationships. Wow! My God! I am in awe of how you’re able to reach deep into the soul of people and assist in transforming their lives. In my love relationships, I didn’t realize that I was giving away my rights and responsibility every time I called myself getting into a relationship with a man. After this course, I am able to look in the mirror and accept my God-given responsibility as His created Woman, the GIFT TO MAN!! May our Creator continue blessing you in all of your endeavors. You have the Midas touch!! - J. Hunt
  • My private coaching with Debrena was amazing!! I was considering giving up my business and returning to a full-time job. Within just a few sessions, Debrena led me to define my business purpose, and mission, and to identify some beliefs I had about job security. She helped me to restructure my contracts, workshop menu and fee schedule. She taught me practical skills to use during my next contract discussion. By the conclusion of my education contract discussion, the final negotiated price was $20,000 MORE than I would have been able to secure without her coaching! - S. King
  • I have worked on and off with Debrena for over 10 years, and I continue to be impressed by her work and classes being current and innovative. Most recently, I needed a business consultation as my career has shifted directions. Debrena was right there for me with a wealth of wisdom, guidance and resources. My one-hour coaching call with her was the best professional development investment I could have made during this transition. From that Call, I had breakthroughs that manifested into firm results of a class outline, creative marketing strategies, a few assignments, and clear direction as to my next steps to implement immediately. All of this from just ONE hour!! - T. Scruggs
Schedule Exploratory Phone Call