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With Master Life Coach Debrena Jackson Gandy

Debrena Jackson Gandy is a Master Coach with 20+ years of transformational coaching experience. She has coached hundreds from across the country and internationally, with nearly 5,000 clocked coaching hours.

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Debrena Jackson Gandy is passionate about empowering her clients, both women and men, to create and live juicy, bountiful lives, with more ease and grace.

Debrena’s holistic approach to personal coaching addresses the mind, body, spirit and one’s energy. Her 4 primary focus areas are: personal growth & spiritual development; love relationships and marriage (singles and couples); sacred self-care; and business marketing/entrepreneurship.

Her approaches center around unearthing transparent and damaging beliefs; getting to the invisible root causes not just addressing the visible behaviors; recognizing the power of free will and choice; acknowledging each client as a creative and powerful being, the cause and effect of your beliefs, decisions, choices, thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviors; heightened self-awareness; aligning actions with spiritual laws, reflection and experiential assignments and exercises, and supportive accountability.

Debrena is known for producing powerful and permanent results with her clients, over a condensed period of time.

Her specialty is working with already high-functioning individuals and groups, that are ready to accelerate and elevate to higher levels in the areas of life, love and business, and coaching them to even higher heights of effectiveness, fulfillment, performance, profitability, productivity and results – with less “efforting” and more ease.

Medallion Coaching Package

Two- or Four-Session Cycles via phone or ZOOM. The focus of each of your sessions is CUSTOM-DESIGNED and tailored to your needs. Here’s how it works:

  1. We start with a Complimentary EXPLORATION Call (See the BUTTON below). During the Exploratory Conversation, in addition to hear more specifics about what you desire to accomplish together, I’ll also share how my coaching is structured, the investment, and we’ll determine if it is a FIT to work together.
  2. You Pay in Full or make your initial payment,
  3. We get your sessions scheduled. They typically are one week apart
  4. You’ll then be sent a pre-session questionnaire
  5. Then you’ll be sent a simple outline of the Focuses of each of your Sessions
  6. We proceed with your Sessions

SILVER: 2-Session Cycle; GOLD: 4-Session Cycle

1 on 1 VIP Coaching Weekend

A 1-on-1 VIP Weekend Coaching Experience with Debrena. The equivalent of 8-10 consecutive weekly coaching sessions, all in one power-packed weekend.

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  • I knew that receiving one-on-one coaching from Debrena was GUARANTEED to be transformational! Debrena is able to pack so much into her coaching calls, illuminating areas in both my personal and business life that were holding me back. She is both spiritual and no-nonsense, able to cut through my limiting beliefs and patterns, teaching me how to recognize and shift my thoughts, and then empowering me to adopt a new way of thinking. I am so fortunate to have access to her wisdom, intuition, experience and humor in navigating the path from where I am not to the life of my dreams!
    – T. Martin
  • You are soooo anointed and appointed to assist people in aligning their lives to its original state and purpose, and helping us truly understand love relationships. Wow! My God! I am in awe of how you’re able to reach deep into the soul of people and assist in transforming their lives. In my love relationships, I didn’t realize that I was giving away my rights and responsibility every time I called myself getting into a relationship with a man. After this course, I am able to look in the mirror and accept my God-given responsibility as His created Woman, the GIFT TO MAN!! May our Creator continue blessing you in all of your endeavors. You have the Midas touch!!
    – J. Hunt
  • My private coaching with Debrena was amazing!! I was considering giving up my business and returning to a full-time job. Within just a few sessions, Debrena led me to define my business purpose, and mission, and to identify some beliefs I had about job security. She helped me to restructure my contracts, workshop menu and fee schedule. She taught me practical skills to use during my next contract discussion. By the conclusion of my education contract discussion, the final negotiated price was $20,000 MORE than I would have been able to secure without her coaching!
    – S. King
  • I am just so grateful to have addressed things that have held me captive, my inability to manage failure and the fear that controls my decisions as a result of that, which pops up in several areas of my life and is affecting my growth. It’s time for me to face this head on, and I’m honored to have confronted this in the presence of such powerful, open and empowering women!
    – Y. Allen
  • What I learned from working with Debrena as my multi-level marketing coach over 3 ½ hour of coaching and training is more than I learned in my 5 months with the multi-level marketing company I joined. Now I can say that I really and truly understand the mindset, attitude, tools, level of discipline, and my company’s compensation plan. The success plan and system Debrena helped me to develop has me now powerfully poised and positioned for action, prosperity, and explosive success!
    – D. Gates
  • My business coaching with Debrena was invaluable. I had a great concept in mind, but I didn’t know how to get it out of my head to make it tangible so that others could grasp it, identify with it, and invest in it. Debrena is skilled at helping clients extract their core message and package it creatively. With her down-to-earth, yet concise style, and marketing insights, coupled with her skilled coaching and powerful questioning, she was able to pull ideas and concepts out of me that I didn’t even know were there! She is a master at using powerful language. She has a wonderfully structured approach to working with her clients. From the very first assignment, which we used to develop my Core Business Identity, to the concept development, to identifying my “best fit client,” and developing my fee structure, I now have marketing materials, including a one-pager and flier that I’m proud of.
    – C. McNeil