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Yes, it is possible to prosper in life, love and business – with ease and grace. But it requires a paradigm shift in your thinking, acting and being. I am here to show you the way and help you make this shift.

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This program includes a 7-Day Self Study Plan, 3 Hours of IN-powering Audio Programs, 1 of her most popular E-books, 1 set of her Affirmations to Live By DUO with 25 affirmations written by Debrena coupled with an Audio Version of her reading the 25 Affirmations, set to soothing music.

The Yummy Life Program contains some of the juiciest content from Debrena’s treasure chest of life-changing tools, resources and programs.

Guidance, Teachings, Tools and Practical Steps for more fully embracing your Greatness, Joy, Healing & Prosperity.

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