Yummy Life

Guidance, Teachings and Practical Steps for more fully embracing your Greatness, Joy, Healing & Prosperity

with Debrena Jackson Gandy, “Master Manifestress,” Nationally published best-selling Author and Life Coach.

Hello Friend,

Just this morning, my gratitude prayer during my morning prayer and meditation time, I started with these simple words: “Thank you, God, for my yummy life.”

I was moved to speak these words, because, in that moment, I was overwhelmed by the deeply joyful and fulfilling life I’d been able to create for myself – a yummy life with yummy friends, a yummy husband, yummy daughters, a successful business with yummy clients and students, yummy experiences, a yummy home, and three yummy nationally published books.

What is a Yummy Life?

A yummy life is one that is deeply satisfying; connects you to your joy; feeds your mind, body and spirit; is filled with nourishing, reciprocal relationships; allows full self-expression; and has peace, ease and flow in it. A yummy life reflects the desires of your heart, is beautiful, fun, filled with rich relationships, a well and healthy body, deep connection, and plenty of rest, relaxation and sacred self-care.

I am offering this YUMMY LIFE Program because I want to help other women have a yummy life, too. It feels soooo good. In my own personal journey and in the nearly 25 years of transformational work I’ve done with thousands of women across the country, I’ve learned that there is a specific foundation of understanding, principles, and practical steps that YIELDS a yummy life.

A yummy life is not a fantasy, a pipe dream, or an existence reserved for an elite few – it is also available to you….IF you’re willing to CULTIVATE the “soil” of your thinking so that you can bear the “juicy fruit” of a YUMMY LIFE.

To create and live a yummy life FIRST requires a renewed mindset, a new level of thinking, and an understanding of WHAT Essentials and how to apply the ESSENTIALS to your life – the Essentials make up the underlying foundation of a yummy life.

It’s not magic or mystery – it’s deliberate. It’s about knowing the sequence – what’s first, what’s second…and purposefully laying the proper foundation.

Consider the YUMMY LIFE Essentials PROGRAM your basic TOOL KIT for creating a yummy life.

Are you?…

Do you?…

If you answered yes to at least two of these statements, then The Yummy Life is for you.

It combines THREE (3) of my most popular Audio Programs, with one of my inspiring e-books, my NEW Audio of 25 of my fave Affirmations read by yours truly, and set to music; and it includes the BONUSES of an inspirational poem and an insightful article.

Part 1

Audio Programs New Covers 2021

Decide to be Great

Essentials for Owning your Greatness

(Audio Recording)

Part 2

Audio Programs New Covers 2021

Make Space so Joy Has a Place

Essentials for Making Space for Joy

(Audio Recording)

Part 3

Audio Programs New Covers 2021

Life, Love and Emotional Healing

Essentials for beginning to heal from past emotional baggage, and attract and sustain healthy love relationships

(Audio Recording)

Part 4

You Deserve to Prosper

How to cultivate a prosperity consciousness and experience “plenty”of what matters most in your life


Plus these special bonuses:

Bonus 1

Debrena’s 25 Affirmations to Live By

An audio recording set to relaxing music of 25 powerful affirmations for your mind, body, spirit, money & relationships

(Printable PDF & Accompanying Audio MP3)

Bonus 2

“You are the Meaning-Maker in Your Life”

It’s not true that “everything happens for a reason.” Read this article to find out the real deal.

(Special Article)

Bonus 3

Inspirational Declarative Poem

Authored by Debrena Jackson Gandy.

(Printable PDF)

You’ll be sent the Yummy Life Essential Program along with your Welcome Letter that lays out your recommended 7-Day Self-Study Plan. You will be able to access it from your email immediately after purchasing it.