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Learn little-known insights about the womb that have been suppressed for centuries including the creative power of the womb, how the womb differs from your uterus, how the womb can “hold” emotions, hearing what your womb wants to tell you, and how healing your womb can change your life.

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The Love Academy – Radio Interview featuring Melissa Brown and Debrena Jackson Gandy

How do we learn the lessons of love? Are they taught or are they lived? Where do the rules of relationship come from; and how come so many people seem to have their own rule book? This show serves as a follow up to the Healthy Relationships show that generated great discussion among both the married and the single. Join Melissa Brown with special guest, Debrena Jackson Gandy, a national speaker, relationship coach and best-selling author who will talk about the numerous myths we have about relationships and the rules men and women create that often bring more heartache instead of the love we all want and need. Get valuable information about how you can have more quality in your relationships, which sets you up to live your best life. Another show you don’t want to miss.

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Lemonade Syllabus

The Lemonade Syllabus, created by Dr. Candace Benbow, stands as the most comprehensive compilation of the most essential literary, artistic, and creative works by Black Women. It was inspired by Beyonce’s award-winning and ground-breaking album celebrating healing, self-discovery, redemption, freedom and Black womanhood. I was honored to have all 3 of my national books included!

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