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Debrena Jackson Gandy

The Love Lies Virtual Book Café

Get connected to my Virtual Book Cafe, a National Reading & Discussion group for Debrena's popular book, The Love Lies. Experience JUICY CONVERSATION, enlightening discussion, teaching, and insights from the NEW Relationships paradigm. This group is for women AND men who are  single or married.

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The Love Academy – Radio Interview

Debrena shares her NEW paradigm for love relationships and marriage

How do we learn the lessons of love? Are they taught or are they lived? Where do the rules of relationship come from; and how come so many people seem to have their own rule book?

Join Melissa Brown and Debrena Jackson Gandy as they talk about the numerous myths we have about relationships. Get valuable information about how you can have more quality in your relationships, which sets you up to live your best life.

Lemonade Syllabus

The Lemonade Syllabus, created by Dr. Candace Benbow, stands as the most comprehensive compilation of the most essential literary, artistic, and creative works by Black Women. It was inspired by Beyonce’s award-winning and ground-breaking album celebrating healing, self-discovery, redemption, freedom and Black womanhood. I was honored to have all 3 of my national books included!
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