If you desire to create and live a JUICY life – a life of more joy, ease, peace, flow, order, prosperity and deep fulfillment, I’d love to work with you. This is my specialty and passion.

Does this ring true for you?

  • You desire to create and live a JUICY life of deep satisfaction, joy, flow, prosperity, peace, wellness and beauty – inside and out. And this includes in your love relationship or marriage.
  • You want to know more about how to “turn on” your feminine radiance and magnetism, and how to become more of a truly “sacred self-caring woman.”
  • You’re a natural leader, or you desire to grow in the area of feminine leadership and influence. You desire to make a big contribution to your life and those in it. You want to have “it all,” but with more ease and grace, and less “efforting.”
  • You desire to live a more aligned life. You want to have your life be a reflection of your heart’s desires and what you value most.
  • Down in your bones, you know that you’re graced for Greatness, but you yearn to more fully tap into it.

I understand….

These are the same things that make my heart sing; that get me out of bed in the morning (with no alarm clock but getting up when I wake up – Hallelujah!), and turn my inner Light on high-beam!

Does this sound familiar?

  • You KNOW that you’re an “Eagle” woman….able to soar higher than most, and a natural leader, manifester, entrepreneur, or a visionary.
  • You KNOW that you are powerful, gifted, blessed, and smart, but on-going deep fulfillment and peace may still seem to keep eluding you.
  • One area of your life falls into place, but then another area “pops out” or gets out of balance.
  • It can sometimes seem like too much – like it’s not possible to have it all, without being a super-woman, quietly suffering or sacrificing something (read: loss, forego something I really want).


What started me down the path of empowerment and transformation was curiosity. I was curious about how to design and live a life of deep joy – a JUICY LIFE. I knew that the way most were attempting to do it wasn’t working. So I discovered that YES, it IS possible to live a truly JUICY LIFE – one that is authentic, reflects integrity, spiritual maturity, humility, prosperity, joy, beauty, health, integrity, order, a wonderful marriage or love relationship, adventure, great friendships, fun and a thriving business.

But it’s not because there’s anything “special” about me, but it’s because I am living my life from a completely different paradigm than most…a completely different set of beliefs and principles - The JUICY WOMAN Principles, that are aligned, mind, body and spirit, with the truths and principles set forth by my glorious Creator.

Truth is, living the aligned life is a life of freedom and self-expression, not fear, limitation and self-doubt.

I wouldn’t want it any other way.

And I’m in my highest passion when I am working with other READY women (and men) that are serious about wanting a “flow-ductive” and JUICY life. That’s what I do best…teach others how to manifest powerfully in life, love and business.

And I’ve had the honor and privilege of doing this for nearly 25 years, and counting, with thousands of students, readers and mentees all across the country and internationally.

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