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For those who have completed Love Academy 101, the journey to creating and sustaining JUICY RELATIONSHIPS and JUICY MARRIAGES continues!

Debrena’s LAST Virtual Love Academy 201 of 2023, for BOTH single and married women.

Join us for Debrena’s LAST Virtual Love Academy 201 Advanced Course of 2023

ONE DAY ONLY: June 17, 2023
9:00am to 3pm PST/Noon to 6:00pm EST - ONE DAY ONLY

Join us for Debrena’s ONLY Virtual Love Academy 201 Advanced Course of 2023
April 15, 2023
9:00am to 2pm PST/Noon to 5:00pm EST - ONE DAY ONLY

You’re receiving this important message because you’ve completed my Love Academy 101. You’re also receiving this message because I have something BOLD and probably RADICAL to say to you.

#Facts: We’ve only just BEGUN to scratch the surface of UN-learning the damaging and toxic ways of thinking, behaving, showing up, and interacting in our love relationships. This damaging and toxic way of engaging is based upon what I call the “Love Lies.”

It’s my desire to guide, teach, mentor and coach women into understanding how to integrate, and eventually, EMBODY a NEW paradigm called the Love Truths.

When you live from the LOVE TRUTHS, you have an experience of more joy, ease, flow, connection, fulfillment and fuller self-expression in your love relationships and/or your marriage.

Doesn’t that sound yummy and appealing? Actually, it’s probably what your heart yearns for.

Why am I SO passionate about teaching these new, liberating, SPIRITALLY-BASED principles to READY women, and ushering READY women into a NEW paradigm for love relationships and covenant marriage?

Plain and simple – because divorce rates have soared since COVID, too many of us are not happy in our love relationships, high relationships frustration and even resignation is rampant among BOTH women and men; and a lot of us are either feeling hopeless, helpless, apathetic, or we’re just saying “F*CK IT!”

We’re in urgent times…..

Here are 7 reasons I URGE you to continue this Love Academy journey with me.

What We Will Cover...

In my VIRTUAL, ONE DAY, Live Love Academy 201, I will reveal:

If you’re single, do any of these ring true?

  • You may have quietly started giving up on attracting a juicy love relationship
  • You’ve put up walls, started to lose hope, or you may feel resigned,
  • The on-line dating scene hasn’t been fruitful or rewarding for you.
  • You might have heard more than once that you intimidate men, or that you’re “just too independent.”
  • You’ve been hoping and wishing that you’d have met someone by now, and you feel that “your time is running out”
  • A fulfilling, JUICY relationship keeps eluding you, and you’re not exactly sure why
  • You’re tired of the games and you’re ready to be in a real and satisfying relationship
  • You might have stopped believing that you can have a successful career and a fulfilling relationship or marriage
  • You’ve become cynical about love relationships and especially marriage
  • You’ve been “looking for” or “trying to find” The One/Mr. Right, but you keep getting Mr. Wrong
  • You have a What-I-Want-In-a-Man-List but men keep falling short, getting eliminated, or you feel that you have to “settle.”
  • You’ve been hurt before and now you’re overly cautious
  • You may be able to attract men but not “keep” them

If you’re married…. do any of these ring true?

  • You two have been living more like roommates
  • You’re on “auto-pilot” in your marriage
  • You’ve been feeling frustrated and irritated
  • You want your husband to initiate more, be more engaged, and put forth more energy and effort
  • Your husband is much more passive, checked out, and/or withdrawn than you’d like him to be
  • You have become overly focused on your kid(s)
  • You desire to feel more appreciated and for your marriage to be more stimulating to your mind, body and spirit,
  • You’re shouldering way too much in the relationship and/or in your parenting, or you’re DOING way too much
  • You think – “If he’d just get his act together, then all would be fine.”
  • You’ve silenced your voice in your marriage
  • He doesn’t seem to listen, and you have to repeat things multiple times before he does it
  • The passion has pretty much “dried up”
  • You feel disconnected and distant, and don’t really know how to create closeness and connection
  • Your self-care has been suffering and you feel depleted
  • The vision you had in your head for how you want your marriage to be, and the experience you’re actually having, are NOT lined up

What Women are Saying about The Love Academy...

"On a scale of 1 to 10, I give Debrena's Love Academy a 12! I felt liberated from the shackles of the Love Lies I have UNKNOWINGLY bought into for the last 30 years of my life!"

"Debrena's Love Academy is life-changing! Her Love Lies model revealed all of the beliefs about love I've struggled with my whole adult life. I am now ready to embrace love as a woman, not as a girl."

"OMG! Debrena is the TRUTH and you will never think the same way about what you see and hear when it comes to lore relationships. My fiance' has fallen even more deeply in love with me as a result of who I am after this course."

"The information is so rich and tangible. Debrena is so real when she talks about her own life lessons and being able to share it with other women so that they can be more fruitful in their relationships. I just want to rise and say "Hallelujah, Hallelujah.' I can't get enough."

"Your course gave me insight into who I am as a woman and how truly powerful and magnetic I am. I am now more consciously aware of my language, energy, and my vibrations! I recommend this course to every woman who is seeking authentic and healthy love."

"I am just salivating.
The Love Lies you exposed were so delicious and yummy -
the information you shared was food for my soul."

Your Investment Includes:

Your personal Love Academy 201 Workbook​

FIVE hours of powerful teachings, insights, and coaching

LIVE Q & A with Debrena Jackson Gandy

Join us for...

June 17, 2023

9am-3pm PST / Noon-6pm EST
$297 LIVE, Virtual Love Academy 201 (via ZOOM)
  • Advanced Course for single, married women and/or divorced women.
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Debrena’s ONLY Virtual Love Academy 201 of 2023!

You will be sent your Workbook and the Zoom Link 2 days PRIOR to the Course.

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Best-selling Author, Transformational Life Coach and Relationships Mentor

Debrena Jackson Gandy is a nationally published best-selling author of three books, a former TV Show Host, guest on over 50 radio shows and podcasts, an international speaker, world traveler, life and relationships coach and mentor, spiritual midwife, and transformational facilitator to thousands.

As Founder of the Love Academy, Debrena is a ground-breaking Relationships Visionary that keeps her audiences riveted and on the edge of their seats wanting more.

She’s designed and facilitated Love Academy Intensives around the country in cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, WA D. C., Baltimore, Raleigh, Oakland, Denver, Wilmington, Silver Spring, and Sacramento. Thus far at least 51 new marriages have occurred among her Love Academy students.

Debrena as the Relationships Expert on TV One’s Sistercircle TV Show

She has been featured in magazines such as Oprah’s O, Essence, Ebony, Woman’s Day and Black Enterprise and has been seen on TV on Sistercircle, CNN, CNN Live, C-SPAN, the Wisdom Channel, in Washington D. C’s Good Day D. C, Good Morning Texas, Good Day New York, and on local regional talk shows such as Seattle’s New Day Northwest, and Portland’s Afternoon Live. She’s also been seen on sites such as, and

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