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The “old” relationships model is played out, tired and EXPIRED.

Be introduced to a NEW PARADIGM for attracting and sustaining JUICY love relationships and JUICY covenant marriage that SHAKES UP the Status Quo, exposes the “Love Lies” and ushers you into an experience of deeper fulfillment, peace, connection, and self-expression based upon the Love Truths.

Debrena’s ONCE-A-YEAR ONLY LIVE, Virtual Love Academy 101 popular signature relationships intensive for single and married women.

Join us for Debrena’s ONLY Virtual Love Academy 101 INTENSIVE of 2024
Saturday February 17th, 2024
9:00am to 2pm PST/Noon to 5:00pm EST

SOUND THE ALARM! I am officially witnessing a CRISIS IN LOVE RELATIONSHIPS and MARRIAGES, and it’s intensified since the Pandemic. With divorce rates soaring 34% and frustration and resignation among singles reaching all-time highs, what the H*LL is really going on?! On Saturday February 17, in my ONCE A YEAR Love Academy 101 VIRTUAL EVENT, I’m going to tell you.

Over these past 36 months, we’ve witnessed a record number of divorces happening and breakdowns in love relationships, ESPECIALLY among professional “Boss Chicks,” and women married 10 years or more.


I’ll answer this question and more, take you “behind the curtain” to make it plain, lay out the answer to the WHY, and introduce you to a NEW paradigm for creating and sustaining JUICY love relationships and JUICY marriages in Love Academy 101.

But first, some truths need to be told and some things need to be exposed.

One of my favorite classic movies is The Wizard of Oz. Remember when Toto, Dorothy’s little dog, manages to grab ahold of the curtain in the Wizard’s castle with his teeth and pull it back? When he pulls back the curtain, the “game” the Wizard of Oz had been running all across the land, is exposed. Everyone was being bamboozled.

What Toto exposes is the TRUTH about the Wizard of Oz. The Wizard had everyone in the Land of Oz FOOLED and DUPED.

Dorothy and her traveling companions had been duped, too. And the existing mode, model and paradigm that we’ve been taught, told, and shown has been based upon faulty, flawed information and teachings. We’ve been duped.

Much of what we’ve been taught and told about how to “do” love relationships and marriage, and this includes in church, has been faulty, flawed, and has produced FAILED results.

And the impact of our love relationship and marriages has been devastating, especially since COVID. 


things weren’t as they seemed or appeared.

Did you know that the U. S. the HIGHEST divorce rates, and the LOWEST success rates for marriage IN THE ENTIRE WORLD (out of 196 countries)? And some of the highest frustration rates for non-marriage love relationships?

Complaint, frustration, resignation, dissatisfaction, resentment, and even infidelity, have become the order of the day in too many marriage and non-marriage love relationships.

We’ve been taught and shown a model and approach that consistently creates more failure than success. 

The BIG Reveal….

TOO MANY of our love relationships and marriages are actually in crisis, in breakdown, toxic, struggling, crippled, eroding, and disintegrating. Far too many of our love relationships are in BAAAAD shape.

Why is this?

FIRST – We’ve not realized that what we’ve been taught, shown, and had reinforced is a relationships “model” that, by design, is an inherently FAILED model. The very “DNA” of our current approach to love relationships is faulty.

SECOND – We haven’t realized that the love relationships model we’ve been taught and shown is based upon a specific set of faulty beliefs and falsehoods I call the “Love Lies.” The Love Lies create S.T.D’s about juicy love relationships – Socially Transmitted Delusions. And can even have us start to believe that JUICY love relationships and JUICY marriages aren’t possible. FALSE!! FALSE! FALSE!!

By JUICY, I mean – you feel trusting, loved, deeply connected, adored, heard, and affirmed. A JUICY relationship nourishes and feeds your feminine spirit, mind and body, feeds your creativity and self-expression, and gives you an experience of freedom in your relationship.

A JUICY relationship is one that nourishes and feeds your feminine spirit, mind and body, feeds your creativity and self-expression, gives you an experience of freedom in your relationship, and has Attention, Affection, Appreciation and Adoration present.

What we’ve been experiencing however, thinking that “this is just the way it is,” is the RESULT of the destructive, poisonous and deeply damaging effects and outcomes of the flawed, faulty, misleading teachings that have been the BASIS of what we’ve been taught, told, and shown.

THIRD – The very “DNA” of what we’ve been taught is faulty, and it measurably and CONSISTENTLY produces high frustration for BOTH women and men, and more relationship and marriage failures than successes – and this includes Christian marriages, too.

What sets Love Academy apart?

First, I will reveal to you to what I call the Female Love Lies, and expose the rotten core of our current FAILING love relationships model.

Second, I will share What’s REALLY going on “behind the scenes” of our love relationships and marriages. And I promise you – it’s NOT what you think.

The female Love Lies are a specific combination of false, faulty underlying beliefs specific to women (men have their own set), about relationships and marriage, that have become part of our “relationships conditioning,” starting as early as the ages of three and four. And virtually all of us are NOT aware that these poisonous culprits are there – alive, well, kickin’ and unknowingly operating in our love relationships and marriages.  This is why DEEP fulfillment ELUDES so many of us in our love relationships and marriages.  (both women AND men).

The female Love Lies fuel, inform and determine how we think, communicate, react and behave in our relationships.  

What We'll Cover

In my VIRTUAL, ONE DAY, Live Love Academy 101, you will:

  • Better understand what’s REALLY going on “behind the scenes” of our love relationships and marriages. And I promise you – it’s NOT what you think.
  • Receive key insights and SPIRITUAL TRUTHS that will COMPLETELY change your mind and potentially, your heart.
  • Upgrade yourself-concept.
  • Learn the MAIN 3 FEMALE Love Lies that most sabotage and undermine our joy, leave us feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied in your relationships and are at the root of most of our relationship challenges.
  • Be shown the sources of the relationships poisons, and the sources of what’s  undermining our love relationships and marriages.
  • Learn the Basics of speaking “Manese” so that you can be get what you want and be understood with more EASE.
  • Learn how to activate more of your feminine energy within your love relationships.
  • Be able to begin to cut off the cords and UN-HANDCUFF yourself and set yourself free from this “old” model.
  • Have the scales will be pulled off of your eyes, and you will be able to CLEARLY see how where and why your Love Lies-infected thinking, behaving and communicating has created the very things that you DON’T like or DON’T want in your love relationships.
  • If you are married, then you will begin to see how to RENEW your marriage and breath fresh life into it if it’s gotten stale, you’re living like roommates, or the passion has dried up.

(And a NOTE for married women – contrary to popular belief and religious mis-teachings, having a JUICY covenant marriage is not about roles, compromise and negative self-sacrifice)

What You’ll LEARN in Your Virtual Love Academy 101 LIVE Intensive...

What Women are Saying about The Love Academy...

"On a scale of 1 to 10, I give Debrena's Love Academy a 12! I felt liberated from the shackles of the Love Lies I have UNKNOWINGLY bought into for the last 30 years of my life!"

"Debrena's Love Academy 101 is life-changing! Her Love Lies model revealed all of the beliefs about love I've struggled with my whole adult life. I am now ready to embrace love as a woman, not as a girl."

"OMG! Debrena is the TRUTH and you will never think the same way about what you see and hear when it comes to lore relationships. My fiance' has fallen even more deeply in love with me as a result of who I am after this course."

"The information is so rich and tangible. Debrena is so real when she talks about her own life lessons and being able to share it with other women so that they can be more fruitful in their relationships. I just want to rise and say "Hallelujah, Hallelujah.' I can't get enough."

"Your course gave me insight into who I am as a woman and how truly powerful and magnetic I am. I am now more consciously aware of my language, energy, and my vibrations! I recommend this course to every woman who is seeking authentic and healthy love."

"I am just salivating.
The Love Lies you exposed were so delicious and yummy -
the information you shared was food for my soul."

In the Love Academy 101, you’ll be EXPOSED to a NEW paradigm and NEW ways of thinking, communicating, relating and be-ing that sets you FREE from the GRIP of the Love Lies.

In the Love Academy 101, you will be introduced to spiritually-based Love Truths, liberating insights, principles and teachings that will “slingshot” you out of frustration, disappointment, complacency, resignation and irritation and into new realms of relationship JUICY-NESS, fuller self-expression, new levels of communication, joy, and the desired responses you want from men (or your husband). 

You’ll also be reminded of God’s DIVINE BLUEPRINT for Covenant Marriage, set forth in Scripture.  When you understand this Blueprint (and unfortunately, it is NOT the model we tend to be taught in Church), you recognize and experience it as a model based in FREEDOM, not bondage.  And full SELF-EXPRESSION, not “duty, obligation, roles, compromise, negative self-sacrifice, foregoing your OWN vision, self-neglect, hierarchy, or continuously deferring your heart’s desires).

NOW is the time to un-learn these failed ways of relating, communicating, and engaging with men and our husbands; and step into a NEW paradigm that yields JUICY love relationships and JUICY marriage.

Get ready to have your mind blown, along with detonating your long-held beliefs about “how relationships work and how marriage works.” I’ve found that the LOVE LIES create HUGE BLINDSPOTS that we have in love relationships and marriages that we don’t even know are there.

How do you know if you’ve been either affected or infected by the Love Lies?

Yes, you may be a successful “Boss Chick” in your profession, career, business or ministry, however, you may have noticed that being a Boss Chick DOESN’T automatically mean that you’re able to attract AND sustain a juicy love relationship or marriage.

Actually, you might be experiencing the very opposite. The “arena” of love relationships is NOT aligned with the rest of your life.

Maybe it’s been the area that you still can’t get to “click,” where you may feel confused and confounded, and where you realize that you don’t have things figured out.

If you’re single, do any of these ring true?

  • You may have quietly started giving up on attracting a juicy love relationship
  • You’ve put up walls, started to lose hope, or you may feel resigned,
  • The on-line dating scene hasn’t been fruitful or rewarding for you.
  • You might have heard more than once that you intimidate men, or that you’re “just too independent.”
  • You’ve been hoping and wishing that you’d have met someone by now, and you feel that “your time is running out”
  • A fulfilling, JUICY relationship keeps eluding you, and you’re not exactly sure why
  • You’re tired of the games and you’re ready to be in a real and satisfying relationship
  • You might have stopped believing that you can have a successful career and a fulfilling relationship or marriage
  • You’ve become cynical about love relationships and especially marriage
  • You’ve been “looking for” or “trying to find” The One/Mr. Right, but you keep getting Mr. Wrong
  • You have a What-I-Want-In-a-Man-List but men keep falling short, getting eliminated, or you feel that you have to “settle.”
  • You’ve been hurt before and now you’re overly cautious
  • You may be able to attract men but not “keep” them

If you’re married…. do any of these ring true?

  • You two have been living more like roommates
  • You’re on “auto-pilot” in your marriage
  • You’ve been feeling frustrated and irritated
  • You want your husband to initiate more, be more engaged, and put forth more energy and effort
  • Your husband is much more passive, checked out, and/or withdrawn than you’d like him to be
  • You have become overly focused on your kid(s)
  • You desire to feel more appreciated and for your marriage to be more stimulating to your mind, body and spirit,
  • You’re shouldering way too much in the relationship and/or in your parenting, or you’re DOING way too much
  • You think – “If he’d just get his act together, then all would be fine.”
  • You’ve silenced your voice in your marriage
  • He doesn’t seem to listen, and you have to repeat things multiple times before he does it
  • The passion has pretty much “dried up”
  • You feel disconnected and distant, and don’t really know how to create closeness and connection
  • Your self-care has been suffering and you feel depleted
  • The vision you had in your head for how you want your marriage to be, and the experience you’re actually having, are NOT lined up

What Will You Gain?

What women are saying about Debrena’s Love Academy 101 teachings

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Feb. 17, 2024

9am-2pm PST / Noon-5pm EST
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Join us for Debrena’s ONLY Virtual Love Academy 101 INTENSIVE of 2024!

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