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Coaching with Debrena: Apply for an Exploratory Phone Call

This Exploratory Phone Call is to determine if your needs combined with Debrena’s areas of expertise and approach, are a FIT.

I finished the group coaching sessions feeling supported and with a breakthrough. I learned and faced things about myself that clearly needed to be addressed. I am just so grateful to have addressed things that have held me captive, my inability to manage failure and the fear that controls my decisions as a result of that, which pops up in several areas of my life and is affecting my growth. It's time for me to face this head on, and I'm honored to have confronted this in the presence of such powerful, open and empowering women!Y. Allen
Without hesitation, I signed up for your relationship coaching circle without knowing what to expect, but my spirit knew I needed a change. During the two sessions, I was able to get to the root of my relationship issues: it was and is me. I now know what I (my spirit) needs, and it’s sacred self-care, first and foremost, and learning how to be my own best friend first. I figured out that what I desire in a mate is what I first deserve from myself.A. Powe
My business coaching with Debrena was invaluable. I had a great concept in mind, but I didn’t know how to get it out of my head to make it tangible so that others could grasp it, identify with it, and invest in it. Debrena is skilled at helping clients extract their core message and package it creatively. With her down-to-earth, yet concise style, and marketing insights, coupled with her skilled coaching and powerful questioning, she was able to pull ideas and concepts out of me that I didn’t even know were there! She is a master at using powerful language. She has a wonderfully structured approach to working with her clients. From the very first assignment, which we used to develop my Core Business Identity, to the concept development, to identifying my “best fit client,” and developing my fee structure, I now have marketing materials, including a one-pager and flier that I’m proud of. C.McNeil