Becoming Fierce, Fabulous & Fierce, Key #2: Identify your Gifts & Talents

A fierce woman brings energy, passion and a healthy intensity to what she does. She is a loving force to be reckoned with. By fabulous and fearless, I mean that she is comfortable in her own skin and knows how to rock her hair, clothes, accessories, and make-up (if she chooses to wear it). She is governed by love more than by fear. Her heart and mind are open wide, instead of closed or contracted. She easily and generously gives and shares love instead of being overly cautious, distrusting, and controlled by the fear of “being hurt” in her friendships with other women, as well as in her love relationships with men.

And creating and living a fierce, fabulous and fearless life certainly didn’t come about by accident, happenstance or luck, but by consistently, deliberately and intentionally making decisions and then aligning my choices and actions with my highest passions and commitments, daily and weekly. There was no magic wand to wave or a magic pill to take.

There are three key concepts that been my personal guiding lights. Allow me to introduce you to Key #2.

Key #2: Identify my natural Gifts and Talents, and then package, market and monetize them.

To me, an aspect of experiencing heaven on earth is discovering and uncovering my natural gifts and talents, and then being able to generate income from offering them in service to others. Gifts and talents are not a result of education, learning or skills practice, though they can become enhanced by these, but are naturally inherent.

They are “built in,” so to speak to your being and divine design. They are already there and are uncovered, discovered, present themselves, or are activated. They may be under-stated, easily missed, overshadowed, or taken for granted, but they usually leave “footprints” in our lives, starting at an early age.

For example, as a student in elementary and junior high school, I was always the student that got in trouble for chatting too much with the students sitting around me. I found even the most “undesirable” or unpopular student fascinating, and could engage them in a conversation. On my report cards, I consistently earned A’s, but I also earned the comments from my teachers over the years that I talked too much in class.

As it turns out, this “talking too much” was one of my natural gifts bearing its head. I earned the reputation among my peers as being “easy to talk to,” and one who always seemed to offer great advice. In high school, I started to recognize that “being chatty” and loving to talk, especially in front of groups of people, would later become the basis of my speaking, life coaching, business consulting, and love relationships mentoring, all which are now parts of my thriving speaking, training, coaching and consulting business that I started nearly 20 years ago.

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