Becoming Fierce, Fabulous & Fearless, Key #3: Spotlight on Sacred Self-Care

A fierce woman brings energy, passion and a healthy intensity to what she does. She is a loving force to be reckoned with. By fabulous and fearless, I mean that she is comfortable in her own skin and knows how to rock her hair, clothes, accessories, and make-up (if she chooses to wear it). She is governed by love more than by fear. Her heart and mind are open wide, instead of closed or contracted. She easily and generously gives and shares love instead of being overly cautious, distrusting, and controlled by the fear of “being hurt” in her friendships with other women, as well as in her love relationships with men.

And creating and living a fierce, fabulous and fearless life certainly didn’t come about by accident, happenstance or luck, but by consistently, deliberately and intentionally making decisions and then aligning my choices and actions with my highest passions and commitments, daily and weekly. There was no magic wand to wave or a magic pill to take.

There are key concepts that been my personal guiding lights. Allow me to introduce you to the power of Sacred Self-Care.

Key #3: Have Sacred Self-Care as the Foundation of My Life
When Sacred Pampering Principles, my first book, came out nationally, I already realized that sacred self-care was important to a woman’s life, but I didn’t yet know how incredibly important and foundational it was. Sacred self-care is a consciousness and a lifestyle based in recognizing that your mind, body and spirit are to be highly valued and appreciated. It reflects in a lifestyle where you recognize that you are a powerful being, that you are worthy of Greatness and Goodness, and taking excellent care of your own mind, body, spirit and energy is understood as being foundational to you experiencing a deeply satisfying and joyful life.

Sacred self-care is based in knowing there are specific things that appeal to and support your character, body, spirit, mind and energy, as a woman. These include the critical importance of nurturing, honoring, fortifying and nourishing yourself first, in the sequence of relationships, commitments and activities that make up your life. A sacred self-caring woman recognizes that it powerfully matters to have a clear mind, full spirit and well body – one free of pain, medication or dis-ease. Sacred self-care is the foundation of building a fierce, fabulous and fearless life – one that honors your body as a living temple, has healthy boundaries, honors your voice, gifts, talents, and honors your full self-expression.

When sacred self-care is lacking in our lives, there are tell-tale signs:

  • You find yourself rippin’ and runnin’ too much, often tired or worn out, feeling stressed out, feeling like you never have enough time, or feeling overwhelmed.
  • You struggle with knowing what you want, being clear, being decisive, or saying YES without guilt when you really want to say NO
  • You find yourself frequently getting frustrated, irritated or pissed off with family, friends, in love relationships or with co-workers.
  • You’re overweight, underweight, or you aren’t nourishing your body with enough colorful, life-giving food, rest, or hydration
  • There’s too much clutter in your external life and spaces, or in your mind

You create a life that you consider to be fierce, fabulous and fearless step by step, day by day, and degree by degree. Yes you have the power to be the architect of your life, and to live a rich, rewarding life on your own terms.

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