SPRINGCLEAN YOUR LIFE! Declutter your Mind, Body, Spirit & Space

Dear Friend:  If you feel ready for a boost of energy, a “shot in the arm,” or to create some serious momentum, movement and motivation in your life, then you are ripe for my 4-part SPRING YOUR LIFE Tele-seminar Series,

Springclean Your Life! Declutter Your Mind, Body, Spirit & Space 2015



Announcing Debrena’s 4-part Spring Tele-Seminar Series


SPRINGCLEAN YOUR LIFE 2015! Declutter your Mind, Body, Spirit & Space


Ooooo weeee! I’m so excited!!! NOW is the perfect time for an infusion of new, fresh energy into your life. Spring is a time of new beginnings, new birth, personal renewal, re-focusing and rejuvenation.


This is why I am offering my first-ever 4-Part SPRING TELE-SEMINAR SERIES –

but let me tell you right now – it’s only for the woman who is READY.


Ready means….you are ready to be coachable. Ready to roll up your sleeves and do some divine self work. 

You’re ready to be held accountable and to be no-nonsense about removing blockages,

hindrances or “stinkin’ thinkin’” that is messin’ with your focus, your program,

fulfillment of your purpose, or your plan.


For four weeks, we will be rolling up our sleeves together, and delving into four Life Areas –

your mind, body, spirit and (Physical) spaces, and we are,

TOGETHER, going to be doing some powerful “decluttering” work.

Decluttering makes way for more







Spontaneous Manifestations




Peace of Mind, and

Miracles, to name a few


We’ll be coming together for 90 Minutes hour each week, over a four week period

in the month of APRIL, on Tuesday evenings, April 7, 14, 21 and 28,

from 6:00 – 7:30pm PST/9:00 – 10:30pm EST,

with the last 30 minutes of each call devoted to Questions & Answers.


In order to participate, you must be able to attend ALL FOUR tele-seminar CALLS

of the 4-part series, and be on the phone line, live.


You will have a worksheet for each week’s call, and an  Assignment between each call that will support you in springcleaning your life.


Prior to the start of the series, each participant will required to complete a brief questionnaire

about intentions for yourself, over the course of the 4-week series.

SPRINGCLEANING your life can:

  • move you to a NEW level of productivity if you’ve been stagnant in certain areas of your life
  • attract new opportunities, new love, new friendships or new clients/customers
  • give you new clarity
  • give you a burst of new energy to pursue projects
  • feel less burdened, and feel lighter
  • end cycles of procrastination
  • create a new flow of ideas, opportunities


Here’s what the themes are for each of our four weeks of the tele-seminar series…..


Week 1 – Decluttering Your Space, Tuesday APRIL  7

Week 2 –  Decluttering Your Mind, Tuesday APRIL 14

Week 3 –  Decluttering Your Spirit, Tuesday APRIL  21

Week 4 –  Decluttering Your Body, Tuesday APRIL 28


Space is limited to 25 READY WOMEN….so right now, what there is to do, if this is for you, is to get in your RSVP asap.  Whoo hoooo!


There is no payment due right now, and registrations are NOT being accepted

until later in the month, starting March 24. Your RSVP holds your space.


The investment is only $159.  Registration

will take place only OVER THREE (3) days ….

MARCH 25, 26 and 27. No exceptions.



you’re going to be able to follow through and

register yourself on the dates of March 25, 26, and 27 ONLY.


RSVP INSTRUCTIONS: (We will respond to your RSVP, confirming if you’re one of the first 25)

Reply to this email with your

name, phone number and email address


Once your RSVP is confirmed, your next correspondence will be a reminder about registration and your registration payment link…..Your Confirmation Letter will be emailed out the last week of April.


Feel free to share this with a friend…

READY to work with READY WOMEN! Let’s DO this!



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Spiritual Midwife, National best-selling Author

AUTHOR of the upcoming book, THE LOVE LIES10 Revelations to Transform your Relationships

and Enrich Your Love Life