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Featured Self-Study Program

The essentials for laying a firm foundation in your life!

This program bundles together FIVE of Debrena’s most popular e-products, and includes a 7-Day Self Study Plan.

Indulge in some of the juiciest content from Debrena’s treasure chest of life-changing tools, resources and programs.

Guidance, Teachings and Practical Steps for more fully embracing your Greatness, Joy, Healing & Prosperity.

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Self Study Courses & Trainings

Learn the keys to manifesting powerfully with the 3-part Divine Manifestation Process. Discover the 4 reasons you may be “mis-manifesting” what you don’t want.
PRE-RECORDED Self-Study Video Seminar, PLUS Worksheet, & Bonus Gift

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Enjoy 25 soothing and inspirational affirmations for your mind, body, spirit, money and relationships, set to music and recorded by Debrena. Included is a PDF printable download and MP3 audio file for you to listen to.
MP3 Audio & PDF Download

Learn UNCOMMON Prosperity Insights from Two Biz Owners that are Life Coaches and Six-Figure Earners.
Masterclass Recording, Plus two additional BONUS GIFTS.

An insightful and introductory self-study audio program with accompanying worksheets, to expose you to the underlying faulty, damaging premises that are the basis of our prevailing Love relationships and marriage paradigm – one that is failing us miserably.
Self-Study Audio Program

Too many of us are FRUSTRATED! We are not feeling “heard” by men, we’re not getting “what we want” from men, and we’re yearning for more and deeper connection and fulfillment in our relationships and marriages. This 90 minute audio program is a digital download and includes a digital worksheet.
Self-Study Audio Program

In Illuminating Conversations on life, love and emotional healing, discover what “spiritual technology” you have direct access to, that can immediately impact your life. Learn what to put in place to experience miracles more frequently. Start living life with your emotionally healed self today!
Self-Study Audio Program

By learning (or reviewing) the basics of personal branding, marketing and also becoming media-ready, you can equip yourself with knowledge and clarity that can take you and/your business, product, service, or idea to its next level.
This course includes tele-seminar recording, handout, and e-workbook

Digital E-Books

A 5-part series of entries about How To Magnify Your Marriage Mojo E-Book.

Understand Your Uniqueness as a Woman. Healing your Womb can change your life!

Struggle, frustration and lack are NOT your birthright – PROSPERITY IS! Learn how applying 3 of the Laws of Prosperity can move you out of Scare City (the scarcity mindset) and into a prosperity consciousness that can positively and powerfully change your life.

This e-book will help you unlock the hidden power that resides in words through a three-part process that you can put words to use in your life in new and powerful ways.

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