Dear Sis,

We are in a time of “life un-usual,” and there are none of us that are exempt from being affected by this “season” we’re in. 

What we also must recognize is that we are in a “Season of RESET.”

This means that in this season, in this “Right-Now-Time” there are specific spiritual opportunities that we must not miss….opportunities to cultivate and develop some specific “spiritual muscles” and capacities. 

The curtain has been pulled back, so to speak, and for far too many of us, we are having to face how spiritually ill-equipped or under-equipped we are.

Too often, when it comes to making and taking the time to invest in our spiritual development, our constant excuse is that “If I only had the time.” 

Well, this time “excuse” has been eliminated in this Right-Now Time.

You and I are being spiritually “tapped on the shoulder” in this “season.”

We are being urgently called to a higher spiritual standard and to deepen our understanding of, our connection to, and our intimacy with God. 

We are being challenged to LINE UP our inner with our outer, to return to what matters most, to no longer speak empty concepts and SAY what we want, yet our decisions and choices, and how we’ve been utilizing our time are not  congruent – they are un-aligned.

In this “Right-Now-Time,” it is critical that we make a shift from an over-dependence upon what we see and experience in the physical, material 3-dimensional realm, to equipping ourselves to more powerfully operate FROM the spiritual 4th dimension realm of what I call “Higher Dimension Living.” 

And in order to make the SHIFT to Higher Dimension Living, we need to RESET ourselves, our spiritual identity, our energy, our thinking, and our mindset. We need to have a Spiritual Upgrade.

This virtual event, The RESET Mini-Retreat, is for women who are READY to RESET and strengthen their spiritual understanding and potency, and their “spiritual muscles” in this “Right-NOW-time.”

The RESET Mini-Retreat is for women who want to get better equipped to navigate this new terrain and in this new spiritual territory.

And that’s why I’ve joined forces with one of the most spiritually powerful women I know – my sisterfriend and one of my besties of 27 years –

THE DeLayna Elliott.  She is a powerhouse!

We’ve joined forces to create a place and space for you to RESET within a virtual gathering of other READY women who also desire to experience a spiritual upgrade. 

Join us for...


Virtual Mini-Retreat

April 18, 2020

9:00am to 11:30am PST/ Noon to 2:30pm EST
  • RESET Mini-Retreat Empowerment Sessions
  • RESET worksheets, and TWO Bonus Gifts
  • Space is limited to a MAX of 50 WOMEN

Who is this for?

If ANY of these statements are TRUE for you, then RESET is for you:

For the first time ever, we’ve come together as God-honoring sistahfriends, to “synergize” our complementary teaching styles, knowledge, experiences, wisdom and perspectives to bring you a first-time-ever very special virtual event that is especially relevant for these times and this “season.”

DeLayna is a Spiritual Activator! As a spiritual teacher, combined with her over 20 years of finance and wealth-building expertise, her experience as Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Owner of a financial services company, and her experience as a corporate senior technologist, she is able to communicate and translate spiritual wealth principles in a way that stirs your spirit, awakens the untapped and latent power within you, and blows your mind!   

She has the uncanny ability to uncover and explain deeper meaning  of scriptural Truths, using clear, direct, unambiguous language, that sends a tingle up your spine and will make the hairs stand up on your neck.

Debrena Jackson Gandy

Best-selling Author, Transformational Life Coach and Mentor, Founder: Juicy Woman Universe-ity. Featured in Oprah’s O, Essence and Ebony, and Recently featured on Sister Circle national TV show

DeLayna Elliott

Spiritual Activator and Teacher, Co-Owner and Chief Marketing Officer of World Fidelity Life; and Founder of Women with Wealth Institute; Senior Technologist at Wells Fargo Bank

There is “spiritual technology” and profound insights embedded in Scripture. In RESET, we will illuminate 4 critical areas that can make Right-Now impact in your life.

The RESET Mini-Retreat Features Empowerment Sessions that will cover….

Empowerment Session 1:

Divine Design

How to Understand and Embrace your
Divine Identity

  • To claim and operate in your unique Feminine Power as a Woman
  • To use the Spiritual Law of Belief to be C. D. O. (Chief Design Officer) of your Life      

Empowerment Session 2:

Divine Identity

How to Understand and Embrace your
Divine Design

  • To connect more deeply to Joy, your first nature
  • To learn to relate to your body as a divine living temple
  • To more fully tapping the power of your spoken and written word to design and shape your life

Empowerment Session 3:

Divine Abundance & Wealth

How to Understand the Embrace Divine Abundance & Wealth

  • To increase your Prosperity Threshold
  • To expand your ability to Receive


Divine Manifestation

How to Incorporate the Sacred Practice of Daily Prayer and Meditation into your Lifestyle

  • To open your “inner spiritual ear”
  • To develop your Hearing of the Holy Spirit, personally and specifically
  • To increase your intimacy with God

PLUS, RESET worksheets, and TWO Bonus Gifts:

The “RESET” Declaration and an additional, extended 30 Minute BONUS Session within the Retreat on Divine Manifestation

You’ll learn / we’ll show you how to….

And the BEST part is that you can REGISTER, without having to pay anything. Yep, that’s right!


However, if you personally find value and benefit from participating in the Mini-Retreat, you will have the opportunity to reciprocate by giving a Love Offering, if you choose.

Here’s how it works:

It gets even SWEETER…..

Space is limited to a MAX of 50 WOMEN.

The RESET Mini-Retreat is limited to the first 50 women to register…

Even before we made this official announcement, spots were ALREADY being claimed – so be sure to Register Today.  We expect a “full house.” 

(Oh, by the way, the mini-Retreat will NOT be recorded. You have to show up and be present).

We want to honor the Sacred Space that we’ll create together and want each participant to feel comfortable engaging truthfully and openly.

Remember, you pay NOTHING to register! And if you choose, you can give a Love Offering after the Retreat concludes.

Feel free to share/forward this link with up to 3 of your READY Friends.


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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Live Zoom Meeting: 9:00am to 11:30am PST/ Noon to 2:30pm EST
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Debrena Jackson Gandy,

“Master Manifestress,” Nationally published best-selling Author and Life Coach

DeLayna Elliott

Spiritual Activator and Teacher, Co-Owner and Chief Marketing Officer of World Fidelity Life; and Founder of Women with Wealth Institute; Senior Technologist at Wells Fargo Bank