First Shipment - ALL SOLD OUT!!

Debrena’s brand new custom-curated luxury, designer perfume...
DIVINE Eau De Parfum.

Going back as far as my teenage years, I was always drawn to quality body care products and high-quality fragrances. Back in Junior High, one of my aspirations was to start my own make-up line for Black women. Later that evolved into a fascination with the healing properties of essential oils.

So now, it’s a dream come true…not my own make-up line, but my own luxury designer fragrance – Divine.

The first product in my Juicy Woman Lifestyle COLLECTION…So yes, there’s more to come in the JWL Collection.

Enjoy this luxury, custom-curated fragrance, crafted for me by the House of Bukenya.

It was tediously created over a NINE month period with attention to detail and loving care, using a combination of nine different fragrance notes that constitute a sensual, three-layered fragrance.

DIVINE’s 30 ml bottle has top notes that are a bouquet of three vibrant white flowers: Tuberose, Magnolia and Neroli, nestled in an amber base for a sensual, slightly warm and woodsy under-note. The middle notes are citrusy, and provide brightness and a gentle, fresh zing, while the base notes of peony and honey sugar provide a scintillating touch of sweetness.

It literally is DIVINE…

But smell it for yourself...


Bottle: 30 ml.  Please allow 7-10 business days to receive your order.