An excerpt from Iyanla Vanzant on Self-worth and Self-Care

I will realize my own worth when I accept…
I am the most valuable thing that I have in life.

When something is important to you, you take care of it.  You make sure it is protected, nurtured, and that those things required for its maintenance are provided.  Whether it is your child or your home, if you consider the person or entity important, you will do everything possible to see that it is taken care of.  In those cases where you have assigned a value to the thing you consider important, the stakes are even higher.  Is it not true there have been times when you have denied, jeopardized or put aside your own needs and well-being to provide for those you consider important and valuable?  Most of us do it most of the time, and that is exactly why it seems perfectly normal.
The destruction of self-worth begins the moment we assign a value to something outside of ourselves.  The destruction continues when we accept the responsibility to care for and maintain something that has more value than we do.  Being a parent or spouse is not more important than being a whole, healthy being.  Being a diligent and responsible worker is not more important than being peaceful, loving soul.  Working hard to provide, or take care of material possessions is not more important than taking care of your mind, your body, or your spirit.  Anytime you place a value or importance on anything or anyone than is greater than the importance and value you place on yourself you are engaging in an unconscious form of suicide.
You may have considered someone or something more important than you.  You may have pushed yourself to take care of people and things, believing they were valuable and important aspects of your life.  Just for today, and again tomorrow think of yourself, consider yourself, make yourself the most important and valuable aspect of your life.