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For the first time ever! Introducing...

The Love Lies

DETOX Course

The Next Step in Debrena Jackson Gandy’s Relations Pathway for graduates of Love Academy 101

Why was the Love Lies DETOX Virtual Course created?

For the past 13 years, the next step in my Relationships Pathway after the Love Academy 101 (LA 101)  introductory course has been the Love Academy 201 Advanced Course. That is now changing.

What I’ve noticed, especially since the Pandemic, is that the poisoning by the female LOVE LIES is more deeply embedded than ever before. The Female Love Lies are a specific set of flawed and miserably failing, faulty Relationships Beliefs that have been “fed” to women, starting at the tender young age of three years old and continuing for the next two decades.

In the 14 years since I’ve been a nationally published, best-selling Relationships Author and Relationships Coach, this poisoning has become seriously intensified by the LACK of true healing work that’s actually been taking place, combined with the “junk food” relationships advice being offered up almost “on every corner,” and what seems like, in nearly every other new podcast show.

The Love Lies DETOX was created as an answer and to address what I have been observing, seeing, and witnessing, especially since the Pandemic….

How is the Love Lies DETOX Course different from Love Academy 101 or 201?

This Course INCORPORATES what was formerly in the Love Academy 201 Advanced Course. However, it goes further into cleaning out and clearing out the old “gunk, funk and junk” of the Female Love Lies, and provides direct support, guidance and truth-based, spiritually-centered HEALING processes, exercises, insights, mentoring and coaching.

It’s focus is on helping you to dis-infect yourself of the Female Love Lies, and be guided and facilitated in the self-work that heals the faulty, failed LOVE LIES beliefs and delusions you’ve “inherited,” into the liberating beliefs and heart-reopening Love Truths.

The “pus” from the infection by the Love Lies has started squirting out all over the place. I’ve seen the “infection” and “poisoning” by the Love Lies worsen; the divide between the hearts of women and men widen; the confusion, chaos, conflicts, contempt and disdain heighten; and the personal opinions, unhealed toxic emotions, and un-founded advice are being flung way too loosely all over the place and in these social media “streets.”

Consider The Love Lies Detox Course your spiritual and emotional disinfectant.

Why is a DETOX so necessary now?

Because the U. S. already had the HIGHEST divorce rate IN THE WORLD? We were already scraping the bottom of the barrel. Then to add insult to injury, our divorce rate spiked ANOTHER 34% during the Pandemic. And unfortunately, these very same deplorable statistics also hold true, for those who identify as Christians.

A DETOX is needed for THREE critical reasons: 

This is an urgent time. The Love Lies DETOX Course is a only-once-this-year opportunity, plus it’s the pre-requisite for being able to continue on the Relationships Pathway to the Preparation for Partnership Program.

Who is the Love Lies DETOX for?

The Love Lies DETOX is necessary for every graduate of the Love Academy 101, whether single or married, and regardless of how recent or long ago you participated in LA 101.  It is for EVERY woman that grew up in the United States, and thus, was poisoned by the Love Lies.

What LOVE LIES will we be addressing in the Love Lies DETOX?

If you’re already familiar with my popular relationships book The Love Lies, then you know that it exposes the first 10 of the female LOVE LIES that are the culprits and at the root cause of SO MANY of our relationship frustrations, breakdowns and break-ups. In the DETOX, we’ll address 7 of these 10 core female Love Lies.

When is it taking place and what do you get?

It’s taking place over four months, VIRTUALLY, starting March 11 through June 17.   We will convene TWICE a month ON MONDAYS for a total of 8 sessions.   

You’ll receive:

12 Hours of potent mentoring, coaching and healing guidance, exercises and processes.

LifeWork assignments between sessions that support your healing work

Your Companion Workbook for the Program

Bonus Q & A “After-Glow” sessions after select sessions

Note: It’s recommended that you a copy of The Love Lies book.
You can order that here.

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If opting for the Monthly Installment Plan, we will securely process your installment from our office on the 2nd of each month, April, May and June. Your installment for March is due now.
You’ll receive an Email confirming your REGISTRATION and providing you the ZOOM link once you register.

We hope that you decide to join us!


Debrena Jackson Gandy and the Love Academy Team