ELEVATE R-Evolution Event, Saturday September 9, 2017


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What was initially intended to become a “one and done” event has evolved into a Regional Movement to initiate a Regional Renaissance.

It started on January 21, 2017, when over 100 progressive African-Americans descended on the DoubleTree Suites Hotel in Tukwila and came together in the spirit of motivation, affirmation and elevating the consciousness of African-Americans in the greater Seattle-Tacoma area.

The success of the inaugural kick-off event and the “high” it created has now spawned The ELEVATE R-EVOLUTION EVENT.

The ELEVATE Movement is based in Four Foundational Principles:  cooperation, communication, collaboration and connectivity. These are the hallmarks of the Movement, with the emphasis being on synergy and collaboration.

The ELEVATE R-EVOLUTION EVENT, taking place on Saturday, September 9, from 9:00am to NOON, at Seattle’s iconic Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute.  Join us for a first-of-its-kind half-day event with FOUR powerful workshop sessions, featuring 9 Black experts, mentors and coaches, teaching, training and equipping attendees in four main focus areas.   These four main focus areas are called Pillars.

Black Money & Business Pillar

Black Wellness & Healing Pillar

Black Love Relationships Pillar, and

Black Identity Pillar (personal growth, spiritual development, and historical insights)

The purpose of this event is to TRAIN, EQUIP, TEACH, AFFIRM AND IN-POWER attendees with knowledge, practical tools, wisdom and strategies that directly impact and elevate their lives and level of  living and prospering in these four key Pillar areas.

A unique aspect of the ELEVATE R-EVOLUTION event is that participants will also have get to select one of four 6-month Pathways, based upon each one of the four focus areas of the R-EVOLUTION Event.  You will have the opportunity, near the end of the event, to sign up to move through a 6-month Pathway program with a cohort group where you will receive structure, support, and guidance that is designed to convert into positive movement, and measurable progress.  Each Pathway has a nominal tuition fee, per month.