Becoming a More Juicy Woman

What is a Juicy Woman?  A Juicy Woman is a female that is mature spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and has healthy body esteem.  She glows with radiance – the uniquely feminine glow and Light that women emit when they are emotionally healed, spiritually free, their hearts are open, and they are not resisting love or life.

Unfortunately, too many women are spiritually and emotionally immature and unhealed.  They are dehydrated and dried up instead of juicy.  They are reactive, defensive, and often feel powerless, and have not forgiven themselves for past mistakes, errors or poor choices   – not to mention that they’ve certainly not forgiven others.

When a woman is juicy, it is because her senses are fed, and the energy within her and around her is unblocked and flowing.  Her spirit is full; and being joyful is her norm. She affects the atmosphere around her.  Both men and women sense it, see it, and can easily tell when a woman is juicy.  Both men and woman recognize a radiant woman when one is encountered.  It’s undeniable.  She is magnetic, gracious, graceful, smiles easily and effortlessly, and is comfortable in her own skin.  She delights in herself, others and life – FULLY!

As you become a more juicy woman, it ripples outward to bless and effect virtually every area of your life – mind, body, spirit, money, relationships, career, parenting, business, etc.

I’ve created a tool to help you become more juicy.  It is an aid to help you locate yourself within the “Levels of Juicyness,” with the first level being level one, and the highest level being level seven.

Click here to get Debrena’s 7 Principles of Juicy Relationships

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