You Deserve to Prosper Part 1 –Choose to be Prosperous

As we begin, let’s start with being clear by what I mean when I say prosperity.  Initially, you may think I mean only money, finances, or monetary wealth. Yes, these are aspects of prosperity, by no means are they all of the dimensions of prosperity.  We want to be clear about an holistic definition, not be locked on to a partial and limited definition.

I appreciate the definition that Edwene Gaines uses in her book, The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, where she defines prosperity using four dimensions.  I am adapting Gaines’ definition and adding a few more of my own. Prosperity, according to Debrena, is when you are:

  1. experiencing physical vitality and aliveness;
  2. spiritual wellness and fulfillment,
  3. healthy satisfying relationships,
  4. rewarding work or avocation, and
  5. an experience of peace and plenty with regard to money, and no money worry or anxiety.

Yes, you can CHOOSE to be prosperous. You can CHOOSE to have a different experience in your relationships, with money, and with your health. After all, prosperity encompasses all of these.

The book that got me started on my personal prosperity journey back in 1990, minister Catherine Ponder’s The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, shared these premises about prosperity.

You can deliberately invoke prosperous thinking. Indeed, you are prosperous to the degree that you are experiencing peace, healthy, plenty, love and joy in your world. You should be prosperous, well-supplied, and have an abundance of all that is good because it is your divine heritage. It is of supreme importance that you be prosperous for your physical, mental and spiritual welfare and development. If you have conflict in your thinking about your deservingness to prosper, this conflict will set up a conflicting result in your affairs. This conflicted thinking will neutralize your efforts to prosper, no matter how hard you try or work at it. And I add, and no matter how tired you may be of struggling.

Did you know that you can CHOOSE to be prosperous? Did you know that you can make an internal decision to experience more peace, ease, flow, health, and financial provision? But where does it start – it starts within.

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