WOMAN TRAINING, a powerful teleseminar series with Debrena Jackson Gandy

“One is not born a woman, one becomes one.” – Simone de Beauvoir



a powerful 11-week Tele-seminar Series

presented by Debrena Jackson Gandy and




We are in a time of accelerated preparation – for many things.

One of them being – unlocking your feminine power, magnetism and presence – in EVERY area of your life.

This is the focus of WOMAN TRAINING.


It is about anchoring the 4 Pillars of Woman in your mind, body, spirit,  money and relationships.


The emails, phone calls, and posts keep coming from across the country.

The requests are for a teleseminar series to address

the fundamentals of “ BEING IN YOUR WOMAN” (not in your girl).


You asked for it – now you’ve got it. RESERVE YOUR SPACE today.

I’m so excited about offering this for the FIRST time ever!


  • What difference does it make in your mind, body, spirit, relationships and finances when you are “walking in your Woman” versus your Girl?
  • How do you powerfully “be in your WOMAN” if you haven’t seen it modeled for you?
  • How do you ACTIVATE your feminine power and actually increase your magnetism in your daily life?
  • How do you embrace your feminine power in your day to day life if you don’t really know what makes it distinct from masculine power?


These and other questions will be answered in this powerful 11-week teleseminar series,

along with topics such as:


The 4 Pillars of Being a WOMAN

Busting old, limiting BELIEFS

Healing Your WOMB

DETOXING yourself of “stinkin’ thinkin’”

Experiencing the state of JOY on-goingly in your life

Feeding your SENSUOUS SELF

Bringing your VOICE FORWARD in your life and relationships

Integrating PRAYER and MEDITATION into your daily life

Learning how to FLOW in your FEMININE

Practicing GRATITUDE as a part of your daily life

Learning to be a GRACIOUS RECEIVER in your life and relationships

Heeding your INTUTION and your SIXTH SENSE (energetic sensitivity)


The series will take place on every other TUESDAY, starting Tuesday September 17 through Tuesday December 3, 2013.


Dates: All are Tuesdays.  September 17 Initial Orientation Call and Kick-Off Call; October 1, 15, 29; November 12, 26, and Final Call in the Series on December 3, for a total of 7 teleseminar Calls together.


Time of tele-seminar calls:  6:00 – 7:30pm PST/9:00 – 10:30pm EST


INVESTMENT*:  The investment for the 11 week series is based upon a $79 initial up-front registration fee  secure your space and for September’s Orientation Kick-Off Call; and then an automatic payment of $79 for October, and an automatic payment of $79 for November (December’s call is included).  *Graduates of the M & M Circle, Love Academy, or the 90-Day Radiance Plan have a special discounted investment of $69 per month, instead of $79.


RESERVATIONS ONLY are being accepted now, and Registration will begin on September 3rd.

RESERVATIONS are being taken between now and September 3rd and then you will have the opportunity to officially secure your space starting September 3rd, when Registration begins.


Space is limited to the first 25 women.  Reserve your space today.


HOW TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE:  Reply directly to this email OR send an email to [email protected], with these 4 things:

Your NAME, PHONE NUMBER, CITY, and noting if you’re a graduate

of the M & M Circle, Love Academy or 90-Day Radiance Plan.

We’ll email you back to confirm that your Reservation is accepted.


Note: For graduates of the M & M Circle (Mentorship & Manifestation Circle), Love Academy, or the 90-Day Radiance Plan, there will be some elements of WOMAN TRAINING that will be familiar to concepts covered in those curricula, along with NEW elements that neither course has covered.  Where the concepts are familiar, it is an opportunity for a refresher, review and reinforcement of what you’ve already learned.


What participants in Debrena’s multi-week courses have to say….


“Paraphrasing the song, ‘I can see clearly now the rain is gone. I can see all obstacles in my way.’ Debrena, thank you for your encouragement and wisdom. Let’s continue to soar!!” – S. L, New York


“With the intention, focus and an open heart, I have experienced manifestations and miracles that are only the beginning!  I released SO much clutter in my home, car and office, and I released over 15 pounds.  I had over $7,000 in debt cancelled. I released a love relationship that was working a familiar pattern that did not serve me. And I manifested a new love relationship that is far more aligned with who I am.  Comments I’ve received from others include ‘you’re looking powerful…glowing…more beautiful…..you look happier…you are feeling more grounded.’ What’s been amazing is that the changes IN me have been palpable to others. The unfoldment has been divine and beyond my heart’s desires.”- T. S., California


“This is a magnificent course for anyone willing to do the work!!  Thank you for providing simple steps and principles to generate a life of ease and grace. THANK YOU!!  THANK YOU!!” – P. S., Philadelphia


“Thank you so much for this journey, Debrena! You are a wonderful facilitator and this is a fabulous program. It has been chock full of information, growth and enlightenment, testing, and taking me to new heights. I love what I have learned about me, I love the lessons that have allowed me  become more spirit-filled, understanding of not just myself but of my fellow sisters, and the growth in my plight to live a more centered and thoughtful life! “ –

S. S., Maryland


“I’ve experienced an increased capacity to receive fully and graciously (juicy goodness); I’ve experienced clarity around the lies that were inherited and adopted, which have been blockages in my relationship with money.  Debrena’s insights, life work and the sharing and support of the awesome women in the class/circle, have produced a list of mindblowing miracles in my life that continue to grow and render me in awe.” – K. W, California


“This course has not only inspired me to break the bondage of unforgiveness, but has brought about confidence, stepping out of my comfort zone, and enjoying the life God has given me.  One of my manifestations I declared at the beginning of the course was to get into nursing school.  Not only am I enrolled for the nursing program, but I completed my pre-requisites with high scores. Regarding my self-care, I now take time for myself now more than ever and I have learned to do what I can and not overwhelm myself.  Today, I declare, I am in Newness, Flowing in Fullness, as a Juicy Woman!!”  – T. K., Colorado


Once Registration opens and your initial month’s investment is received, you will receive a Confirmation Letter along with your Payment Authorization & Course Agreement Form, Tele-seminar Call-In Number, and other pertinent details that will support you in having a powerful experience.

We look forward to having you join us!!

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