What You Focus on is What you GET!

Most of us are in perpetual motion and perpetual “busy-ness” every day.  Our lives are a blur of rippin’ and runnin,’ and we rarely take and make time to be quiet, hold still and do some uninterrupted thinking.  We rarely stop to think deliberately and intentionally. 

Thoughts are running through our minds like a crazy, fast-moving river of which we have no control.  The good news is that, yes, you can learn how to direct this rush of water (not fight it, but direct it), and yes, you can learn how to have an enjoyable ride on the river instead of crashing into the rocks and capsizing your boat.  Most of us are hanging on for dear life, hoping that we don’t crash and capsize.

I’m here to tell you that, if you understand how to command the fourth dimension, the dimension of your thoughts and words, then you can access a new dimension of power that is ready, available and waiting for you.

The timeless classic on the power of using right thinking, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, reminds us, “A definite goal and burning desire to be and to do is the starting point.”  So let’s start by getting clear first, at the level of your thinking, about what you want to be and do.

As another author put it, “You bring about what you think about.”  The key is concentrated and directed attention, focus and energy.  Yes, indeed, what you give the MOST energy, attention and focus to constitutes your dominant thoughts.  And your dominant thoughts constitute the equivalent of ASKING (Matt 7: 7, Ask and it is given).  Your dominant thoughts, as far as the spiritual laws are concerned, translate into REQUESTS.

To understand this better, imagine that the universe God has created is like a genie.  Your wish is its command.  What you ask for with your dominant thoughts, you invite to manifest. Your dominant thoughts are what is delivered up to you in your life.  It is a spiritual law that is impersonal and works perfectly, every time.

Right now, look around your life and observe what you’ve manifested, thus far.  What you’ve manifested thus far correlates to what you’ve been asking for with your thoughts, energy, emotions and beliefs, and with your written and spoken words.

Unfortunately, too many of us have in our lives what we DON’T want.  You can use the think it-write it-declare it process to attract and bring forth MORE of what you DO want in your life.

It is essential that you first GET CLEAR on what you want to bring forth.  This is Step One – invest intentional and deliberate time in pondering and contemplating what you DO want in your life so that you can GET CLEAR about the type of, quality of, and experiences of life that you want to have.

This requires that you cease the constant rippin’ and runnin.’ Sit yourself down somewhere quiet, with no interruptions, and DO SOME THINKING.  Ask yourself,  What is it that I really want in my life? What types of friends, body, health, finances, love relationship(s), talents and gifts expressed, parenting, career, profession, business, do I want to experience? “ Then spend some time getting clear on what this experience entails, what it looks like, and what it FEELS like.  Describe it to yourself. Be very detailed. GET CLEAR about what you want to use your thoughts, energy and words to bring about.

This concept of “ask and it shall be given,” is captured best by a great poet that wrote these words (please read through TWICE):

I bargained with Life for a penny,
And Life would pay me no more,
However I begged at evening
When I counted my scanty store.
For Life is a just employer
He gives you what you ask,
But once you have set the wages
Why, you must bear the task.
I worked for a menial’s hire
Only to learn, dismayed
That ANY wage I had asked of Life,
Life would have willingly paid.

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