Understanding Your Six-Fold Purpose

Did you know that there are thousands of book titles on the topic of purpose? Virtually every one of them is based on a similar premise – your purpose is to be found AND it is personal to you.  Furthermore, many people have surmised that their life is therefore incomplete, less significant, and futile or unfulfilling until they can find their purpose – wherever it might be hiding.  Well, this belief has certainly gotten a lot of books sold and filled up many an over-priced course on Finding Your Purpose

Only problem – it is based upon a false premise.  So here’s the great news!! Your purpose does not have to be found. It’s not hiding or trying to elude you.  It was established BEFORE you got here and has been in plain sight.  Because we were told you have to FIND it, we keep missing what has already been revealed to us.  We have not recognized it. You were BORN into a purpose – you, me, and everyone else that chose to be am incarnated soul on this earthly journey, in a body.  And that pre-existing purpose was here before you arrived.

Each of us has been created for the SAME purpose – a six-fold purpose that is the same for EVERY human being; a six-fold purpose that is the same whether you are born in the United States, Argentina, Somalia, Iraq, Germany, Indonesia, Australia or Antarctica.

Each human’s six-fold purpose is the purpose they were incarnated, and given a soul and a body to move about the Earth.  Your/My/Our five-fold purpose is:

  1. To unlock  your innate Greatness
  2. Learn to more fully give and receive love
  3. Recognize and contribute your gifts and talents in service to the world (this doesn’t exclude being compensated for contributing your gifts and talents)
  4. To give thanks in EVERYTHING;
  5. Pray unceasingly (in other works, stay in constant communication with the Divine), and
  6. To REJOICE.  To return to joy and dwelling in a state of joy on-goingly, and again and again.

While our six-fold purpose is impersonal, universal and the shared with other humans, it is our mission/calling/life assignment/path that is very personal and looks different for person to person.  To discover one’s mission/life assignment/calling, can certainly require some soul-searching, talking to God, and paying close attention to the clues, cues and evidence your life has presented to you.

So no more talk of trying to find your purpose.  It was established before you were even born.  It was set forth before you even had a heartbeat in your mother’s womb.  Your purpose, my purpose, our purpose is joined together and shared.  It is found and always has been.

Thus EVERY experience in your life is in support of the fulfillment of your purpose.

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