Understanding The Law of Circulation

Have you noticed that where there is movement, there is more life? Have you noticed that where there is stagnation or little movement, there is less life and less vitality?  Prosperity is a state of your affairs where there is movement, where there is the circulation and movement of love, joy, ideas, resources, and energy, to name a few.  Circulation denotes that giving and receiving is involved, that these things are moving in circles, away from and then back around to you, continuously. 

And the MORE you give out, the more momentum is added into the cycle of circulation, and the shorter the “return” cycle gets.  It is like giving out strong and stronger pushes to a merry-go-round.  It starts to spin faster and faster and the metal bar you used to initiate the first push circles back around to you in less and less time as the merry-go-round spins faster and faster.

This is also the case with prosperity. So if you have been experiencing scarcity in your life, especially in the area of money, then it’s most likely because there is stagnation in your circulation.  Just like with the merry-go-round, you need to initiate bigger pushes of GIVING OUT love, joy, compliments, gratitude, appreciation, help, service, smiles, etc.  The more you give out, the more “lubrication” is provided to the circulation cycle, and the Law of Circulation brings it back to you. 

Want money flowing in?  Want love flowing in?  Want new opportunities to show up?  Then where might your circulation cycle be plugged up or clogged up?  Where is it that you can initiate movement with giving or sharing in your life?  Where is it you keep waiting for “something to happen” yet you have not contributed to the circulation cycle?  Where is it you are frustrated or things are delaying?  This is the very area where you want to be sure to get things moving by sending out, by giving, by sharing, by putting energy into the cycle of circulation!!

And most importantly, circulation is magnetic!  The world itself spins in a circle and its spinning (along with the counter-balancing of the moon’s energy field) is what creates gravity – the magnetism that keeps things from floating off into space. You can change your mind and increase your magnetism. You can change your words and increase your magnetism. You can change your attitude and increase your magnetism…All of these add energy to the cycle.  Moving yourself into a higher vibrational state of joy, love, appreciation, praise or gratitude are emotional states that increase the rate of vibration in comparison to slower and lower emotional states like anger, jealously, grief, shame, apathy or resentment. 

Do you realize that you can change your emotional state by changing your thoughts? By the way, did you know that your feelings FOLLOW your thoughts? Not the other way around?  When you change your emotional state to increasingly positive states, you are adding more and more energy to your vibrational field, and thus increasing your magnetism!  Isn’t this amazing!?!?!

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