The TRUTH About Self-Love and Sacred Self-Care….


Did you know that our self-love is not intended to be stagnant, but to continuously be moving upward?  Do you know that we are born with vibrant and strong self-love as our norm…however, over time, we’re actually TAUGHT self-doubt, to distrust self (and others), and we begin to dim our natural DIVINE LIGHT and snuff out our GREATNESS?


Do you know how to intentionally INCREASE your level of self-love?

Do you know how to truly “move the needle” on your self-love, elevate it and SUSTAIN it at continuously higher and higher levels, over time?


shutterstock_127208804Most of us have our level of self-love hanging out at the same place it was at a couple of years ago, or even last month.  Actually, our level of self-love should be dynamic – actually deepening and heightening on a weekly and even a daily basis.


So if your level of self-love is at, let’s say, a level 3, do you know what moves it to a 5 or 6?  And even more importantly, what difference does it make in your mind, body, spirit, energy, well-being, human relationships, AND relationship to money?  It makes a PROFOUND difference – and MUCH, MUCH more than most of us realize.


What is the link between self-love and sacred self-care?  What is sacred self-care? Why does it matter?  How are the two inter-connected and inextricably linked?


What I’ve learned, lived and also observed is that sacred self-care is BOTH the path to higher and higher levels of authentic self-love, as well as being a DEMONSTRATION of higher and higher levels of self-love.  Sacred Self-care, when it is the FOUNDATION of your life as a woman, becomes the basis of you living as a Sacred Self-Caring Woman.


Most women, however, instead of being sacred self-caring are self-neglecting, self-denigrating (with negative internal self-talk and negative self-judgement), self-doubting, and self-condemning.


If you want to experience new levels of:

  • personal power,
  • vitality and well-being,
  • prosperity,
  • joy,
  • ease,
  • and self-expression,


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Debrena Head Shot frontal NEWERDebrena Jackson Gandy, the Designer and Facilitator of ILLUMINATE, is a  modern Renaissance Woman, a national best-selling author of three books (Sacred Pampering Principles, All the Joy You Can Stand, and her newest book, The Love Lies); international speaker, Relationships Readiness and Detox coach, Founder of the Love Academy, and success coach to thousands.   She is a popular guest blogger; radio show guest on over 50 radio shows and podcasts; has been seen on sites such as;;;; and, as well as on TV shows such as CNN, CNN Live, Good Day New York, Good Morning Texas, the Wisdom Channel, The Better Show and a host of regional news shows.  She also is one of the hosts of TBN’s Public Report TV Show on station KTBW Seattle/Tacoma.