The Power of Sacred Self-Care (Wilmington)


Wilmington sacred self-care seminar FINAL
Join us on Saturday, March 5, 2016

for a special SEMINAR EVENT with

National Best-selling Author and Success Coach,


at the Hannah S. Block Community Arts Center

120 South 2nd Street, Lower Level

Wilmington, NC 28401


Sacred self-care is about



If you feel like you’re always rippin’ and runnin’; feel like you never have enough time; like you’re “behind the 8-ball:’ or you often feel tired and worn out, then you are not alone. Over time, we can find ourselves feeling under-appreciated, and even resentful.  We can become defensive, highly critical of ourselves and others; and our bodies can even begin to reflect the toll of this self-neglect.

Too many of us are suffering from a CRISIS in sacred self-care.

You can be experiencing a sacred self-care CRISIS as  result of……

being raised to put others first,

because we’re always sacrificing for others,

because we’re runnin’ ourselves ragged,

we’re burning the candle at both ends,

and we’re always in non-stop, busy-mode.



You may find that you have a hard time taking time out to rejuvenate, relax, rest and restore yourself.


You may realize that you have a hard time saying NO, and making time to decompress and exxxhale.


You may feel restless, unfulfilled, and like there’s never enough time to get everything done.


You might even feel guilty taking time to tend to the needs of your own mind, body and spirit, though, when you don’t do this, it compromises and hinders your ability to do for others.  These are all SIGNS that sacred self-care is lacking in your life.


Most of need support in making this shift from what we’ve learned, and from what has been part of our upbringing. We need HELP making the shift in our believing, thinking, deciding and choosing….From self-neglect to sacred self-care.

A sacred self-caring women is one that has learned how to protect, honor, nourish and fortify her mind, body, spirit and energy. She honors her own boundaries, and lovingly requires others to do so. And they do.


Do you find yourself…..

  • Do you find yourself rippin’ and runnin’ too much, or you often feel tired or worn out,
  • Do you struggle with being clear about what you want and being decisive,
  • Do you find yourself frequently getting frustrated, irritated or pissed off with family, friends, in love relationships or with co-workers.
  • Are you overweight, underweight, or you aren’t nourishing your body with enough colorful, life-giving food, rest, or hydration
  • Do you feel there’s  too much clutter in your external life and spaces, or in your mind


If you answered YES to at least TWO of these questions, then there’s room in your thinking, in your decisions and choices, your behavior and your life for sacred self-care to have a much stronger presence.


Sacred self-care is about a brand new orientation to your life where you recognize…

-that your mind, body and spirit are to be highly valued and appreciated

-that you are a powerful being, worthy of Greatness and Goodness,

-that taking excellent care of your own mind, body, spirit and energy is foundational to you experiencing a deeply satisfying and joyful life.


A sacred self-caring woman desires to live a JUICY life.



Sacred self-care is essential to your body, spirit, mind and energy, as a woman.

It is the key to being able to experience JOY and deep satisfaction and fulfillment within yourself and in your life, as a woman.



A sacred self-caring woman understands the critical importance of nurturing, honoring, fortifying and nourishing herself first, in the sequence of relationships, commitments and activities that make up her life.


A sacred self-caring woman recognizes that it matters for her to have a clear mind, a full spirit and a well body – one free of pain, medication or dis-ease.


A sacred self-caring woman honors her body as a living temple.


A sacred self-caring woman has healthy boundaries, speaks up, communicates her likes and dislikes, and is committed to being self-expressed.


We invite you to join us for an inspiring, life-altering seminar on Saturday March 5, 2016 that is all about how to RECLAIM and RENEW YOU!!!, and make the shift to being a sacred self-caring woman.  Watch and witness how it positively impacts your relationships, energy, mind, spirit, body and decisions.


Your INVESTMENT includes:

Continental Breakfast and Beverages,

Seminar Hand-Out,

an afternoon of inspiration and insight,

and powerful, eye-opening sacred self-care teachings, exercises, and principles


REGULAR INVESTMENT, $79:  Sacred Self-Care Seminar, $79 Order/Registration, until Friday, March 4

Any Questions?  Contact Suprena Hickman of Team Hickman Enterprises:, 910-604-6327, or Email: [email protected]

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Debrena Jackson Gandy is a national bestselling author of Sacred Pampering Principles, All the Joy You Can Stand, and her newest book, The Love Lies.YOUR FACILITATOR:

She’s been seen on TV on CNN, CNN Live, Good Day New York, Good Morning Texas, The Better Show, C-SPAN, and the Wisdom Channel. In addition, she’s been featured in magazines such as ESSENCE, OPRAH’S O, EBONY, WOMAN’S DAY, BLACK ENTERPRISE, and a number of popular e-zines, newsletters, and blog

sites as a guest blogger.


She is an international speaker, self-care coach, relationships readiness and detox coach, and business mentor. She is also Founder of the Love Academy – a transformational relationships course for single and married women and men.