The MLM Academy is a MONTHLY membership teleconference-based program that provides content-
rich training, awareness-raising, and success coaching that educates, inspires, enlightens, empowers
and develops MLM businessowners and their teams. Tramadol
The MLM Academy was created to address the critical need to:
  1. Equip women with new mindsets that shift them from a hobby mindset to a businessowner mindset, from a consumer mindset to a producer mindset and from a sales rep mindset to a CEO mindset.
  2. Help return the MLM industry back to its original integrity and professionalism
  3. Contribute to returning the MLM industry back to its original integrity and professionalism
  4. Empower women, especially, to achieve and sustain success in their MLM businesses by applying proven MLM best practices and principles,
  5. Help decrease the industry’s HIGH attrition rate and increase the industry’s LOW active rate; and
  6. Create a shift away from the prevailing negative stigmas and back to being a business model and industry held in high esteem
Tele-classes are held twice a month, on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month, from 6:30 – 7:30pm
EST/9:30 – 10:30pm EST. The call on the first Monday of the month is a “Skills, Actions and
Awareness” Training Call and the call on the third Monday of the month is a “Strategies, Systems and
Goals” coaching call.
Classes get underway in April 2011.
The monthly tele-training call puts an emphasis on skills, insight, knowledge, and on proven and tested
MLM practices that produce powerful results and exceptional success The monthly coaching call
is action-based and provides members with the opportunity for in-the-moment coaching as well as
performance-focused recommendations and feedback. Silagra
The monthly member tuition is $39 per month.

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The MLM Academy has a modular training design, so that members can enter into the training curriculum at any point and during any month. Though the concepts build upon one another, each training topic has stand-alone value and benefit. The MLM Academy will also periodically feature guest Instructors.

The MLM Academy offers a holistic, broad-based curriculum. In MLM Academy, you will learn:

  • Debrena’s 4-part Recruiting Process – learn how to be a master recruiter
  • Debrena’s Guest Engage-Invite-Confirm Process – learn how to have your guests show up for Business Opportunity Calls and Live Business Opportunity Events
  • How to increase your sales averages at home parties
  • How to set goals and understanding the goals that are the “critical indicators” in your business
  • How to understand your Compensation Plan and the behavior it rewards you for
  • Leadership and team-building basics
  • How to understand the power and forms of recognition that produce results
  • How to wisely manage and direct your time, energy and attention for optimal results
  • How to stay focused on Direct I. G. A
  • The Top 5 Mistakes most Direct Sellers Make
  • How to establish a healthy Foundation and practice smart Fundamentals for your business and More!


Classes get underway in April 2011.

Coming in the future is a basic and advanced Leadership Track – for business owners with at least 15 ACTIVE members on their teams.

As part of your monthly membership, you will also receive Debrena’s monthly tips and insights via e-mail, insights and tips from special Academy guest experts, discounts on her popular self-study course, The Amazing MLM Mindset Make-over Home Study Course, and also discounts on private one-on-one MLM success coaching sessions.

Your monthly MLM Academy member tuition is only $39 per month. You are automatically billed every 30 days, and can cancel your membership at any time. Four days advance notice is required.

The MLM Academy is designed to enhance, undergird, complement and accentuate the training already provided by your company and/or team, not replace it.


Debrena Jackson Gandy is a national best-selling author, transformational speaker and world-class trainer that brings 15+ years of business consulting and training experience with Fortune 500 companies, regional businesses, city and state government, and entrepreneurs to the table, combined with years of MLM experience as a top performer, a top earner and award-winning leader. She grew her team to nearly 3,000 independent consultants by her 5th year, with a presence in 40 states, the highest team revenue to size ratio in her company, and generated nearly $5.5 Million in accumulative sales. She earned the elite recognition of being in the $20,000+ month Earner’s Club.

She re-positioned herself as an expert consultant, trainer and success coach to the MLM industry when the MLM company she was formerly with shut it doors. She works directly with company CEOs, field leaders, top performers and their teams. She is known for high-impact training and coaching that quickly converts into positive results.

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