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Theme for the July – December 2012 Sixth Cycle:


Greetings, Phenomenal Woman!

I would like to personally invite you to join us for the SIXTH CYCLE of my powerful 21-week personal growth, healing and spiritual development tele-course, the Mentorship & Manifestation (M & M) Circle.

We are delighted at the HUGE response  to this upcoming Cycle of the M & M Circle.  Clearly, and we’re expecting a sell-out, once again!  As a matter of fact, over half of the spaces are already reserved and spoken for…even BEFORE we could get this announcement typed!!

I’m sure it’s because women are resonating with our 2012 theme for this July – December 2012 Sixth Cycle: “Align, Flow & Flourish!” and also because this is the last time we’re offering this tele-course in its current 21-week format.

The Mentorship & Manifestation Circle was born out of my desire to teach women how to intentionally and deliberately create, design and manifest lives of joy, health, prosperity and fulfillment.  And to date, over 125 women from across the United States and parts of Europe have experienced this 21-Week journey in a community of like-minded, like-spirited women.

The tele-course is 21 weeks in length because it allows time for actual transformation to occur, not just marginal change or improvement.  It also allows time for you to do your “heart” work, elevate your level of thinking, let go of limiting beliefs, and “anchor” new, powerful practices, beliefs, attitudes, choices, behaviors, and habits.

The year 2012 is all about……

Feminine Power and Feminine Radiance coming into full fruition and full expression;

Learning how to align your life with Truth, Purpose and Passion; and

Experiencing the ease, flow, joy, prosperity, peace and miracles that are the “fruits” of an ALIGNED life.

This Sixth Cycle is about 1) understanding the ALIGNMENT EQUATION,

2) learning how to anchor it and make it real in your life,

and then 3) experiencing the “fruit” of an aligned life.

Some of the existing content of the previous five cycles of the Circle will remain, but new, never-exposed curriculum content will be added for this Sixth Cycle.

How do you know if you’re OUT of Alignment?


you have an inner restlessness that won’t go away;

you feel like you’re chasing something, constantly busy, or incessantly in pursuit of success;

you feel stuck

you aren’t aware of the Spiritual Laws

you aren’t aware of your Purpose

you find yourself comparing yourself or your life to others’;

you often worry, or have anxiety or concern;

you are prone to cycles of being “up” and then “down,” – and you’re not able to sustain being “up”

you have a hard time getting to sleep, staying asleep or sleeping soundly and well

you are highly critical of your body

you body is overweight or obese

consistent self-care of your mind, body and spirit is missing in your life

you continually experience LACK – with money, time, love or appreciation

you don’t have a daily prayer and meditation practice

you tend to have frequent body aches and pains, imbalances or dis-ease

you easily and frequently get angry or irritated with others or yourself

you’re plagued by “tiredness” or fatigue

you experience only fleeting moments of joy

you are not aware of your natural gifts and talents

you are an over-doer

you keep running from your Power

you engage in subtle forms of self-sabotage

you have suppressed your sexual energy

A Message from Debrena (regarding the Fifth Cycle)


In this new, upcoming Cycle of the M & M Circle, we’ll be covering “yummy” topics such as:

  • The Alignment Equation
  • How to make the shift out of  Level 2 Success (chasing/striving/The Rat Race/struggle/busyness/lack), where most people are trapped
  • How to move into Level 3 Success – the realm of ease, flow, service, giving, graciously receiving, heeding your Intuition without hesitation, and MORE!
  • The 7 Levels of “Juicy-ness” (from Debrena’s Art of Being a Juicy Woman)
  • The 7 Key Spiritual Laws that Support Personal and Life Alignment
  • Developing Your Prosperity Consciousness
  • The Power of Sacred Self-Care
  • Letting Go of Residue from your Past
  • Setting Yourself Free through Forgiveness
  • Tapping into the Power of  Surrender and Obedience
  • Debrena’s 5-Part Manifestation Process
  • Learning how to detach from the FORM your manifestations can take
  • Acknowledging and releasing Limiting Beliefs
  • The difference between Allowing and Receiving
  • How to accelerate your manifestations from being in a Mastermind Group (Masterminding will be a component of the tele-course)

Alignment is a glorious thing.  When you and your life are aligned, then you make yourself available to new and higher levels of manifestation, miracles, opportunities, resources, relationships, and flow. It bears luscious, lovely, desirable FRUIT.

What is the “FRUIT” of Alignment?

A radiant countenance

Light emanating from your face

Your spirit is full

Your mind is clear and renewed

Your body is well, healthy and free of dis-ease

Your weight is in accord with your height and frame

You experience joy on-goingly as a norm in your life

You experience spontaneous manifestations with ease

You are a money magnet. Money flows to you easily

You move with grace

You graciously give and easily receive

A bloated/swollen ego is surrendered to a Higher Power

You recognize your gifts and talents and they are activated, and engaged, in service to the world

You live in accord with the spiritual laws

You embody peace

Prayer and meditation are integrated into your daily life

You speak and live from Truth instead of speaking and living from lies and illusions

You are engaged in healthy, enriching, reciprocal friendships and love relationships

You have self-respect and high self-esteem, and it is observable in your actions, language and behavior

You honor your body as a divine temple of the Holy Spirit

Your heart has been cleaned out through a thorough Forgiveness Process

You operate from a Prosperity Consciousness instead of a Scarcity Consciousness

Full details, including the monthly investment and the payment link are below so that you can LOCK IN your spot now.  Remember, space is being strictly limited to 50 women.

Once the designated number of available slots are LOCKED IN, we’re not accepting additional payments.

Read on for the FULL details. If you’re ready to lock in your spot now, click here:   M & M Circle Payment

The Mentorship & Manifestation Circle is

literally changing women’s lives!


I’ve found that many of us can struggle with how to take ourselves and our lives to the Next Level. We may not know how to ALIGN OUR LIVES with what feeds our spirits, with abundance, with what brings us joy, and with our life’s purpose and passions.  We’ve been manifesting accidentally and are ready to learn how to MANIFEST INTENTIONALLY AND DELIBERATELY.

In the empowerment work I’ve done with thousands of women in my workshops, seminars, retreats, tele-seminars, women’s circles and keynotes over the years, women have expressed that they yearned for more hands-on guidance and structure that would support them in going deeper in their personal growth,healing and spiritual development journey on a daily basis. They wanted to more powerfully “connect the dots” in their lives.


The M & M Circle is this


If you follow my best-selling books, seminars, retreats, courses, tele-seminars,  and teachings, then you know that I am about empowering women and providing spiritually-based principles, powerful strategies, truth-based beliefs (instead of illusion-based beliefs) and new ways of perceiving ourselves and our lives that yield more joy, flow, self-care, ease, self-expression, prosperity, fulfillment, and transformation.

Now, we’re taking it to the NEXT level, and teaching you how to apply the Alignment Equation to align yourself and your life with what really matters, with Truth.


The M & M Circle brings together progressive, on-the-grow women twice a month via evening teleconference calls, that are serious about taking their personal growth, healing and spiritual development to an entirely NEW level. Get ready to be celebrated, elevated and appreciated by the energy and excitement of being in the company of other positive, progressive women on the grow.

Through the course of the 21 weeks, the M & M Circle forms into a cohesive community of positive, loving, and supportive women, as members connect, grow, learn and manifest together – and have FUN while doing it!.

I am confident that this experience will evolve and grow you into an even better, more powerful, prosperous, joyful and fulfilled woman.


I am amazed at what Circle members are manifesting in their lives as a result of their participation in the Circle! And I have no doubt that your results will be powerful, too!

Below is a sampling of the results and manifestations participants have experienced.  You can expect to experience powerful MANIFESTATIONS such as:

  • New levels of Clarity
  • Quantum Leaps in your ability to manifest deliberately instead of accidentally
  • Alignment of your life with your passions and purpose
  • Releasing unhealthy habits and behaviors
  • Making better, wiser choices
  • Attracting new love relationships or improving current ones
  • Attracting new clients, customers and/or cash flow
  • Increased joy, peace, ease and satisfaction
  • Living from a place of more Gratitude & Appreciation
  • New levels of Self-Appreciation and Self-Expression
  • New levels of self-acceptance, self-love and self-care
  • Weight release, and/or loss of extra inches
  • Increase in your personal magnetism
  • Attracting more money and increased cash flow
  • Living with more intention and fewer excuses
  • More fully developing your intuition
  • Increased commitment to your health and wellness
  • Forgiveness
  • Prayer & Meditation as a consistent life spiritual practice
  • Learn how to work WITH spiritual laws instead of against them
  • Experience more joy and ease in your life
  • Experience more abundance and less pain, frustration, and disappointment
  • Accelerate the speed at which you manifest
  • Be celebrated, elevated and appreciated by the energy and excitement of being in the company of other positive, progressive women on the grow


Monthly Investment:  Only $79 PER MONTH.

You LOCK IN your spot with an initial payment of $79 (this secures your spot and covers your kick-off/Orientation Call on July 23), then your recurring payments begin in early August.  Click here to secure your spot:  M & M Circle Payment

Click on the button below to LOCK-IN your spot.

You’ll receive a short Official Registration Form to complete and return, and your Official Welcome Letter, in mid-July.

To LOCK IN your spot now, click on the link below (an initial $79 to lock in your spot and $79 per month, starting in early August):

M & M Circle Payment

Here’s a sample of what participants have to say….

“I have birthed so much in the M & M Circle!  The Circle has made SUCH an impact on me.  I have written a 15-page book of encouragement titled “You are Great!”  I’m also continuing to work on the curriculum for my workshop, “From Pain to Purpose to Power,” that I will be leading at a women’s retreat later this year.  I now have the confidence and knowledge of who I am and whose I am!” – K.  McCoy

“What an incredible, inspiring spiritual journey!  I have experienced supernatural breakthroughs in my legal affairs and have had powerful financial manifestations!  The LifeWork assignments helped to guide me into a deeper level of inner work and healing.  The Guest Masters are some of the most phenomenal women and men in the universe.  I am so grateful that I said “YES” to this opportunity” – L. Rucker. Coach, Speaker, Author, Consultant

Thank you so much for this journey Debrena!  You are a wonderful facilitator and this is a fabulous program.  It has been chock full of information, growth and enlightenment, testing and taking me to new heights.  I love what I have learned about me, I love the lessons that have allowed me to become more spirit-filled, understanding of not just myself but of my fellow sisters, and the growth in my plight to live a more centered and thoughtful life!  –  S. Settlers, Legal Assistant, Writer

“My body has transformed over the past five months, and has been shrinking more and more each day. Because of the M & M Circle I have learned my self-worth and how to release the unwanted/unneeded!  My mind has been illuminated like a flower in full bloom.  Participate only if you are ready to be transformed!” J. Hunt. Real Estate Consultant

Want to hear some actual AUDIO testimonies from actual participants?

Click here:      The M & M Circle, Yes I’d Like to Know More


  • Being part of a powerful personal development, healing and spiritual growth journey in a community of amazing women
  • Coming  together twice a month via teleconference call with a community of positive, loving, supportive women of like-mind and like-spirit (2nd and 4th Mondays of the month, except December, which is ythe 1st and 3rd Mondays).
  • Exposure to the wisdom, knowledge and insight of Debrena Jackson Gandy (The Million Dollar Mentor), and select Featured Guest Masters from across the nation
  • Being matched up with an M & M Circle Power Partner
  • Powerful in-the-moment coaching on the live teleconference calls
  • Being part of a potent Masterminding group, where your personal intentions and desired manifestations are supported
  • Engaging in leading-edge dialogue and teachings, LifeWork assignments and exercises, experiential exercises and the Game of Plenty prosperity exercises, that empower you to take yourself and your life to a whole, new level
  • Worksheets to support your understanding
  • Discounts or complimentary registration on select Debrena Jackson Gandy tele-seminars, tele-courses and live seminars, retreats and events during the tele-course, from January 30 to June 25, 2012


Kick-off Call: Monday, July 23, 2012

All teleconference calls are from 6:00 – 7:30pm PST/9:00 – 10:30pm EST.

M & M Circle Call Dates:  2nd and 4th Mondays, starting….July 23, 2012 – Orientation/ Kick-Off Call. Second and Fourth Mondays, Complete Dates are:  Kick-Off July 23, August 6 and 20, September 10 and 24, October 8 and 22, November 12 and 26, and December 3 and 17th (Calls are the 1st and 3rd Mondays, for December only)

Space is limited to the first 50!!

Monthly Investment:  Only $79 PER MONTH.

To LOCK IN your spot, click on the link below:

M & M Circle Payment

Happy Manifestations!

About the Creator and Facilitator: Debrena Jackson Gandy is a national two-time best-selling author of All the Joy You Can Stand and Sacred Pampering Principles. She’s been featured in magazines such as Oprah’s O,Essence, Ebony, Black Enterprise, Woman’s Day, and Empowering Women, in publications such as The New York Daily News, The Seattle Times, The Olympian, and the Atlanta Metro, and on TV shows such as CNN, CNN Live, Good Day New York, Good Morning Texas, and on FOX and ABC News affiliates.  She appears on, and has she provided the opening quote for an issue of Oprah’s on-line newsletter and Oprah’s Life Lift Blog.  Recently she was named the co-host of Public Report, a TV program aired on  TBN’s local station, KBTW-Seattle-Tacoma.

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Click on the link below to be taken to the live, recorded testimonies, and the payment link for the currently enrolling July to December  2012  M & M Circle Session.