The Journey to Becoming Fierce, Fabulous & Fearless

I can vividly recall, as a 10-year old 5th grader, beginning my inquiry into the deeper things of life. I was a curious little girl, a voracious reader, and I was comfortable unabashedly asking profound questions of the adults around me. I carried around a diary filled with pages of my ideas, poems, inspirations, and visions about my future. What became clear to me, even at that young age, was that there was a distinct line between the adults who seemed to be living purposeful, joyful, fulfilling lives, and those who seemed to be just coasting along, letting life happen to them.

After conducting a host of informal “interviews” with adults by the time I was a teenager, I knew that I wanted to be in the former group – those who had intentionally and deliberately shaped and crafted their lives around what made their hearts sing, whose eyes sparkled, laughed easily, were relaxed in their bodies, were putting their natural gifts and talents to use, and didn’t seem to be stressed out about money. To me, these folks were living “juicy” lives – lives that were fierce, fabulous and fearless.

A fierce woman brings energy, passion and a healthy intensity to what she does. She is a loving force to be reckoned with. By fabulous and fearless, I mean that she is comfortable in her own skin and knows how to rock her hair, clothes, accessories, and make-up (if she chooses to wear it). She is governed by love more than by fear. Her heart and mind are open wide, instead of closed or contracted. She easily and generously gives and shares love instead of being overly cautious, distrusting, and controlled by the fear of “being hurt” in her friendships with other women, as well as in her love relationships with men.

I’m so grateful for being able to create and live a life is a reflection of my highest passions and desires. I have a healthy body, a broad network of deep, rewarding relationships, a delicious marriage to a fabulous, handsome man, three beautiful and smart daughters, a thriving business; and the money and freedom to travel back and forth across the U. S., and to eight foreign countries so far (with more on my “bucket list”). I am living my ideal life, right now, and have been for many years.

I didn’t set out to be “fierce, fabulous and fearless,” but instead, to simply put into practice in my life the pearls of wisdom and nuggets of knowledge I had accumulated from the adults I had encountered that were living juicy lives. ” I was humbly but boldly committed to being self-expressed, joyful, and open to living out loud.

And creating and living my ideal life certainly didn’t come about by accident, happenstance or luck, but by consistently, deliberately and intentionally making decisions and then aligning my choices and actions with my highest passions and commitments, daily and weekly. There was no magic wand to wave or a magic pill to take.

There are specific concepts that been my personal guiding lights.

Continue reading to learn the 3 Keys.

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