Tapping into the 4th Dimension of Thoughts

Not long ago, I was reading a copy of a book given to me by another one of my mentees, Dr. David Yong-Gi Chos book, Fourth Dimension Living in a Third Dimension World. Dr. Yong-Gi Cho also happens to be the senior pastor of the largest church IN THE WORLD. In his provoking book he makes the statement that thoughts and words are of the fourth dimension. This is why happenings and occurrences that take place on the earthly plane the third dimensional world are SUBJECT to the fourth dimension.

Dr. YongGi Cho explains, “The third-dimensional realm is under the rule of the fourthdimension. The fourth dimension realm is the spiritual realm. Thinking and thoughts, imagination, faith, words, our spirit and heart are of the fourth dimensional realm. Through thoughtsa driving force in the fourthdimensional realm—everything in the human body and the world comes to pass.

So if you recognize this truth, believe this truth and live in accordance with this truth, then you recognize that what is showing up in your life, your personal slice of the third dimensional world, is something YOU’VE created! Just as you’ve created everything that is in your life right now, if you want to make any changes to it, you CAN create and bring forth something different.

As Matthew 7:7 states in the Bible, Ask and it will be given. Think It! Write It! Declare It! helps you to be intentional, deliberate and CLEAR about what you want to attract or be given. And then it lays out the process and helps you apply the process and activate the spiritual laws that attract and bring it to you.

At this moment you may be saying Whaaaaat?! to yourself. And this is the very reason I think that far too few of us have lives that bring us joy and satisfaction we have a hard time believing that Dr. Yong Gi-Chos statements are true. But guess what whether you personally believe them or not, does not change their truth. If you dont already believe and know that it is true, I invite you to “try it on” and try out the process I lay out for you in this book.  Watch and seenotice and observe, and youll soon see that this stuff works.

As Marc Allen states in his book The Millionaire Course, You have everything you need: a miraculous body, a phenomenal brain, and a vast and powerful subconscious mind. Now its just a matter of focusing them in the right direction.

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