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Two powerful direct selling experts come BACK together for a 2nd powerful Sneak Peek Call on Monday, October 17th

and You’re Invited!!

Dear Friend,

Our first Sneak Peek Call on The Power of Follow-Up a couple of weeks ago was so well-received that we’re returning with the MLM Academy’s SNEAK PEEK CALL #2 on Monday, October 17th. This time, on the topic of The Power of RECRUITING Follow-Up.

I’m excited to, once again, team up with “Follow-Up Expert,” Jennifer Fitzgerald for a 2nd Special Sneak Peek Call #2 on Monday October 17, and I’m writing to you now to invite to participate on in this FREE “Sneak Peek” Call #2, as my guest.

I was delighted to be one of the 24 direct selling experts that shared in the inaugural Mind Aware Teleseminar Series a few months ago that generated sign-ups from over 12,000 women from around the world! My personal topic, The Amazing Mindset Makeover, was one of the best-received and my home study course, one of the best-selling packages of the series! Clearly, talking about Mindset — HOW we think, WHAT we think, and the LEVEL from which we think in our businesses – was a powerful concept.

This is why I created and launched the MLM Academy — to support the success of women in direct selling and network marketing businesses.

After building a successful multi-million dollar direct selling team, being an award-winning leader and top earner, and being one of seven to reach my former company’s top title level, I am CLEAR that Mindset is key. Now, as a highly sought after direct selling consultant, trainer and performance coach to top field leaders, CEO’s, corporate officers, I am delighted to have a forum for passing on the success mindset, strategies, skills and best practices that translate into success in your business to women direct sellers and network marketers – the MLM Academy.

Some of you may have heard of Jennifer.  She created The Client Angel, the fastest-growing follow-up tool available for direct sellers, network marketers, and party plan entrepreneurs.

In addition, Jennifer and I share a belief in a crucially important aspect of a successful direct selling or network marketing business – RECRUITING FOLLOW-UP. Effective Recruiting Follow-Up converts into team growth and what I call Ka-Ching.

Jennifer and I are again teaming up to bring you great strategies and techniques, this time, on effective RECRUITING follow-up and also introducing you to a great product that can assist you in “leaving no money on the table” and increasing your personal and team recruiting significantly. The MLM Academy is all about providing tele-coaching, and success tele-training that is proven and works, and this includes teaching you how and why to best Follow-Up.

That’s right! You can get a 2nd “Sneak Peek” of the MLM Academy for FREE on Monday, October 17th, where our topic is The Power of Effective RECRUITING Follow-Up. Those that are cross-line, downline or upline from you can also join us, for FREE. All you have to do is submit your name and email address below.
NOTE: If you are already signed up from Sneak Peek Call #1, no need to RSVP again.

If you want to improve your personal recruiting, then this 2nd Special Sneak Peek Call is for you.

If you want to convert more leads into actual business partner prospects, then this Call is for you.

If you’ve ever felt like a hot prospect slipped through your fingers or seemed to “get away,” then you are not alone.

We’ve all been there!

Well, one reason is that we often don’t have a decent system for recruiting following up.  Let’s face it, some of us can’t even see the tops of our desks, much less find the phone numbers we need to be making recruiting follow-up calls!

So . . . what if I told you there is a TOOL?  Really truly . . . what if I told you there is a real solution that works?  Well, Jennifer Fitzgerald has created it . . . and it’s the reason I’m reaching out to you today.

This free 2nd “Sneak Peek” Call is on Monday October 17th, from 5:57pm PST – 6:57pm PST/8:57pm EST – 9:57pm EST. It is a regularly scheduled MLM Academy Call and you’ll have the opportunity to be a part of “Sneak Peek” Call #2.

In order to confirm your spot and receive the call-in number, all you need to do is submit your name and email address below, and you’re good to go.

On the October 17th’s “Sneak Peek” Call #2, you will receive powerful information on:

The #1 BIG Recruiting Follow-Up Mistake that most direct sellers make

  • How to use effective Recruiting Follow-Up to uncover your potential business partners’s “Compelling Motivators.”
  • How to use effective Recruiting Follow-Up to significantly increase your recruiting Close Rate
  • Also find out about Jennifer’s simple, new Follow-Up system that can support you in “closing the gap” and increasing your Close Rate.

If you are ready to find out how to partake of the MLM Academy’s on-going mindset training, guidance, and success training and coaching which will complement and supplement the training you already are receiving form your company or team, then please join Jennifer Fitzgerald and I for the October 17th’s special “Sneak Peek” Call #2.

Just sign up at the following link and you’ll be sent the “Sneak Peek” Call #2 details . . .