You’re invited to be a “Pod Host” as part of my Double Launch Event!

I’m passionate about RESTORING love relationships and covenant marriage

In my 20+ years being a Love Relationships Author, Coach and Mentor, I’ve noticed that the frustration and MADNESS is at an all time high about love relationships, dating and marriage. 

A major SHIFT is needed in order to change the course of where things are headed.

And the two years of COVID saw an epidemic rise in divorces and love relationship break-ups sweep across America, and an especially dangerous spike within Black love relationships and marriages.

NOW is the time

I hope you agree: A Major SHIFT is urgently needed for a turn-around in our love relationships and marriages.  

As a Love Relationships Coach, author, speaker and Designer and Facilitator of transformational Love Relationships courses, programs and intensives for both women and for men, part of my Life’s Work is being one the catalysts for creating a positive SHIFT, healing, elevation and restoration in our love relationships and marriages.

I introduce women and men to a NEW paradigm for loving, engaging, and relating based upon the Love Truths, and helps us DETOX from the damaging Love Lies that have created, confusion, frustration, distrust, conflict and massive breakdowns in our love relationships.  

I teach, guide, coach and mentor on how to attract and sustain JUICY love relationships and JUICY covenant marriages.

This is why I’m SO delighted to share with you TWO new exciting developments that are happening together in the form of A DOUBLE-LAUNCH Event on Saturday Feb 3, 4:00 – 6:30pm PST/7:00 – 9:30pm EST.

This DOUBLE-LAUNCH is for: 1) The LAUNCH of NEW The Love Lies Book Club Reading PODS; and 2) LAUNCH of the NEW paperback version of The Love Lies (it was available only in hardback previously). 

Over these past several weeks, numerous women have approached me to ask about hosting The Love Lies Book Clubs.  I consider this a SIGN, given that these initial requests all came within a two-week period of each other.  It let’s me know that women are ripe and ready for something different, for a major change, and are now ready and willing to be guided and mentored into this NEW paradigm, as well as being willing to “do the personal work” and the healing work that is part of creating this SHIFT.  Book Club PODS will convene for only four months as we move through the book together.

This DOUBLE-LAUNCH event is one of the keys in creating more momentum towards this SHIFT.

This DOUBLE-LAUNCH event has a THREE-FOLD Purpose:

  1. I’ve found that it’s much more effective to read The Love Lies in a group instead of alone so that there can be vibrant, stimulating conversation that deepens the understanding of the NEW love relationships paradigm introduced in The Love Lies
  2. It is powerful to have a “network” of Love Lies Book Clubs convening around the country, and moving through the book together in a synchronized, coordinated way.
  3. It increases the understanding of this NEW love relationships paradigm to be able to bring all of the Book Club PODS  together for a couple of national Q & A sessions together.

The Invitation

This prompted me to reach out to you – I want to extend the invitation to several other women that I thought might also be also interested in HOSTING a Love Lies Book Club (called a Pod) in their city.  Me and my team are seeking SIX other Pod Hosts, and I invite you to consider being one of them.

We invite you to consider being a Book Club Pod Host. You’d make a great Pod Host IF:

  1. You’re a woman of influence, you enjoy entertaining or hosting gatherings, and you enjoy being around other positive women
  2. You’re already familiar with my Love Academy teachings and want more, and/or you want to get more familiar with my teachings on attracting and sustaining JUICY love relationships and JUICY covenant marriage
  3. It make you feel good to help facilitate positive growth and change among women
  4. You know other women that are interested in creating a positive SHIFT in their love relationships, dating, or marriages
  5. You are aware of the need for a love relationships Renaissance; and are hungry for wisdom-based, spiritually-grounded, proven and tested teachings that actually refresh and elevate how women and men, especially brothas an sistahs, are engaging and relating.
  6. You are open to receiving from a teacher, coach and mentor s who has proven, potent, relevant and effective information for both single and married women
  7. You and the women you know are eager for truthful and sound love relationships and covenant marriage teachings, and from someone who is living what she teaches and has hundreds of testimonies from students (both women and men) of her courses, programs, intensives, and private coaching.

The key is to HAVE FUN and to keep it light and simple for you

  • Bonus #1: As a small token of appreciation, as an Approved Pod Host, you’ll receive a complimentary copy of the NEW paperback of The Love Lies.
  • Bonus #2:  Pod Hosts will receive a simple Pod Host Guide and reading schedule so that pods are moving in synch, through the book together
  • Bonus #3: Over the four-month period the PODS are convening, all Pods will have an opportunity to come together for a Virtual Q & A with me twice via Zoom

If you are interested in being a Pod Host, then you’ll first need to complete the brief application below. We’ll get back to you within a week to let you know if you’re approved.

Book Club POD Host Expectations:

  1. Invite and confirm your Pod participants. Your pod should consist of you plus AT LEAST 3 others please
  2. Attend the Orientation HUDDLE in mid-January for Pod Hosts. The date and time of the brief Orientation will be included in your Host Confirmation Letter once you’re approved as a Host.
  3. You and each Pod member participate in the in-person DOUBLE-LAUNCH event on Sat Feb 3, 2024
  4. Convene your Pod gatherings from March to June, and meet up once a month in-person or virtual. Meeting up in-person is encouraged.
  5. Host the pod gatherings from March to June, for 4 months only.
  6. And last but not least, TO HAVE FUN!!

We’re seeking six more Pod Hosts

If you’re interested in being one, please SUBMIT the FORM below no later than Jan 2nd, 2024.
We will confirm your approval within 5 days and you’ll be sent a Pod Host Confirmation Letter.

Interested in being a Love Lies Book Club Pod Host?
Simply fill out this form below and we'll be in touch with the details.
Hosts will be confirmed via email.