Sacred Self-Care: What It Means and Why It Matters

Sacred self-care comes from operating at a high level of consciousness; it is an empowering orientation to life and a refreshing framework for managing your energy that, unfortunately, very few of us adhere to.  Sacred self-care goes beyond grooming and maintaining the body – getting your nails and hair done, to being committed to the WHOLE self, her tri-dimensional self – mind, body and spirit.

I’ve found in my own life and in the 20+ years of empowerment work I’ve done with women, that, for women, being grounded in sacred self-care is essential to fulfilled living.  A self-caring woman lives her life VERY differently than most – she lives her life from a place of fullness, she-honor, self-worth and renewal instead of from self-neglect, tiredness, frustration and depletion. 

Sacred means important and highly valued.  The centerpiece (not the ONLY piece but the centerpiece) of her lifestyle is self-care and lovingly attending to her tri-dimensional self.  A self-caring woman’s foremost commitment on a DAILY basis is to having a CLEAR mind, a WELL body, and a FULL spirit.  By WELL body, I mean a body that is dis-ease free, medication free and pain free, to borrow a definition from my friend, and Radiant Health Coach, Asara Tsehai. I would add yet one more dimension to this definition of well – that your weight is appropriate for your bone structure and height. Sildenafil Citrate

The self-caring woman accomplishes this by operating from a specific set of self-honoring beliefs that are based in the NFR Principle.  A self-caring woman lives by the NFR principle.  When living by the NRF principle of Nourish-Fortify-Renew self continuously, a woman asks herself a different set of questions than most, as she decides how, when, where and with whom to engage her life and how, when, where and with whom to engage her energy. She first, before saying yes, and before partaking, asks herself:

Does it/will this nourish me? Nourish = provide spiritual, physical, emotional and/or mental nourishment and support my growth

What way to experience this would increase its nourishment to me?

Does it/will it fortify me? Fortify = strengthen

Does it/will it renew me?  Renew = energize me, make new, restore and rejuvenate me

What effect will it have on my spirit, my energy and my joy?

If she is confronted with an unavoidable, mandatory responsibility or task, she asks herself: What approach to this will bring me the most joy and energy? In what ways can I make it more enjoyable?  How can I go about fulfilling this responsibility/task so that joy is optimal and maximized?

These may seem like simple questions, and they are, but most of us have not trained ourselves to ask AND answer them BEFORE saying yes to an investment of our energy. Generic Provigil

Ahhhhhh yes. The self-caring woman lives her life according to principles that honor her, and subsequently, that honor others.  The woman is best at honoring and appreciating the mind, body, spirit and energy of others is the one who has learned to honor and appreciate it in herself.

If you want a tool on making the shift to a self-caring lifestyle, I recommend my first book, Sacred Pampering Principles.  Click here if you’d like to order it.

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