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Dear Sistah:

We know you probably feel it, too. We’re not just entering a new year, but we’ve entered a New Era.

It’s not about “going back” to our old normal; it’s about understanding what this New Era calls for from us, and being prepared and equipped to rise to the occasion.

This New Era requires each of us to step up and level up, and to RE-INVENT and RE-ALIGN ourselves and our lives.

What does it mean to Re-Invent?

We are in a new era that requires us to re-visit and re-examine WHO and WHAT we’ve understood ourselves to be; who and what we’ve understood God to be, and how we’ve understood life to work.

We get to clear out and Re-Invent our current thoughts, behaviors and habit patterns that cause self-sabotage, doubt, fear, unbelief, procrastination and just plain ole being stuck.
We get to challenge long-standing beliefs, old norms, old concepts, and accepted limits.

Re-Invent also means fully embracing that you’re the C. D. O (Chief Design Officer) of your life and that the “drafting pen” is in your hands.

In this New Era, we are to turn away from so much chasing, pursing, over-doing, and depleted spirits, and turn towards understanding and knowing how to experience lives of deeper joy, boldness, freedom, self-expression, and open-heartedness.

What does it mean to Re-Align?

In order to Re-align, you have to have something to “line up with.” In this Mini-Retreat, you’ll have the opportunity to begin to Re-Align your life around new beliefs that are in accord with your Divine Identity and your Feminine Spirit, and then be committed to, step by step, lining up with your God-given birthright to experience “life more abundantly.” A life of:
full self-expression,
what nourishes your Feminine Spirit, and
actually experiencing wholeness, prosperity and fullness in all areas of your life.

Yes, it is possible to experience “life more abundantly,” and the Re-Invent + Re-Align Mini-Retreat will help you create your blueprint.

In this New Era, the attention and focus is to turn inward to do the necessary personal “divine self work,” to turn toward God, to turn toward more self-intimacy to learn how to truly nourish our own spirits, and to turn toward relationships to re-establish deeper connections within our families and communities.

In this mini retreat, we will reveal proven techniques and share the essential steps to help you Re-Invent and Re-Align yourself and your life. 

You will learn how to:

We invite you to join us for...

Year-Opening LIVE ZOOM EVENT with Debrena and Delayna

Jan 16, 2021

9:00am to 11:00am PST/Noon to 2:00pm EST
  • Re-Invent & Re-Align Mini-Retreat: Live Zoom Event
  • BONUS: 30-Minute LIVE Bonus Q & A

You will leave the Mini-Retreat feeling LIGHTER, FREER, and CLEARER!

About Your Co-Presenters:

Debrena Jackson Gandy

Debrena Jackson Gandy is a national best-selling author of three books, Master Life Coach, designer of transformational programs, courses and Elite Retreats, mentor to 15 amazing leading women, Founder of Juicy Woman Universe-ity, Founder of Love Academy, and owner of Masterminds, a personal growth, business growth, and spiritual development company.  She is a six-figure earner of a 25-year company, Masterminds, that has achieved consistent annual, double-digit biz revenue growth for the past 12 years.

On-line, she is recognized as the Million Dollar Mentor.  She’s been featured in magazines such as Oprah’s O, Essence, Ebony and Black Enterprise; in a host of newspapers around the country; and on national and regional TV on shows such as CNN, CNN Live, Good Day New York, Good Morning Texas, Seattle’s New Day Northwest, Portland’s Afternoon Live, Sister Circle, and C-Span

Spiritual Activator and Teacher, Co-Owner and Chief Marketing Officer of World Fidelity Life; and Founder of Women with Wealth Institute; Senior Technologist at Wells Fargo Bank.

DeLayna is also a former First Lady and Co-Pastor, and Co-Founder of the Power of Oneness, with her husband of 37 years, Leon. She and Leon have an adult son who recently married.

As a spiritual teacher, Delayna is able to communicate and translate spiritual marital principles in a way that stirs your spirit, awakens the untapped and latent power within you, and blows your mind!   

She has the uncanny ability to uncover and explain deeper meaning of scriptural Truths, using clear, direct, unambiguous language that sends a tingle up your spine and will make the hairs stand up on your neck.

She understands the strain of walking under misguided teachings concerning women in church and has vowed to set the record straight. Marriage is God’s idea and she will reveal the purpose and power of His divine ideal.

DeLayna Elliott


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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Live Zoom Meeting: 9:00am to 11:00am PST/ Noon to 2:00pm EST.
Two Power Hours plus Bonus 30 minute Q & A.