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Dear Friend,

We are SO excited that you are joining us for our special virtual event – The RECONNECT Mini-Retreat on Saturday, April 25, 2020, from 9:00am to 11:30am PST/Noon to 2:30pm EST.

You can count on us to BRING IT!!

Here are a few guidelines to support our time together in being as powerful and fruitful as possible. Here’s how to get the most out of the RECONNECT Mini-Retreat.

  1. Print out your workbook IN ADVANCE of the Mini-Retreat, and have them on hand. They will be sent to you along with the ZOOM link a few day prior to the Mini-Retreat.
  2. Be prepared to have your video ON during the Mini-Retreat. We don’t want audio only with “blacked out video screens.”
  3. Come to the Mini-Retreat ON TIME and prepared to stay for the duration. Please use the restroom prior to the start of the Retreat. No distractions, or talking to others in your background.
  4. Please no getting up from your seat please until we take our Retreat mid-way break together.
  5. Hydrate throughout the Retreat, with plenty of water at hand so that you don’t have to get up from your seat.
  6. There was no cost to register for RECONNECT, however, if you choose, you will have the opportunity to make a Love Offering once it’s over. We’ll provide a CashApp and also a PayPal link if you choose to make a Love Offering. No obligation.
  7. The 30 Minute Bonus session will be devoted to Questions and Answers (and for those that were with us for the RESET Retreat, you might also have questions from that session). Simply remain connected for an additional 30 minutes for the Bonus Q & A Session.
  8. Remember, the Mini-Retreat will NOT be recorded. We want to honor the Sacred Space that we create together and want each participant to feel comfortable engaging truthfully and openly.

SEE you on Saturday, April 25th!!

Debrena and DeLayna

Feel free to share/forward this link with up to 3 of your READY Friends.


Debrena Jackson Gandy

Best-selling Author, Transformational Life Coach and Mentor, Founder: Juicy Woman Universe-ity. Featured in Oprah’s O, Essence and Ebony, and Recently featured on Sister Circle national TV show

DeLayna Elliott

Spiritual Activator and Teacher, Co-Owner and Chief Marketing Officer of World Fidelity Life; and Founder of Women with Wealth Institute; Senior Technologist at Wells Fargo Bank