Dear Sacred One,

In April and May, the RESET, RECONNECT and FORGIVE Mini-Retreats that I co-led with my long-time sisterfriend Delayna Elliott were SMASH HITS!

We were blown away when nearly 675 folks collectively participated in these three LIVE, ZOOM sessions!!  Clearly, women (and men) were hungry for what we were teaching and how we were teaching it.

This is why we are having an exclusive Mini-retreat, just for wives, entitled RECLAIM on:
Sunday, November 8, 2020
9:00am to 11:30am PST/Noon to 2:30pm EST

The U. S. has the highest WORLD-WIDE divorce rate, and Christian marriages are faring NOT even one percentage point better.  Something is gravely wrong.

Even BEFORE this “COVID-19 season” hit, many marriages were in trouble or were in bad shape.  For many marriages, these pre-existing “cracks,” breaks in the foundation, gaps, disconnections, and vulnerabilities became exacerbated and EXPOSED during COVID.

Over these last six months, in the many conversations we’ve had with wives, especially Christian wives, we've seen a serious UPTICK in the levels of FRUSTRATION, IRRITATION, AGGRAVATION, and even RESIGNATION.

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, duped, betrayed, resigned and even TIRED in your marriage, WE UNDERSTAND. 

Some may feel stuck in what seems  like a plateau’d marriage because of  on-going financial challenges or predictable advice from other well-meaning church folks who tell you to “stay and pray,” it will work out, or forgive him  – all while you are dying inside.

Or maybe you’re trying to wait for your husband to “catch up” with you in your vision, aspirations, desires and dreams.  What is going on?  What gives?

And what befalls many marriages is that you start living like roommates – handling the “business” of marriage, life and kids;  passing like ships in the night, and the JUICE and passion is mostly gone.  You two are running on auto-pilot. 

There is NOT deep satisfaction and fulfillment, and you certainly don’t feel sensual, JUICY, self-expressed, or FREE.

You desire more. You want more for yourself, FROM your husband, and for your marriage. You are RIGHT! There is more joy, more love, more fulfillment, more ecstasy, more affection, and more financial ease. We’re here to witness: Yes, THERE IS MORE!

But you FIRST have to be “detoxed” of the mis-guided and faulty teachings about marriage that you most likely learned in church, your family line, media messaging, external influences, or from others.

This is why I am coming together with Delayna Elliott once again, this time to speak directly to wives – in a candid, no holds barred conversation that we PROMISE will liberate you.

It is time to make a critical and transformational SHIFT in our understanding of God’s Divine Design of marriage, in our understanding of the DIVINE ASSIGNMENT of Wife, and in how we’ve been SHOWING up in our marriages.

We’ve been doing covenant marriage according to “man’s design” and it’s producing deplorable results. We’ve been mis-taught, mis-guided, and misled. Man’s design is flawed and failing us – horribly.

The RECLAIM Mini-Retreat, is for WIVES who want to RECLAIM and RENEW themselves and their marriages, starting with a NEW and CORRECT spiritual understanding of their Divine Assignment, and their power and potency as wives.

The RECLAIM Mini-Retreat is for wives who want to LIBERATE themselves from the faulty paradigm that has us feeling burdened or weighed down, and deeper satisfaction and fulfillment eluding us.  This is for the WIFE who is seriously ready for a CHANGE!

We’ve created the RECLAIM Mini-Retreat so that we can SHARE with you some powerful, revolutionary insights, straight from Scripture, lived experience, and “downloads” from the Holy Spirit.

RECLAIM is especially for wives who are ready to RECLAIM their own power, RECLAIM their spiritual identity, their feminine energy, their sacred self-care, and the possibility of a renewed marriage.

Also, we GUARANTEE that what you’ve been TAUGHT and TOLD about how to “do” marriage is going to be challenged, and in a BIG way.

This is why I’ve joined forces ONCE AGAIN with THEE Delayna Elliott, one of the most spiritually powerful women I know – my sisterfriend and one of my besties of 27 years.

JOIN US to RECLAIM yourself and the possibility of a refreshed and renewed marriage, within a sacred, confidential virtual gathering of WIVES.

Who is this for?

If you answer YES to AT LEAST 4 of these statements, then RECLAIM is for you:

For the first time ever, we’ve come together as God-honoring sistahfriends, to “synergize” our complimentary teaching styles, knowledge, experiences, wisdom and perspectives to bring you a first-time-ever very special virtual event that is especially relevant for these times and this “season.”

Join us for...


Virtual Mini-Retreat

For Wives Only: A Candid and Liberating Conversation

Nov. 8, 2020

9:00am to 11:30am PST/ Noon to 2:30pm EST
  • RECLAIM Mini-Retreat Empowerment Sessions
  • BONUS:  RECLAIM Declaration for Wives
  • BONUS: 30-Minute LIVE Bonus Q & A

Debrena Jackson Gandy

National Best-selling Author, Relationships Coach, Master Life Coach and Mentor, Creator of The Love Academy, and Founder: Juicy Woman Universe-ity. 

Featured in Oprah’s O, Essence, Ebony, Woman’s Day, and featured on the Sister Circle national TV show, as well as CNN, CNN Live, Good Day New York, Good Morning Texas, Good Day D. C., and a host of regional new talk shows. 

Debrena has been married 27 JUICY years to her hubby, Joseph, and they have 3 lovely adult daughters.

DeLayna Elliott

Spiritual Activator and Teacher, Co-Owner and Chief Marketing Officer of World Fidelity Life; and Founder of Women with Wealth Institute; Senior Technologist at Wells Fargo Bank.

DeLayna is also a former First Lady and Co-Pastor, and Co-Founder of the Power of Oneness, with her husband of 37 years, Leon. She and Leon have an adult son who recently married.

As a spiritual teacher, Delayna is able to communicate and translate spiritual marital principles in a way that stirs your spirit, awakens the untapped and latent power within you, and blows your mind!   

She has the uncanny ability to uncover and explain deeper meaning of scriptural Truths, using clear, direct, unambiguous language that sends a tingle up your spine and will make the hairs stand up on your neck.

She understands the strain of walking under misguided teachings concerning women in church and has vowed to set the record straight. Marriage is God’s idea and she will reveal the purpose and power of His divine ideal.

The RECLAIM Mini-Retreat Features 3 Mini-Empowerment Sessions that will cover….

Empowerment Session 1:

Understanding your TRUE Divine Identity as a Wife

(and not the false and incorrect one you probably were taught)

Empowerment Session 2:

God’s Divine Design of Marriage

(and not man’s warped and perverted version)

Empowerment Session 3:

How to LIBERATE yourself and renew your marriage


30-minute Q & A with Debrena and Delayna

PLUS, your RECLAIM Declaration Bonus Gift

What you will learn and receive during the RECLAIM Mini-Retreat:


And the BEST part is that you can REGISTER, without having to pay anything. Yep, that’s right! 

However, if you personally find value and benefit from participating in the Mini-Retreat, you will have the opportunity to reciprocate by giving a Love Offering afterwards, if you choose.

REGISTRATION CLOSES on Thursday, November 5, 2020.

Here’s how it works:

Space is limited to a MAX of 50 WIVES.

The RECLAIM Mini-Retreat is limited to the first 50 women to register…

We expect a “full house.” 

(Oh, by the way, the Mini-Retreat will NOT be recorded. You have to show up and be present).

We want to honor the Sacred Space that we’ll create together and want each participant to feel comfortable engaging truthfully and openly.

Remember, there is NO COST to register, but Registration closes Thursday, November 5!

And if you choose, you can give a Love Offering after the Retreat concludes.

Click here to claim your spot. (NO COST to participate, but you MUST register):

Feel free to share/forward this link with up to 3 of your READY Friends.


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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Live Zoom Meeting: 9:00am to 11:30am PST/ Noon to 2:30pm EST

Debrena Jackson Gandy,

National Best-selling Author, Relationships Coach, Master Life Coach and Mentor, Creator of The Love Academy, and Founder: Juicy Woman Universe-ity.

DeLayna Elliott

Spiritual Activator and Teacher, Co-Owner and Chief Marketing Officer of World Fidelity Life; and Founder of Women with Wealth Institute; Senior Technologist at Wells Fargo Bank.