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Sound the alarm! According to Author Debrena Jackson Gandy, we have a relationships and marriage crisis on our hands.

Author Debrena Jackson Gandy states,” In my years of leading Love relationships Courses, seeing at least 60 new marriages among my students, and dozens of marriages experience renewal that were on the brink of divorce; relationships frustration, confusion, conflict and breakdowns are now at an all-time high. And the Pandemic exposed what was already there – major disconnection, conflict, dry relationships and “dead” marriages”

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As a national best-selling author, speaker, Master Life Coach, Founder of The Love Academy love relationships courses, programs and intensives, and Relationships Coach, Debrena has an antidote and a NEW paradigm for attracting and sustaining Juicy love relationships, Juicy covenant marriage, and a refreshing win-win approach to dating that is based on a new and different set of premises and practices.

Did you know that the U. S. has the dubious honor of having the most deplorable marriage success rate in the world! 51%!

She reveals what is at the root of our massive breakdown in love relationships in the U. S., including among Christian marriages.

Most of the relationship advice and models we see and the “advice” shared on social media tends to only address the symptoms of our love relationships and marriage challenges and breakdowns.

We’ve been applying simplified how-to techniques to the symptoms, that then tends to lead to more chaos, confusion and conflict instead of healing, and elevation. These are band-aids, and ineffective ones that don’t reveal the true root cause – that the very foundation of our current love relationships and marriage “models” is “rotten” and based upon a specific set of Love Lies. In The Love Lies, Debrena reveals the first 10 of the FEMALE Love Lies, those that are specifically “fed” and directed to women.

The Love Lies delves deeper to unearth ten toxic female relationship beliefs that have been instilled and “installed” in women since pre-school, influencing us through a wide range of ages and trapping us all in a web of illusions and falsehoods, of what Debrena calls “Love STD’s P(Socially Transmitted Delusions). These powerful “Love Lies” warp our understanding, poison our perceptions, create delusions and perpetuate behaviors that unknowingly sabotage our relationships.

The Love Lies brings wisdom-based, spiritually-grounded, truth-centered teachings and guidance to the forefront that is literally transforming love relationships and marriages……the testimonies keep rolling in. Use this book to set yourself free from feeling burdened, bound or in bondage, and chronic cycles of dissatisfaction and disappointment and step into a set of new premises, principles and practices that offers a proven process to dismantle the Love Lies, heal your mind and heart, open your eyes, and replace the love lies with the love truths. Experience new levels of fulfillment, self-expression and satisfaction.