Dear Sacred One,

If you’re reading this, it means you made it to THIS side of the Global Pandemic.

This also means that you’ve probably felt, in your spirit, that it’s truly time for some things to change WITHIN you and in your life, and you feel VERY ready to bust out of old patterns, really spread your wings, and experience deeper joy, deeper peace, fuller self-expression, and a stronger connectedness to your own feminine power.

This means that you’re feeling VERY ready to break out of your existing mindset or familiar ways of thinking and do-ing.

You desire to live a life that reflects your heart’s desires, but you may now know how to get there.

You are ready to elevate to a new, higher level of living, where you are operating from what we call, HIGH-LEVEL self-love, and an experience of more prosperity.

You desire to BE more powerful, more healed, and FREER!

You are ready to experience more ease and more FREE-dom in your life, as part of how you roll.

If ANY of these are true for you, then you are invited to a magical Empowerment and Brunch Event, with other like-minded and like-hearted, amazing sistahs – a Special SiSTAR-hood Collaboration Event.

This special event is brought to you by two powerful sistahs!

Your Host, Beverly Gibson, Founder of G. I. F. T (Girlfriends in Fellowship Together), and your Empowerment Speaker, Debrena Jackson Gandy, National best-selling Author of three books (Sacred Pampering Principles, All the Joy You Can Stand, and The Love Lies), Master Life Coach, and Founder of Juicy Woman Universe-ity.

Join Us!

This exclusive event will be limited to only 35 women, at the lovely CLUBHOUSE at Camden Paces in Buckhead.

It also serves as a Pre-Launch event for Debrena’s NEW audio book of her best-selling book, Sacred Pampering Principles.

What you’ll receive:

  • sacred self-care and how it is different from self-care
  • busting the Relationship Myths that are undermining and sabotaging us
  • honoring your body as a divine, living temple
  • how to BEGIN to clean out and clear out old, stale, funky emotions
  • elevating to HIGH-LEVEL self-love
  • ways to more fully bring your voice forward in your life and in your relationships
  • and exposing the Love Lies that keep us in frustration, breakdown, conflict or short-lived love relationships

Remember, space at this exclusive event is limited to only 35 women so claim your spot today! And come with a friend!