Juicy Woman Universe-ity – Transformational Lifestyle Program

Dear Friend:

I’d like to start with a little story about how I came to be teaching, guiding, coaching and mentoring women in what I call The Juicy Woman Lifestyle…..

A little over two decades ago, I embarked upon a “divine experiment.”

At that time, I looked around and observed how most women were living their lives.

I saw too much dissatisfaction, low-grade discontent, comparison, rippin’ and runnin,’ obsessive busy-ness, chasing, stressing, and straining.

I saw people operating on Spiritual Tanks that were nearly on Empty, and were depleted.

I wanted something different for myself, so I decided to enter into a “divine experiment” (where I used myself as the first “guinea pig”).

I was committed to FINDING ANOTHER WAY to live and to “do” life as a woman – one that yielded deeper joy, peace, ease and FLOW, and at the same time, supported my Feminine Essence and Feminine Spirit.

I wanted to FREE myself from the sticky tentacles of the R.E.B.O.O. Life. So I made a bold move and relocated back to my home state as a sign to myself of a new beginning, and as a line of demarcation between my “old” R.E.B.O.O. Life of Rippin’ and runnin,’ “Efforting,” Busy-ness, Overwhelm and Over-doing to designing and creating a NEW way of living.

Sacred Self-Care: The Birth of a New Paradigm

Once I relocated, I started with first detoxing and renewing my thinking (acknowledging, healing and cleaning out “old” patterns of thinking, believing and BE-ing), challenging the beliefs about how to “do” life that were part of my Western-American social and cultural conditioning, and then adopting and anchoring NEW foundational premises, principles and sacred practices and tools that COMPLETELY ALTERED me and how experienced life.

This NEW VERSION of living as a woman put me firmly on the Path to the Juicy Woman Lifestyle of MORE AND DEEPER….

  • joy,
  • peace,
  • order,
  • beauty,
  • ease,
  • emotional and spiritual freedom,
  • honoring my Feminine Essence and Feminine Core,
  • drawing closer to God,
  • increasing my Feminine Magnetism and Radiance,
  • managing my energy not just my time;
  • treating my body as a divine living temple,
  • elevating my level of self-love and sacred self-care;
  • and experiencing new levels of prosperity and abundance.

By “upgrading” by level of thinking to what I call the Sacred Self-Caring Consciousness and applying these new premises, principles and sacred practices and tools over a one year period, I was able to overhaul my mind, body and spirit, and witness amazing transformations in ALL areas of my life.

Books Authored By Debrena Jackson Gandy

Since then, I have continued to refine, evolve and develop this body of work and it has now converged in my signature course, Juicy Woman Universe-ity (JWU).

After 20+ years of doing empowerment and transformation work with thousands of women across the country and around the world, one of my greatest passions is guiding, teaching, coaching, “midwifing” and mentoring women in the Juicy Woman Lifestyle; it is part of my life’s work, and also the core messaging you’ll see running through all three of my nationally-published books, courses, coaching and programs.

Little did I know that, two decades after after embarking on my “divine experiment,” the interest in living life as a Juicy Woman would be greater than ever!

Little did I know that the Sacred Self-Caring Consciousness and the premises, principles and sacred practices and tools of the Juicy Woman Lifestyle would still be so relevant.

Little did I know how hungry women would be for a Paradigm Shift in how they live, move, show up and BE in their lives.

Truth is: Too many of us still yearn for deeper intimacy with God, feel disconnected from our internal river of joy, disconnected from the peace found at the center of our being, and disconnected from our “feminine power core.”

Truth is: Instead of women feeling more relaxed, centered, peaceful and joyful, given all of our modern conveniences, actually, too many of us are feeling even more stressed, and worn out striving, chasing, pursuing, stretched thin, and just plain overwhelmed. And we’re still DOING WAY TOO MUCH.

The JWU introduces you to a NEW paradigm for living, loving and relating based in joy, abundance, self-fullness, high-level self-love, emotional and spiritual freedom, and the Sacred Self-caring Consciousness. The Juicy Woman Lifestyle yields a life of more peace, joy, ease, order, beauty and “Flow-ductivity!”
The Juicy Woman Lifestyle

Recently… I had the opportunity to be featured on the national hit TV show, Sister Circle, as one of their personal development and love relationships experts.

I gave a glimpse into how a Juicy Woman communicates.


As I shared with the co-hosts, a Juicy Woman also communicates differently in her relationships.


The NEW Version of Woman: The Juicy Woman!

Juicy Woman Universe-ity is the place and space I’ve created for Ready Women to come together in a national cohort community and enter into a powerful 12-month journey together. JWU provides the Pathway to a NEW paradigm for living for you…a Pathway that introduces you to the NEW premises, principles, sacred practices, and ways of BE-ing of a JUICY WOMAN.

Making the SHIFT to living as a Juicy Woman involves a RECALIBRATION of your mind, body and spirit, so that you are operating from a completely ELEVATED vibration and consciousness.

In Juicy Woman Universe-ity, I show you how to detox from the Strained Life – the R.E.B.O.O. Life – and step into a NEW paradigm for living as a Juicy Woman that gives you an experience of deeper joy, peace, ease, order, prosperity and FLOW – as your new normal.

Juicy Woman Universe-ity isn’t just a regular course – it is a transformational lifestyle program that introduces you to a completely NEW set of beliefs, premises, principles, practices and tools for BE-ing a Juicy Woman and LIVING the Juicy Woman Lifestyle.

Over these 12 months of (JWU), you will:

Learn how to live and BE in your life in a way that is MORE aligned with your unique feminine essence and spirit as a woman,

Be in a positive, synergistic, supportive, loving, progressive cohort community of like-minded and like-spirited women.

Learn how re-align your life along the NEW axis of the sacred self-caring consciousness,

Re-calibrate yourself so that your NEW “due north” is aligned with self-honor, self-value, inner renewal, high-level self-love, reconnection to your own spirit and to the Holy Spirit, and BECOME A FULLY SELF-EXPRESSED JUICY WOMAN in ALL areas of your life!

You will become a NEW VERSION of yourself.

The NEW Version of Woman: The Juicy Woman!

Making the Shift to the Sacred Self-Caring Consciousness

In the Program, you will learn how to MAKE THE SHIFT from….

  • Negative self-sacrifice to the Sacred Self-caring Consciousness
  • Self-neglect and negative self-judgement to emotional and spiritual Freedom and fuller self-expression
  • Feeling depleted and exhausted to Feeling INNER-GIZED and energized
  • Low-level self-love and Self-neglect to High-level self-love
  • Over-doing and efforting to Being relaxed and learning to FLOW
  • Being “in your Girl” to Being “in your Woman” in your relationships
  • Chasing after happiness to Connecting to your inner river of joy
  • Success as an external achievement to Holistic Success
  • Time Scarcity to Wisely managing your energy
  • Your Body as a means to Your body as a divine living temple
  • A rushed morning routine to Sacred set-aside time for Daily Prayer and Meditation


Who is Juicy Woman Universe-ity for?

Juicy Woman Universe-ity Transformational Lifestyle Program is for YOU if:

  • you desire to FREE yourself from the (R.E.B.O.O.) Paradigm – the “Rippin’ and Runnin’ Rat Race/Efforting/Busyness/Overwhelm/Over-Doing” Paradigm and step into a NEW sacred self-caring paradigm of more joy, ease, order, beauty, peace and “flow-ductivity;”
  • you are hungry for a NEW paradigm based in joy, inner peace, ease, order, emotional and spiritual freedom, FLOW, and activating your feminine power and magnetism, instead of strain, stress, chasing, “efforting” and over-doing.
  • you desire to learn how to more fully tap the power of her Feminine Magnetism to attract the desires of heart with less effort and struggle and more ease;
  • you want to align your life with what honors your Feminine Essence and Feminine Spirit
  • you are READY AND WILLING TO DO THE DIVINE SELF-WORK that enables you to heal, forgive, and achieve more emotional and spiritual freedom
  • you want to understand how to intentionally manifest the desires of her heart, in less time and with less “efforting;”
  • you want to go both higher and deeper in her relationship with God, your understanding of God’s spiritual laws, and strengthen your communication and connection with the Holy Spirit;
  • you want to open your heart to more fully give and receive LOVE;
  • you who want to learn how to “uplevel” your relationship with yourself and experience High-level self-love;
  • you want to HEAL your negative emotions and limiting beliefs through intentional forgiveness work;
  • you are teachable and coachable;
  • you want to FREE and DISENTANGLE yourself from the grip of the R.E.B.O.O. Life, and
  • you’re ready to release what you’ve been taught, told and shown about how to “do” life, so that you can experience a higher, elevated and JUICIER way of living

If at least 7 of these statements are TRUE for you, then JWU is for you. And I invite you to join us in the 2020 JWU Class and Cohort Community.

If this resonates with YOU, then you are invited to take action to secure one of the remaining spaces TODAY.

Space is limited to a max of 50 women.

What will we cover in Juicy Woman Universe-ity?

The Juicy Woman LifestyleOver these 12 months, we will journey through EIGHT major life areas – mind, body, spirit, heart, money, relationships (love, family, and friends), energy and spaces – and explore what it looks like and feels like to move through these EIGHT Life Areas, BE-ing a Juicy Woman. Most importantly, you will begin to make the SHIFT to the Sacred Self-Caring Consciousness – the consciousness of a Juicy Woman, and the foundation of the Juicy Woman Lifestyle.

The 12-month program is divided in to FOUR MODULES that are three months each. Each module is 90 days and has a theme and a specific set of focus areas that build upon each other.


Module 1: January to March 2020
Laying a NEW Foundation for Your Life

  • ORIENTATION: Preparation for the Journey
  • "Architecting" your “Juicy Life Vision"
  • True Identity: Knowing WHO YOU ARE as a woman and as a divine being
  • NEW premises and principles for living as a Juicy Woman
  • What it means to Honor your Feminine Essence and your Feminine Core

MODULE 2: April to June 2020
Sacred Practices and Tools to Support the Juicy Woman Lifestyle

  • Learning to embrace High-Level Self-Love
  • Strengthening Your Feminine Core
  • Becoming a Gracious Receiver
  • Sacred Self-Caring Practices and Tools
  • Becoming a Bold and Truthful Communicator
  • Using your Voice as an instrument of change and power
  • Treating your Body as a Divine Living Temple

MODULE 3: July to September 2020
Shifting, Healing, & Detoxing

  • Wisely Managing Your Energy
  • Becoming more FLOW-ductive in life, business/work/career
  • Making the Shift from “Being in your GIRL” to “Being in your WOMAN”
  • Re-opening Your Heart and Healing Your Womb
  • Increasing Your Feminine Radiance and Feminine Magnetism

MODULE 4: October to December 2020
Manifesting, Anchoring & Aligning

  • Understanding and applying the Divine Manifestation Formula in your life
  • Anchoring the Teaching and integrating them into your mind, body and spirit
  • Aligning Your Life and Closing the Gaps
How The Program is Structured

Bi-Monthly Tele-Course Calls

We come together twice a month, on 2nd and 4th Tuesdays for 90-minute national real-time Tele-Course Calls.

Guest Luminaries

An awesome line-up of Guest Luminaries will share on select Calls throughout the Course – Juicy women with powerful experiences, teachings and life wisdom to share with you!

Buddy System

Each participant will be matched up with a “Juicy Buddy” during the Course.

Lifework Assignments

To help you anchor the teachings, you have LifeWork that will be assigned after each Course Call.

JWU Facebook Group

You’ll be part of a private JWU Facebook Group for the community to provide support, encouragement, accountability, deeper sharing in a safe space, inspiration, sharing resources, and Q & A.

Live Broadcasts

Periodic, Live Facebook Broadcasts from Debrena will be featured on the Group’s Facebook page that are related to the current Module.

In addition to 36 Hours of teaching, guidance, coaching and mentoring; and a Private JWU Facebook Group…..

I’m also including some very Juicy Bonuses!



BONUS 1 &2:
You will receive an e-mailed package that includes your Sacred Syllabus (a guidebook, journal and workbook), and a copy of the Juicy Woman’s Creed.

Select classes will feature Guest Luminaries –amazing women who are living their lives as Juicy Women and are ready to pour into you!

Bonus: Coaching with Debrena

All participants have the opportunity to participate in up to 3 personal real-time 30-minute “Lightning Coaching” phone sessions with Debrena during the periodic Open Coaching Gyms (This alone is a $375 value!)

Debrena’s ULTRA-BONUS #5: The first 15 to SECURE their spots with a deposit ALSO earn A COMPLIMENTARY TICKET to Debrena’s NEXT LIVE Love Academy 101 Intensive, taking place in the WA DC area on Saturday, February 22, 2020, 8:30am to 4:00pm. You will be emailed a confirmation to let you know if you’re one of the first 15, and ALSO to confirm your Love Academy 101 attendance!

PLUS, PLUS: A LIVE Graduate Summit and Retreat Experience (NOT included)

A LIVE Summit and Luxury Graduate Retreat Experience (optional, NOT included) at a gorgeous and luxurious location (it will be announced during month 6 of the Program), will take place in the Month of April 2021, following the conclusion of the 12-month Program.

ALSO: Juicy Woman Universe-ity Transformational Lifestyle Program members also receive discounts to SELECT Debrena Jackson Gandy Live Events and Retreats!

How It Works

This program will be open for Enrollment only for a limited time, for up to 50 women, and then that’s it.

We come together twice a month on a tele-conference call, 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, 6:00 – 7:30pm PST/9:00 – 10:30pm EST for real-time Calls, starting in February. January we have one call – the Mandatory Orientation Call.
Mandatory Orientation: Tuesday, January 28, 2019.
(for December, it’s the 2nd and 3rd Tuesday, due to the Christmas Holiday).


Juicy Woman Universe-ity Dates

DAYS: 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month in 2020, starting in February.
(with one exception in December, we convene the 2nd and 3rd Tuesday)
TIME: 6:00 – 7:30pm PST; 9:00 – 10:30pm EST

  • January 28 – Orientation (Mandatory)
    (only one class in January);
  • February 11 and 25;
  • March 10 and 24;
  • April 14 and 28;
  • May 12 and 26;
  • June 9 and 23;
  • July 14 and 28;
  • August 11 and 25;
  • September 8 and 22;
  • October 13 and 27;
  • November 10 and 24;
  • December 8 and 15
    Note: it’s the 2nd and 3rd Tuesday in
    December due to the Christmas holiday.


What is the Investment?


This is an exclusive offer where you won’t have the opportunity to join us once the 12-month Course gets underway.

EARLY BIRD Tuition & Enrollment of only $99.00 per month, rate valid until December 31, 2020.

The VALUE of this 12-month Life Transformation Program, the 36 hours of teaching, guidance, coaching and mentoring with the Course materials, the “Lightning Coaching Sessions,” the four bonuses, and the Ultra Bonus is $7,995.

That equates to a savings of $6,807!!

REGULAR ENROLLMENT starting January 1, 2020, is $109 per month until January 22, 2020 (or until the Course is full, whichever comes first)



Per Month

Signup Window:
Now – Dec 31

Note: If the Course fills up BEFORE the end of the Early Bird Enrollment Period, we will cease accepting enrollments. REMAINING SPACE IS VERY LIMITED.

REMEMBER: Debrena’s ULTRA-BONUS #5: The first 15 to SECURE their spots with a deposit ALSO earn A COMPLIMENTARY TICKET to Debrena’s NEXT LIVE Love Academy 101 Intensive, taking place in the WA DC area on Saturday, February 22, 2020, 8:30am to 4:00pm. You will be emailed a confirmation to let you know if you’re one of the first 15, and ALSO to confirm your Love Academy 101 attendance!.

Early Registration CLOSED.



Per Month

Signup Window:
Jan 1 - Jan 22, 2020

Note: If the Course fills up BEFORE the end of the Early Bird Enrollment Period, we will cease accepting enrollments. REMAINING SPACE IS VERY LIMITED.



Enrollment Note: Your initial tuition payment secures your spot, your participation in the Orientation Call (Mandatory), and your Sacred Syllabus. Thereafter, tuition payments will be automatically processed from our office ON or ABOUT the 2nd of each month starting in February. A Payment e-Authorization Form will be emailed to you to complete and return PRIOR to you receiving your Course Syllabus, Tele-Course Access, and Bonus 1 and 2.


Juicy Woman Universe-ity has shifted me to a whole new paradigm.  Before JWU, I was always rushing and always running late. I rarely made it anywhere early or on time. After JWU, I learned the importance of allowing myself enough time to prepare for my day. I have less stress and  I now give myself ample time to exercise, spend time in my sacred space and get dressed. Through JWU, I now have a daily prayer and meditation practice that is at the top of my morning. Prior to JWU, my time alone with God used to happen whenever I could fit it in. I now flow through my day feeling peaceful and full of gratitude. I’ve learned how to wisely manage my energy. I have learned to say "no" when people make requests of me that drains my energy and wastes my time. Since I’ve been in JWU, I have released 20 lbs and I take better care of myself. I have incorporated several of the sacred self-caring practices into my daily life. People are noticing my transformation, and it feels so good to get compliments from so many people (male and female) on a daily basis.  - Bridget Smith

There has been a major shift and transformation in my life as a result of JWU. As I reflect on who I am today, I feel born again! Prior to JWU, I did not pay attention to my emotional, mental, physical or spiritual needs. The “strained” life was a normal way of living for me. I was also experiencing a very toxic and abusive relationship with my spouse. I was an addicted “people pleaser”, “external validation seeker”, “neglector of self”, and held great shame, resentment, regret, self-condemnation and guilt. As a result of JWU, I have also broken unhealthy money habits well - I no longer buy clothing, shoes and accessories to gain acceptance from people. My car is now fully paid off. I started with 4 credit cards and will paid off two more by year-end.

Because of the forgiveness work that is part of the Course, I have released the negative emotions of shame, resentment, regret and guilt and have embraced the beautiful, honorable, delightful, treasure that I am. My heart has re-opened and I have a new-found love and compassion for myself! - Felicia Kadima

JWU filled me and my life with new hope! Before: I was mean, miserable, angry and pessimistic. NO JOY and very little hope or genuine caring about self or others, afraid to hope again, did not believe that I could design a life worth living or that I deserved a life worth living. I rarely traveled, mismanaged my money, had a double digit credit score (99 out of a possible 800+) and a desire to die.

Now, after JWU: I’m thoughtful and thankful, at peace with myself, the world and other people no longer annoy me. I am designing the life that I desire, and it is a joyful process. I know that I deserve the best of all things. I travel. My credit score is in the 700s, I pay my debts in advance, and my car will be paid in full September 2020 in 30 months instead of 72 months. And I have released 20+ pounds! I am no longer jealous of other women. I do not compare myself to others or envy them for their lives, circumstances or accomplishments. - Sharon Locklear

Almost two years ago, I put my trust into a brilliant soulful coach Debrena Jackson Gandy. I learned to let go of beliefs and behaviors that didn’t serve my mind or spirit, and adopt new patterns that have expanded my consciousness and opened my heart to more authentic relationships - with myself and others. I have deepened my relationships with my Ex-husband and young adult children; I now trust and heed my inner voice in making life decisions; I have strengthened and expanded my morning silence, meditation, journaling, and prayer time; my appearance and wardrobe has been upgraded dramatically, and my magnetism has experienced a quantum leap! - Dr. Stacie Walton

Being a part of Juicy Woman Universe-sity has been life changing. I used to live in constant chaos. I was constantly running late for everything, always taking care of everyone else at the expense of myself, and never typing up loose ends with my personal affairs. I was constantly busy and always felt that I was just getting by. Because of JWU, I’ve stopped being busy all the time, and no longer constantly catering to others. I now incorporate daily self-care time, received more business opportunities such as winning a business pitch competition and collaborating with other women on projects that are in alignment with my values.  I am now more aware of keeping my word with others and have been more intentional about getting rid of the things and people that no longer serve me.   I now feel and enjoy more peace, and prosperity! - Ingrid Henley

Profound changes have manifested in my life as a result of JWU. I used to wake up to negative self-talk from the moment I opened my eyes until I fell asleep exhausted at the end of a busy day. Now, I wake up refreshed and at peace. I set aside time for my daily prayer, movement, and meditation ritual and have so much less tension in my body. For the first time in years, I can actually bend over and touch my toes! I used to run late everywhere: to church, to dinner with friends; and now I am always early wherever I go. JWU has taught me to move in my feminine essence and to devote time to my self-care. Men and women stop me to compliment me on how I am glowing or have such a pretty smile. I can now care for myself without guilt. I am able to be MORE present with and for my children. Before JWU, my teenage son was very disrespectful. Now I have learned how to communicate with him and I now have my original son back!! JWU gave me the confidence and skill to stop working for someone else and start my own business as an anesthesiologist. I just landed the contract of my dreams! - Dr. Juanita Edwards

Every woman should experience Debrena's teachings. I have been mentored by Debrena for over 10 years, but in 2019 I took her Juicy Woman Universe-ity course. It has been completely life-changing. And it came at a time when I was a new solo mother for the first time. My greatest take-away is restoration of my self-trust and personal integrity. I have learned on a deeper level how to honor my word - especially my word to myself. Since taking the course I show up in the world differently. I move differently. I am no longer a woman who reacts or makes decisions in haste. I now have a practice of consulting God (through prayer and meditation), responding (verses reacting), managing my time/energy by planning and scheduling, and truly living in flow. If you are a woman who is ready to uplevel, JWU is your answer. - Chauncey Beaty

As a result of JWU, I was able to manifest a different profession and go from making 35K to making 62K. Also, I was able to take the leap of faith and move out of my brother’s house and into my own apartment. Then when circumstances changed, I was able to pack my things and move out of state to pursue my dreams. I am now working for myself, setting my own schedule. I am working in my purpose after a “Lightning coaching call” with Debrena that allowed me to become clear about my desires. My life is coming together as I have seen in my dreams. THANK YOU for all that you have added to my life! - Ty White

This has been a wonderful year of growth from me. As a result of JWU, I have manifested more clarity around my relationship with my boyfriend, and a new mindset in my business. I now see myself as a business owner. I am more confident in how I present myself and my work to prospective clients. I also have new clarity around the primary avenues of income for my business. I have manifested a new level of integrity with my commitments to myself. My meditation and journaling has increased and been a great discipline that I am mastering. Being in JWU has helped me to trust myself and God even more! - Carmen Caldwell

This program and virtual course that will be open for registration only for a limited time, for up to 50 women, and then that’s it.

This is an exclusive offer where you won’t have the opportunity to join us once the 12-month clock starts ticking and the Course gets underway. Questions? Please email [email protected] or call the office at 206-878-8163.

Joy - Ease - Peace - Flow

Sign Me Up

Enrollment is currently closed.


One of Debrena’s greatest passions is teaching, coaching and mentoring women in how to live JUICY LIVES. And her mantra is that it IS possible to have it all, and with ease and grace – that is, IF you are operating from the sacred self-caring consciousness.

She has been designing and facilitating live and virtual transformational courses and programs, intensives, events and Elite retreats for over two decades, with students and clients that number in the thousands across the country and around the world.

Debrena Jackson Gandy is the national best-selling author of three books, a sought-after keynote speaker and a Master Life & Love Relationships Coach with over 10,000 hours of active coaching time logged with her clients.  She’s a popular guest blogger, podcast guest and guest on over 50 radio shows.  She’s been seen in magazines such as Essence, Oprah’s O, Ebony, Black Enterprise, andWoman’s Day as well as on national TV on Sister Circle, Good Day New York, Good Morning Texas, Good Day D. C., Afternoon Live, New Day Northwest, and on a host of regional and local TV news and talk shows. She’s a former TV Show host for TBN at their Seattle/Tacoma station.


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    The Juicy Woman Program meant the world to me! When I first started, I didn’t know where I was going. But this program helped me to put myself and my way of thinking back on track.
    (Becoming a Juicy Woman Masterclass)

  2. Post

    The Course was like fresh water for my soul. Never have I felt so connected and uplifted by a circle of women who “get me,” and were genuinely invested in my success. By the end of the course, I had doubled my private coaching clients, was very close to hitting my $10K a month mark; there was new order in my home office, and I was doing it all (married with 3 kids) with ease and flow. This course was everything my soul longed for. It is for every woman who is ready for divine expansion in her life!
    (Bountiful Tele-Course Intensive)

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    The Bountiful Course blessed and transformed every area of my life. During the Course, I came to the realization that I didn’t deem myself worthy of the things I desired. I was able to pinpoint my self-worth issues and see how they stemmed from my parent’s divorce when I was 8-years old. Once I learned how to align my desires and faith with my belief of being worthy. I manifested a pay increase in one week after months of thinking about it. Another powerful lesson I learned was how to flow in my very “full” life with more ease. I made the shift to having a sacred self-caring consciousness, which includes spending daily time in prayer and meditation. The course equipped me with the tools to up-level my mind, body and spirit, and I am eternally grateful to now be a Bountiful Eagle Woman!
    (Bountiful Tele-Course Intensive)

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    Before Bountiful, I felt like I was running out of time. I felt pressure to get married and have kids. Now, I have more trust, confidence and clarity, and I am now joyful and calm, knowing that I am the Gift, and grateful for the previous relationships I was in. I can now see how it matured and developed me. Before Bountiful, I was worried about not having enough money. I was able to recently buy a condo and had a large mortgage, however, during the Course, I manifested $18,000 through a raise, a bonus, a tax refund and discovering unused escrow money. I learned how to shift to an abundance mindset!
    (Bountiful Tele-Course Intensive)

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    The best self-development, self-examination course I’ve ever taken. You will be transformed and energized, and learn what enjoying life looks like.
    (Becoming a Juicy Woman Masterclass)

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    Thank you for saying yes to your divine assignment. Because of your surrender and your teaching, I am free, authentic, and walking in my divine greatness. I was recently reminded of how I used to be, how limiting my thoughts were and how little I showed up! WOW! I have transformed and accepted my assignment to be extraordinary. I am so grateful.
    (Illuminate Tele-Course)

  7. Post

    This experience was EPIC. Being in the company of other Eagle Women has been inspiring, confirming and activating. This course helped me to see the value in not just saying NO to others, but YES to myself!
    (Bountiful Tele-Course Intensive)

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