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Dear Friend:

When my first national best-selling book, Sacred Pampering Principles, was released in 1997, it introduced the concept of “sacred self-care” into the lives and the vocabulary of women across the country and the world.

As a vanguard book, it ushered in a new paradigm that was a game-changer for women. It re-framed how we saw ourselves, our lives, and how we engaged with others.

It gave us permission to transform our self-concept, from one of negative self-sacrifice, self-neglect, self-doubt and self-denial to one of self-appreciation, self-valuing and sacred self-care.

As word of Sacred Pampering Principles began to spread, the mailed Thank You letters and cards (email was just becoming en vogue) began pouring in from women around the country (and even a few from other countries), whose lives were being transformed by the principles and practical tools I introduced in my book.


Books Authored By Debrena Jackson GandyThen came my second national book, All the Joy You Can Stand, three years later, in 2000.  Again, another huge wave of letters poured in, this time along with a flood of emails.

Little did I know that, two decades later, these same principles would still be relevant.

And I was honored and flattered when my first two national books, and my most recent, The Love Lies, were all featured in Dr. Candace Benbow’s Lemonade Syllabus…a collection of signature iconic works by Black women, compiled in honor of Beyonce’s ground-breaking Lemonade album.


Sacred Self-Care: The Birth of a New Paradigm

I thought that, by 2017, the concept of sacred self-care would certainly be obsolete and “old news.”  Actually, it is now more relevant than ever!!

Too many of us are disconnected from our internal river of joy, and instead, we are chasing, seeking and striving what seems like the ever-elusive “carrot” of a deeply satisfying life.

Instead of women feeling more relaxed, centered, peaceful and joyful as a result of modern conveniences, the “technologizing” of our daily lives, and Smart phones, too many are actually feeling even more stressed, stretched thin, and just plain overwhelmed.

I am now more passionate than ever about teaching women how to develop a sacred self-caring consciousness, and how to live life as a Juicy Woman.

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What began with these national best-selling books has now expanded to become seminars, live courses, workshops, e-books, a popular Facebook group, tele-seminars, tele-courses, elite retreats, sacred self-care coaching, mastermind groups, Juicy Woman tele-courses….and now Juicy Woman Universe-ity Transformational Lifestyle Program!

The NEW Breed of Woman: The Juicy Woman!After each of my “Juicy Woman” courses the sentiment and responses have been the same – “Debrena, we want more!”

I’m absolutely delighted to announce that MORE is now here!

And it is in the form of my exclusive BRAND NEW 12-month Membership Program and Virtual Course called JUICY WOMAN UNIVERSE-ITY Transformational Lifestyle Program. This 12-months journey is divided into 4 modules or quarters, with each quarter having a different emphasis and building upon the previous quarter’s module.


Making the Shift to the Sacred Self-Caring Consciousness

In the Program, you will learn how to MAKE THE SHIFT from….

  • Negative self-sacrifice to Sacred self-care
  • Being overly self-conscious to Freedom and self-expression
  • Feeling depleted and exhausted to Feeling INNER-GIZED and energized
  • Self-neglect to High-level self-love
  • Martyrdom to Empowering yourself and others
  • Over-doing and effortingto Being relaxed and learning to FLOW
  • The PURSUIT of happiness to Connecting to your inner river of joy
  • Success as an external achievement to Holistic Success
  • Time Scarcity to Wisely managing your energy
  • Your Body as a means to Your body as a divine living temple
  • A rushed morning routine to Time for Daily Prayer and Meditation

But for most of us, the words in the opening of each SHIFT statement is all we know. It’s the norm. It was part and parcel of our up-bringing. It’s what we’ve been taught; what we’ve had modeled and reinforced; and what we’ve seen. The “SHIFT TO” phrases in the second half of each statement is the natural and spontaneous result of living from a Sacred Self-Caring Consciousness.

The Sacred Self-Caring Consciousness is the Consciousness that we cultivate and develop in Juicy Woman Universe-ity Transformational Lifestyle Program.

Who is Juicy Woman Universe-ity for?Juicy Woman Universe-ity Transformational Lifestyle Program is for:

  • the woman who desires to learn how to operate from her Feminine Center and Feminine Core;
  • the woman who desires to step out of the “Rat Race/Efforting/Busyness/Over-Doing” (REBO) Paradigm and step into a NEW paradigm of more joy, ease, peace and flow;
  • the woman who desires to learn how to more fully tap the power of her Feminine Magnetism to attract the desires of heart with less effort and struggle and more ease;
  • the woman who wants to understand how to intentionally manifest the desires of her heart, in less time;
  • the woman who wants to go deeper in her connection to God and strengthen her divine communication with the Holy Spirit;
  • the woman who wants to more fully open her heart to give and receive LOVE;
  • the woman who wants to “uplevel” her relationships with herself and experience high-level self-love;
  • the woman who wants to HEAL her mind, body and spirit;
  • the woman who wants to elevate from a Scarcity Consciousness to a Prosperity Consciousness;
  • the woman who desires to experience the power and momentum of journeying within a cohort with a national accountability group of other like-minded, supportive, enlightened sisters.

If this is YOU, then you are invited to be ONE OF THE 100!!

We will also delve into yummy topics such as:

  • Feminine Radiance (what it is and how to turn yours ON);
  • Feminine Magnetism (understanding how you are, as a woman, a living embodiment of the Spiritual Law of Attraction);
  • FLOW-ductivity and what it means to be FLOW-ductive;
  • Feminine Leadership (understanding your natural power of influence);
  • Aligning your life;
  • the 3 key Spiritual Laws;
  • and most importantly, how to “ARCHITECT” and live the life of a Juicy Woman – a life of more peace, ease, flow and joy!!!

What will we cover in Juicy Woman Universe-ity?

Juicy Woman University

Over these 12 months, we will journey through 8 major life areas – mind, body, spirit, heart, money, relationships, energy and (physical) spaces – and explore what it looks like, feels like to move through these 8 Life Areas, BE-ing a Juicy Woman.

How the Program is Structured: We come together twice a month, on 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, 6:00 – 7:30pm PST/9:00 – 10:30pm EST.  We will explore what it means, what it looks like and the HUGE DIFFERENCE it makes in EVERY area of your life when you’re BE-ing a Juicy Woman.

Juicy Woman Awaken

Quarter 1: January to March 2018

  • Orientation: Preparation for the Journey – Premises and Principles
  • Authoring your “Juicy Life” Vision
  • True Identity:  Knowing WHO YOU ARE as a woman and as a divine being.
  • Understanding what it means to be a Juicy Woman
  • What it means to really know that I am the Gift
  • Embracing a Sacred Self-Caring Consciousness
  • Understanding Your 6-Fold Purpose
  • The Spiritual Law of Integrity
  • The Spiritual Law of Honesty
Juicy Woman Activate

Quarter 2: April to June 2018

  • Learning to embrace High-Level Self-Love
  • Strengthening Your Feminine Core
  • Changing Your Language
  •  Becoming a Gracious Receiver
  • Sacred Practices to Support your Mind, Body, Spirit and Energy (Daily Prayer and Meditation, the 13-Count Cycle Breath, The Three S’s, etc.)
  • Understanding the Power of Your Womb
  • Healing Your Womb
  • Perceiving and Treating your Body as a Divine Living Temple
Juicy Woman Elevate

Quarter 3: July to September 2018

  • Wisely Managing Your Energy
  • Making the Shift from “being in your GIRL” versus “being in your WOMAN”
  • Reopening Your Heart
  • Forgiveness Work
  • Increasing Your Feminine Radiance and Feminine Magnetism
  • Detoxing from the Key Love Lies
  • Upgrading your Communication in Relationships with Men (learning to speak Manese)
  • The Spiritual Law of Circulation and How it Works in Your Life
Juicy Woman Integrate

Quarter 4: October to December 2018

  • Putting the Manifestation Formula to work in your life
  • Manifestation Tools
  • Increasing Your Prosperity Consciousness
  • Aligning Your Life and the Power of Congruence
  • The Principles of Holistic Success
  • Making the JUICY LIFE Real

PLUS: A LIVE Summit and Retreat Experience

A LIVE Summit and Retreat Experience (optional, NOT included) at a gorgeous and luxurious location (shhh, it will be announced during month 6 of the Program), that will take place a few months after the Program concludes.


  • Orientation: Tuesday, January 23, 2018;
  • February 13 and 27;
  • March 13 and 27;
  • April 10 and 24;
  • May 8 and 22;
  • June 12 and 26;
  • July 10 and 24;
  • August 14 and 21;
  • September 11 and 25;
  • October 9 and 23;
  • November 13 and 27;
  • December 11 and 18 – Note: it’s the 2nd and 3rd Tuesday in December.


I’m also including some very Juicy Bonuses!

Bonus: Sacred Syllabus

You will receive an e-mailed package that includes your Sacred Syllabus (a guidebook, journal and workbook), a copy of the Juicy Woman’s Creed, and a few other goodies.

Bonus: Juicy Woman's Creed

As an additional bonus, select classes will feature Guest Faculty –women who are living their lives as Juicy Women!

Bonus: Coaching with Debrena

Members Only:
Get Juicy answers to your questions to help you along this journey.

Juicy Woman Universe-ity Transformational Lifestyle Program members also receive discounts to SELECT Debrena Jackson Gandy Live Events, Virtual Events and Retreats!

What is the Investment?

Though the VALUE of this Program and Virtual Course is approximately $5,400 for the teachings, the community experience, the coaching and mentoring, the journey, the bonuses, and the materials, I am making it available for only $99.00 per month (Early BirdRate is now expired), and an initial $99.00 to secure your spot.

If you are a graduate of one of my signature courses (The Mentorship & Manifestation Circle, Illuminate, Bountiful, Aligning Your Life with Joy, or Becoming/Being a Juicy Woman in Life & Love), then you receive a SPECIAL Early Bird Rate of only $79.00 per month.

Regular Enrollment starts December 1 and is $99 per month.

We will process your initial tuition to secure your spot from our office. Thereafter, your monthly tuition payments will be automatically and securely processed from our office, on or about the 2nd of each month, February through December 2018.

This is a membership program and virtual course that will be open for registration only for a limited time, and then that’s it.

The doors will close and we will “push off from shore” together, with the 100 that signed up.

This is an exclusive offer where you won’t have the opportunity to join us once the 12-month clock starts ticking and gets underway.

I invite you to join us…to get on-board with us…as we create a “new breed” of woman… THE JUICY WOMAN!!

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Joy - Ease - Peace - Flow


  1. Post

    The Juicy Woman Program meant the world to me! When I first started, I didn’t know where I was going. But this program helped me to put myself and my way of thinking back on track.
    (Becoming a Juicy Woman Masterclass)

  2. Post

    The Course was like fresh water for my soul. Never have I felt so connected and uplifted by a circle of women who “get me,” and were genuinely invested in my success. By the end of the course, I had doubled my private coaching clients, was very close to hitting my $10K a month mark; there was new order in my home office, and I was doing it all (married with 3 kids) with ease and flow. This course was everything my soul longed for. It is for every woman who is ready for divine expansion in her life!
    (Bountiful Tele-Course Intensive)

  3. Post

    The Bountiful Course blessed and transformed every area of my life. During the Course, I came to the realization that I didn’t deem myself worthy of the things I desired. I was able to pinpoint my self-worth issues and see how they stemmed from my parent’s divorce when I was 8-years old. Once I learned how to align my desires and faith with my belief of being worthy. I manifested a pay increase in one week after months of thinking about it. Another powerful lesson I learned was how to flow in my very “full” life with more ease. I made the shift to having a sacred self-caring consciousness, which includes spending daily time in prayer and meditation. The course equipped me with the tools to up-level my mind, body and spirit, and I am eternally grateful to now be a Bountiful Eagle Woman!
    (Bountiful Tele-Course Intensive)

  4. Post

    Before Bountiful, I felt like I was running out of time. I felt pressure to get married and have kids. Now, I have more trust, confidence and clarity, and I am now joyful and calm, knowing that I am the Gift, and grateful for the previous relationships I was in. I can now see how it matured and developed me. Before Bountiful, I was worried about not having enough money. I was able to recently buy a condo and had a large mortgage, however, during the Course, I manifested $18,000 through a raise, a bonus, a tax refund and discovering unused escrow money. I learned how to shift to an abundance mindset!
    (Bountiful Tele-Course Intensive)

  5. Post

    The best self-development, self-examination course I’ve ever taken. You will be transformed and energized, and learn what enjoying life looks like.
    (Becoming a Juicy Woman Masterclass)

  6. Post

    Thank you for saying yes to your divine assignment. Because of your surrender and your teaching, I am free, authentic, and walking in my divine greatness. I was recently reminded of how I used to be, how limiting my thoughts were and how little I showed up! WOW! I have transformed and accepted my assignment to be extraordinary. I am so grateful.
    (Illuminate Tele-Course)

  7. Post

    This experience was EPIC. Being in the company of other Eagle Women has been inspiring, confirming and activating. This course helped me to see the value in not just saying NO to others, but YES to myself!
    (Bountiful Tele-Course Intensive)

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