Illuminate: Sacred Self-Caring Woman Tele-Course



Illuminate: Sacred Self-Caring Woman Tele-Course

Embrace, Elevate and Illuminate your Sacred and Highest Self.

One of Debrena’s signature extended tele-courses for women that desire to learn to live life as a Sacred Self-Caring Woman and developing a Sacred Self-Caring Consciousness.  Her most comprehensive tele-course – takes place over a 9–month period (it matches the cycle of gestation for birthing, on purpose).

The Sacred Self-Caring Woman’s Manifesto provides the “guiding principles” of the course, with women learning how to make the shift from self-doubt, low-level self-love, being “in your girl,” and “over-efforting” in life,  to adopting the Sacred Self-Caring consciousness and living as a Sacred Self-Caring Woman in thought, word, deed, identify, behavior and choices. 

Explores the Life Areas of mind, body, spirit, money, love relationships, managing your energy, and order in your physical spaces with a foundation of daily sacred prayer and meditation.

Ushers women into a new and liberating paradigm of sacred self-care, feminine radiance, joy, prosperity, EASE and the powerful manifestations that living as a Sacred Self-Caring Woman produces. You come to understand, integrate and live the truths: “I am the Gift,” and “The body God gave me is a living divine temple.”

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Paid in Full $625 OR 10 installments of $79.



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    I finished the group coaching sessions feeling supported and with a breakthrough. I learned and faced things about myself that clearly needed to be addressed.

    I am just so grateful to have addressed things that have held me captive, my inability to manage failure and the fear that controls my decisions as a result of that, which pops up in several areas of my life and is affecting my growth. It’s time for me to face this head on, and I’m honored to have confronted this in the presence of such powerful, open and empowering women!

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    I am EXCITED about what is happening. In my 28 ½ years on this Earth, I feel like I finally have a better sense of direction in my life. I honestly do not know if I would have been able to come to face the truths in my life that were holding me back from being the best me if it weren’t for the Illuminate Tele-Course. You have helped me to see so many lights that I chose to dim because of naiveté, fear, lack of self-motivation, and pretty much operating out of scarcity. THANK YOU from the bottom, inside, outside and all around my heart!

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    Thank you for saying yes to your divine assignment. Because of your surrender and your teaching, I am free, authentic, and walking in my divine greatness. I was recently reminded of how I used to be, how limiting my thoughts were and how little I showed up! WOW! I have transformed and accepted my assignment to be extraordinary. I am so grateful.

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    I was prompted to invest in Debrena’s 9-month Illuminate Tele-Course because I felt my life was stagnant. I felt that it was now my time. It was time to work on me – body, mind and spirit. The two call topics that were the most impactful for me were: (1) Wellness, Health & care of the Sacred Body Temple, and (2) Money, Manifestation and Flow-ductivity. I was really impacted by how important it is to start my day with prayer and meditation. The Money unit changed my views about money. I never say money as my friend. I began to see money for what it is – a tool to help me along the way. I no longer see it as something that finds other people but eludes me.

    This year, I have been able to save money to go to South Korea, and have plenty of spending money. I have made some home repairs and improvements. I have been able to help people by sharing out of my abundance that God has given me. I have increased my total monthly contribution to my church. And three days ago, I was able to purchase a new car. When I pay my bills, I no longer get upset.

    Some of my most significant manifestations are that I’m now getting into a size 12, down from a size 16; I started to study and learn African Dance, and also kickboxing and walking. Thank you, Debrena, for helping me to tell the truth to myself about myself. Thank you for sharing God’s truths.

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    I decided to invest in the Illuminate experience because I was particularly interested in learning how to embody sacred self-care. In this course, I learned how to enjoy the process of “up-leveling,” and navigate it, especially with friendships. I was reminded of the power of feminine radiance, how sacred self-care powers it, and how both men and women respond to it. I also loved the Sacred Self-Caring Woman’s Manifesto, which aided me in feeding my spirit at the top of my day, along with my daily gratitude journaling. As I began, for the first time, to tithe 10%, as a result for the unit we did on Prosperity, I started noticing more and more divine flow of resources, money, and opportunities. The course is like no other and I’m thankful I chose to partake in this journey.

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