Illuminate: Sacred Self-Caring Woman Tele-Course



Illuminate: Sacred Self-Caring Woman Tele-Course

Embrace, Elevate and Illuminate your Sacred and Highest Self.

One of Debrena’s signature extended tele-courses for women that desire to learn to live life as a Sacred Self-Caring Woman and developing a Sacred Self-Caring Consciousness.  Her most comprehensive tele-course – takes place over a 9–month period (it matches the cycle of gestation for birthing, on purpose).

The Sacred Self-Caring Woman’s Manifesto provides the “guiding principles” of the course, with women learning how to make the shift from self-doubt, low-level self-love, being “in your girl,” and “over-efforting” in life,  to adopting the Sacred Self-Caring consciousness and living as a Sacred Self-Caring Woman in thought, word, deed, identify, behavior and choices. 

Explores the Life Areas of mind, body, spirit, money, love relationships, managing your energy, and order in your physical spaces with a foundation of daily sacred prayer and meditation.

Ushers women into a new and liberating paradigm of sacred self-care, feminine radiance, joy, prosperity, EASE and the powerful manifestations that living as a Sacred Self-Caring Woman produces. You come to understand, integrate and live the truths: “I am the Gift,” and “The body God gave me is a living divine temple.”

Contact us if you have any questions or are interested in the next upcoming class.

Paid in Full $625 OR 10 installments of $79.


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