Bountiful High-Level 12-Week Tele-Course Intensive


Bountiful High-Level 12-Week Tele-Course Intensive

An Eagle Woman is a woman of BIG vision, who flies higher than most.

She is the woman that other women come to for coaching, leadership, mentorship, teaching, speaking, consulting, her books and her writings, her wisdom, expertise, influence or knowledge, her Facebook group, and her posts or blogging.

Do you desire to journey in a community of like-minded and like-spirited women?

Are you ready to elevate, accelerate your manifestation abilities, experience a Quantum Leap in your feminine magnetism and feminine leadership, and in your ability to manifest and discover the S. O. P’s, the Spiritual Operating Principles, that govern the life of a Juicy “Eagle” Woman? Learn what it means to be “highly conductive,” and how to manage your energy in a way that you stay energized and rejuvenated as your norm.

Learn how to embrace and truly “own” your Greatness and Power comfortably, be exposed to little known insights and “secrets” to moving through your life with more ease, grace, peace, joy, “flow-ductivity,” and love, as a Bounty-FULL “Eagle Woman.”

Bountiful is a High-Level 12-Week Tele-Course Intensive especially designed for Highly Evolved Black women that desire to become Master Manifesters.

Theme: Learn how to become a “Master Manifestress” and Experience 360 Degrees of Fulfillment in your Life.


BOUNTIFUL is a space and place especially for YOU.

BOUNTIFUL is a 12-week tele-course Intensive for highly evolved Black women….Black “Eagle” Women…..who are flying at higher altitudes than most, and who have BIG visions. It is for the high-level Black woman who wants to create and live a JUICY life.

An “Eagle” woman doesn’t want to live an “either/or” life but a life of abundance and fullness, where she “has it all” with ease and grace.

She desires to truly, authentically, effortlessly and unapologetically accept, claim and embrace her power, beauty, brilliance, genius and natural feminine leadership.

BOUNTIFUL is your “Eagle’s Nest,” — a unique, leading-edge, capacity-increasing, mindset-expanding, SYNERGISTIC, value-rich tele-course that will provide powerful teachings, mentoring, discussion, revelation, elevation and coaching.

Your BOUNTIFUL “Eagle’s Nest” will act as:

  • a divine crucible for refining and cultivating yourself within a community of high-vibration, like-minded sistahs;
  • you will learn how to elevate and operate from a wholly different mindset and “altitude,” and
  • how to experience 360-degrees of fulfillment in your life, across ALL areas – mind, body, spirit, energy, money, friendships, love relationships, and biz/career.

BOUNTIFUL will have a high level of accountability, require a high level of integrity, and will cover a rich breadth and depth of carefully selected topics.

Creating and living a BOUNTIFUL Life has not been by accident, luck or coincidence. It has been intentionally “architected. I’ve crafted for myself an approach to living, as a woman and a Black woman, that takes me out of “the matrix,” out of martyrdom, out of depletion, stress and being “tired.”

In this Tele-Course, I introduce you to a NEW paradigm, the paradigm of the Black “Eagle Woman,” and a Juicy Woman, that departs from what society tells us, from what the culture convinces us, from what our upbringing shows us, and even from what you may see going on around you.

I am pulling out the stops and sharing high-level teachings that I haven’t “released” before that reveal the “secrets” to creating and living a lifestyle of joy, deep satisfaction and fulfillment, flow-ductivity, self-expression, adventure, prosperity and JUICINESS.

Meet A Different Set of “Operating Principles” and a NEW Relationship to Time

I have been operating and living from a very specific set of S. O. P.s – Spiritual Operating Principles that yield more ease, grace, prosperity and joy in life. I will be introducing you to these SOPs..

There are “9 kinds of time” that I have learned to operate from in my life, and they are essential to creating and living a highly FLOW-ductive and BOUNTIFUL life, of more ease and grace.

  • AlignTime
  • DesignTime
  • DivineTime
  • RefineTime
  • PrimeTime
  • Perch Time
  • SoaringTime
  • DownTime and
  • PrepTime

We will be exploring each of these in the BOUNTIFUL Tele-Course.

The presence of EACH is essential to 360 Degrees of Fulfillment in the life of a BOUNTIFUL WOMAN.

Over these 12 magnificent weeks, we’ll also be covering topics such as:

  • The Truth of WHO you are as a Black Woman, and understanding the secrets of your melanin
  • How to DESIGN & ALIGN to create and live a life of joy, health, peace and prosperity
  • How to REFLECT & CORRECT to prevent repeating the same life lessons
  • How to ELIMINATE & LIBERATE to keep yourself freed up and unencumbered
  • The S. O. P’s (Spiritual Operating Principles) that support a JUICY life
  • How to be FLOW-ductive instead of just productive
  • Systems and Strategies that support higher levels of organization, grace, flow and ease in your life
  • The Power, Purpose and Importance of Humility and Surrender
  • How to grow your faith in order to grow your capacity
  • Becoming an Available Vessel (Minimizing the Ego, cleaning out, clearing out, allowing and yielding)
  • Open your Spiritual Ears to hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit personally and intimately
  • Wisely managing your energy to stay refreshed, refueled, renewed and rejuvenated
  • Turning on and heeding your personal G. P. S. (God Positioning System)
  • Activating your Feminine Radiance and Light through advanced sacred self-care
  • How to blend and integrate your masculine and feminine energies through Daily Prayer and Meditation
  • How to “architect” a life that is a reflection of your heart’s desires
  • How to incorporate the “9 Kinds of Time” into your Lifestyle
  • Understand and operate from a place of Feminine Leadership and a powerful personal presence
  • More fully awaken the Power Within, and MORE!

Offered once a year, typically January through March (12 weeks), with a LIVE Cohort Summit in June/July.

Contact us if you have any questions about the next upcoming class.


Early Bird: 3 installments of $365.
Paid in full-discounted rate: $995.
Regular Price: 3 installments of $399.

Contact us if you have any questions about the next upcoming class.