Becoming a Juicy Woman in Life & Love – 12 Week Masterclass


Becoming a Juicy Woman in Life & Love – 12 Week Masterclass

This 12-Week Master Class focuses on the 3 key themes of Making Space, Aligning and Elevating in your Life.

We explore the 8 Key S. O. P’s (Spiritual Operating Principles) that guide a Juicy Woman’s decisions and choices. Over these 12 Weeks, you will be equipped with the Juicy Woman’s LIFE & LOVE BUILDING BLOCKS. These include New Principles, New Beliefs, New Practices, and New Approaches to life and love that will enable you to “have it all” without guilt, but with more ease, peace, flow, joy and grace.

Contact us and mention “Juicy Woman Masterclass” if you have any questions or are interested in the next upcoming class.

Paid in Full $316 OR 4 installments of $89.00



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    The best self-development, self-examination course I’ve ever taken. You will be transformed and energized, and learn what enjoying life looks like.

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    This course helped me launch a journey of self-renewal that I’d been putting off!

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    Throughout this course, I have given birth to new ideas, new projects, new dreams and a rebirth of myself!

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    The Juicy Woman Program meant the world to me! When I first started, I didn’t know where I was going. But this program helped me to put myself and my way of thinking back on track.

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