Aligning Your Life 101: 7 Keys to Living With More Joy, Peace, Ease and Fulfillment – April 16 – May 28

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Dear Friend

Over the last five years alone, I’ve had the pleasure of designing and offering over 30 transformational Courses, Tele-Seminars and Programs. The one that continues to be a favorite is on aligning your life. It’s been three years since I last offered this particular Tele-Course, and with the events going on in our country, the release of the movie Black Panther, and what’s going on in many of our lives – IT IS TIME TO OFFER IT AGAIN.

If you already have a basic foundation of personal growth and spiritual development in place, then I invite you to join me for an EXCLUSIVE OFFERING OF:

ALIGNING YOUR LIFE 101: 7 Keys to Living with more Joy, Peace, Ease and fulfillment.

What I know is that most of us are DOING way too much, expending LOTS of excess energy, are trying to manage our time efficiently and we are STILL experiencing “time scarcity,” and are engaged in lots of “efforting” in our lives.

HOWEVER, true, deep-down joy, satisfaction, and SUSTAINED peace and FULFILLMENT is STILL eluding us…..

Where we’ve been “looking” for joy, and deep satisfaction and fulfillment, and where and how we’ve been told to find it, it can’t be found.

This is because our current paradigm is NOT ABLE to yield and give us what we yearn for. We’ve been duped.

This is also because we’re (unknowingly) operating from faulty, flawed beliefs that take us in the opposite direction of and away from what makes our heart sing and what has our soul say YES.

Experience the power of Aligning Your Life!In this transformational 7-Week Tele-Course, you’ll be guided through a process that will help you identify the GAPS between where you are and where you want to be in 5 main life areas:

  • in your relationships (family, friendships and love relationships),
  • with money and finances;
  • with your body/health and wellness,
  • in your physical environment (order and beauty), and
  • with your spiritual growth and “connectivity.”

This Tele-Course will give you clarity on how to tune in to and tap in to a NEW approach to living, loving self, and perceiving life and engaging with others, that YIELDS an experience of more joy, peace, ease, and more flow and fulfillment in your life.

Are you READY??

  • We’ll identify and address the GAPS that may exist between what you say you want and what you’re actually experiencing, and we’ll move through a 7-step process for aligning or re-aligning your life, to yield more joy, peace, ease, fulfillment and FLOW.
  • We’ll be exposing and dismantling what gets in the way of us experiencing true and sustained joy in our lives, and
  • We’ll be moving through the LIFE ALIGNMENT process using the 7 keys to lining up your life. This includes learning how to be the C. D. O, the Chief Design Officer, of your life.

Tele-Course Calls are over 7 consecutive Mondays:
5:30 – 7:00pm PST/8:30 – 10:00pm EST
April 16, 23, 30; May 7, 14, 21 and 28, with the final call an additional 30 minutes.

Space is limited to 14 READY women…Are you ONE of them?

Here’s the OVERVIEW of the week-by-week journey….

Week 1

  • Aligning with your TRUE Purpose – what this means and what this looks like (most of us have been trying to align with a False Purpose)
  • The 3 Essential Spiritual Laws that support ALIGNMENT; and
  • The 8 Foundational Truths About Your Spiritual Identity

Week 2

  • Exposing the “Life Lies” that keep us UNALIGNED (these are the cultural norms, externally-imposed ‘rules’ and assumptions that we’ve used to define ourselves), and have us doubting ourselves, have us playing small, or feeling suppressed and stifled.
  • Understand what it means to be the CDO (Chief Design Officer) of your life.
  • What do you need to RE-DESIGN? What needs RENOVATING?

Week 3

  • How to recognize your “Level of Existence” you’re at in your life, the behaviors that go with it (Are you surviving, ‘grinding,’ striving, ‘succeeding’ or flourishing/FLOW-rishing?), and how to “Up-Level.”
  • Uncover the truth about FEAR and how to set yourself free from it.

Week 4

  • Use the Life-Align Worksheet to see where you stand and where you most need a re-alignment.
  • Assessing the GAPS in 5 Key Areas of Your Life:
    • Relationships,
    • Money/Finances,
    • Health/Body/Well-Being,
    • Physical Environment and
    • Spiritual Growth & Connectivity

Week 5

  • Get clear on how to close the Gaps internally and externally using the Alignment/Re-Alignment Process. Out with the old beliefs and in with the new….

Week 6

  • Tuning in and tapping in to your internal river of joy; making Daily Prayer and Meditation a practice; Making the Shift to Managing your Energy first and your time, second

Week 7

  • Experiencing the 9 Major FRUITS of the Aligned Life; and tools and techniques for staying aligned

What You Will Learn and Experience:

  • How to re-align and restructure your life for more sustained joy, peace, ease and fulfillment
  • How to be more present, intentional and aware in your daily life
  • How to set a powerful tone at the top of each day, that yields more blessings and positive outcomes
  • How to experience more ease and less “efforting” in your daily life
  • How to begin to elevate your “level of existence” from striving to Flourishing/FLOW-rishing
  • How to manifest with more ease,
  • How to more fully access your internal spiritual resources,
  • and MORE!!

What You Will Receive:

  • Eleven (11) hours of teaching, training and coaching over 7 Weeks, within an intimate community of READY WOMEN
    • Includes Bonus of Live Video ZOOM Call for final session with 30 additional minutes of Q & A and laser coaching
  • Basic Prep Work that will support you in receiving the most from this Tele-Course
  • Life-Align Worksheet
  • The Alignment Process Worksheet and supporting hand-outs
  • Project “Make Space/Declutter,” and
  • Group 24-Hour “Fast” for Increased Clarity, Spiritual Power, and Intention


For this SPECIAL offering ONLY…

If using the 2-Part Installment Plan –
Pay Installment #1 by April 12: $398.50
Pay Installment #2 by May 12: $398.50

If Paying In Full:
$697.00 by Friday, April 12

Final Tele-Course Details, Prep Work, Call In Details, and your worksheets/handouts is forthcoming a few days prior to the start of the Tele-Course.

Up, Up and Awayyyy!

I hope that you’ll be joining us!! Whoo hooo!
Debrena Jackson Gandy


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