MLM Call

on Wednesday May 25th

For Women Direct Selling and Network Marketing Business Owners!!
Noon PST/3:00pm EST

Receive insights on how to take your
Direct Selling Business to the Next Level
through direct selling expert,
Debrena Jackson Gandy’s new MLM Academy

On this special MLM Academy INTRODUCTION CALL, you’ll learn:

  • The FIRST STEP in my 7-Step Mindset Make-Over System
  • The #1 mistake that keeps women direct sellers from being in the Comma Club (having a comma in your monthly check)
  • Why understanding all 4 of the S’s – skills, strategies, structures and systems – makes for a winning combination in your business
  • What makes the tele-training and tele-coaching program unique and effective
  • A couple of special guests will be sharing about the powerful impact of my training and coaching on their businesses
  • And most importantly, the CALL is an opportunity to get your questions answered and to determine whether or not the MLM Academy is a fit for you!

I strongly urge you to be part of  this FREE INTRODUCTION CALL on Wednesday May 25,
Noon PST/3:00pm EST

*If your checks HAVE NOT been growing each and every month or you’re ready to take your direct
selling or network marketing business to the next level, then this Introduction Call is for you!

*If you want to be trained and coached by someone “who’s done it” and shares perfected, tested and
proven strategies and systems, then this call is for you!

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