Learn How to Be a Good Friend to Money

Many of us continue to experience frustration, challenges, and on-going experiences of lack, scarcity, and struggle with money because we continue to hold limiting poisonous, damaging, conflicting or delusional beliefs about money, AND because, at a very basic level, we don’t know how to treat money like a friend.

And this means that we certainly don’t know how to treat money as a GOOD friend.  Truth be told, and behaviors be exposed, what most of us know how to do is treat money with contempt, and like an enemy.

Here are the basics of treating money like a good friend. Similar principles apply to honorable treatment of money and being a good friend.

When you’re a good friend, how do you behave? What do you do?  How do you engage with another friend? We can glean many learnings from friendship that can be applied to our money relationship. What do you do when you’re a good friend?

  • You pay attention to your friends
  • When they arrive, you are glad to see them and greet them cheerfully
  • You say positive, respectful, and appreciative things about them
  • You treat them with respect

And here’s what, metaphorically, money DOESN’T like and what repels it instead of attracts it to you:

  • Money is repelled by disrespect. i.e being crumpled up in your wallet or in the bottom of your purse, or left lying around
  • Money is repelled by carelessness. Not paying attention to the amounts that move out of and into your hands and your account.  Not paying attention to detail and getting careless with your accounting of it.
  • Money is attracted to a generous heart and non-needy energy
  • Money is repelled by being taken for granted, being talked bad about, or withheld from moving freely
  • Money is attracted to being put to use in quality ways.

In summary, Money is Drawn to:

  1. Increase and being multiplied and circulated
  2. Being respected and treated with honor
  3. Order, orderliness and integrity
  4. Movement and circulation
  5. Being a form of  reciprocity for wisdom, intelligence, gifts, contribution, services, etc
  6. Those who don’t define themselves by it or put their identity in it
  7. Being wisely used
  8. A giving and grateful heart and a prosperity consciousness
  9. Those who understand and practice the Law of Appreciation

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