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THANK YOU for registering to be a part of Debrena Jackson Gandy’s Sacred Pampering Principles NEW Audio Book Launch Parties, taking place on Sunday, October 2, across the country.

We’re excited and delighted about the response to this opportunity to celebrate the NEW Audio Book version of the timeless self-help and personal development Classic that introduced the concept of sacred self-care to women, and especially Black women around the world!

There are specific times for Launch parties, depending on your location and whether it is taking place on the West Coast Pacific Time, East Coast, or Midwest/Central Time zone. The specific time is so that the National Zoom Link-Up could occur respectively, real-time, and simultaneously so that we ALL parties (and individuals) are linked up, coast to coast for 30 minutes.

If you’re participating and you do not have an in-person party to attend in your city or area, then we’re excited that you will also be joining us individually (or with a friend or two) for the 30-minute National Zoom Link-Up on Sunday October 2. Debrena Jackson Gandy will be leading the National Zoom Link-Up Call.

If you signed up as an individual, and no Launch Party is being held in your city or area, the Zoom Link-Up Link is below so you can join us.

Your Final Details, the specific address of your Launch Party location/or her home address from your Party Host, the same Zoom link, and the link to the NEW Audio Book (we hope that you’ll order it), is forthcoming a few days before the Sunday October 2 National Launch Event date.

Launch Party Times and Nat’l Zoom Link Up Times
Sunday, October 2, 2022

For East Coast Parties (EST): 4:00 – 6:00pm EST
Nat’l East Coast Zoom Link Up Time: 5:15pm EST

For Midwest Parties (CST): 3:00 – 5:00pm CST
Nat’l Midwest Zoom Link Up Time: 4:15pm CST

For West Coast Parties (PST): 2:00 – 4:00pm PST
Nat’l West Coast Zoom Link Up Time: 2:15pm PST

~Debrena Jackson Gandy

Questions? Email: [email protected]
Or call the office: 206 878 8163