Is Your “FM Switch” OFF?

Answer the Feminine Magnetism Questions below to find out.

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What is Feminine Magnetism?

Feminine Magnetism is a topic that the average woman doesn’t sit around thinking about or chatting about over coffee, yet it is a force and a factor that impacts and affects our lives as women in many ways.

Feminine Magnetism is the natural attracting and drawing power that we uniquely possess, that emanates from our Womb area, our Feminine Core.  It can be sensed by others, and evidence of it even manifests visibly, in your physical world. It affects your being and what you “draw” to you in your life – circumstances, relationships, synchronicities, opportunities, etc…


The Glow

As a woman, you have the built-in capacity for Feminine Magnetism (FM), however, your “FM SWITCH” can be OFF and you don’t even know it.  And when it is ON, it shows up as Feminine Radiance — that feminine glow that appears as if you’re glowing and radiating with an inner light.

When a woman is pregnant “with child,” she is known to have this “glow.” This glow is from the increased life force she is holding in her body, in the form of another human being.

The great news is that we can have that same “glow” whether or not we are “with child,” have never had children, or even if (unfortunately), our uterus has been removed as the result of a hysterectomy.


Your Unique Capacity…..

As a female being, did you know that you’re actually designed and equipped to “hold” more life force energy within your body?  We owe this to our womb space, a powerful and sacred spiritual space within our bodies, and found ONLY within the female human being.

The uterus is the anatomical organ housed in the womb, but the womb is the sacred spiritual space within a woman’s being and body where she is able to “hold,” incubate and birth, not only a new human life, but also creativity, new dreams and visions.

For most women, thanks to the forces and effects of our modern lifestyles, our feminine magnetism is OFF or ebbing at a very low “wattage.”  This is often the result of making Feminine Magnetism Mistake #1.


Feminine Magnetism Mistake #1 is:  Having an EXCESS of masculine energy

Excess masculine energy is “carried” or “held” in your energy field – the bubble of space around you that others can “feel” and sense.  If you’ve ever mentioned not liking someone’s “vibe,” you were speaking of what you were sensing from their energy field.

An excess of masculine energy can cause your FM Switch to turn OFF.  When a woman is carrying an excess of masculine energy, it tends to overshadow or suffocate her feminine energy, and can cause it to shrink or contract.


How Do You Know If You Have an Excess of Masculine Energy?

As a woman, you’re off-balance when you’ve “activated” too much masculine energy and thus have an excess of it.  When your FM Switch is off, it can manifests in various ways.

  • You might be described as being “hard,” having a “hard edge” or being too intense
  • You anger easily
  • You often speak loudly, harshly or use a lot of profanity
  • You “rip and run” too much
  • You are in perpetual, busy-ness mode
  • There’s a lot of do-ing activity in your life that keeps you constantly on the go
  • You have a hard time holding still, being still or relaxing
  • Asking for help or support is a challenge for you
  • You tend to be an over-doer, and are in constant motion
  • You feel that you have to handle it yourself
  • You are uptight, tense, have a tight jaw, or a stoic face
  • You feel uneasy being hugged or appropriately touched
  • You don’t experience on-going internal joy
  • You may get feedback from men that you is intimidating, “too independent,” or don’t seem like you “need” a man


If you answered YES to at least 4 of these statements, then it’s highly likely that you have too much masculine energy.

Masculine energy, by its nature, is more arrow-like in contrast to feminine energy.  Feminine energy is “softer, more sensuous, more fluid, and expands outward like ripples in a pond.

Yes, there are spaces and places for us to “activate” more masculine energy intentionally – in the workplace, higher education, and in athletics, for example – but in our love relationships isn’t one of them.


For You to Attract is Natural

Magnetism Mistake #1 can create challenges in your romantic relationships or marriage.  An excess of masculine energy REPELS men instead of draws and attracts them because your energy starts to be take on a “charge” that is similar to that of a man’s.  Similar charges REPEL, and charges that are opposites are what are drawn to each other.

Think of a magnet and an iron filing, and how they are naturally drawn to each other.  The reason they are naturally drawn to one another is because of the electromagnetic polarity that naturally exists between them – the complementary and opposite charges of “positive” and “negative,” also recognized as masculine and feminine charges, are naturally drawn to one another. This is why, in the area of love relationships especially, too much masculine energy can work against you,

The good news is that there are ways to “sweeten” up your energy and ”take off” your excess masculine energy, in your love relationships/marriage, just as you would take off a coat and hang it on a coat rack. (More on this in a future Morsel of Insight).…For now, it’s about recognizing and acknowledging Magnetism Mistake #1….


Debrena Head Shot frontal NEWERWith love, Debrena Jackson Gandy

Relationships Readiness Coach, Relationships Detox Coach

Author of the hardback book –THE LOVE LIES

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