How Meditation Can Help You Harness Your Thoughts

One of the spiritual tools I use, and I highly and strongly recommend to all of my mentees is meditation. 

To use a simple definition, I define prayer as speaking to God and meditation as recognizing, hearing and heeding God speaking to you.  Prayer And meditation, together, are the formula for the most effective divine communication, of the created with the Creator.

Unfortunately, too many of us do not engage in meditation for many reasons – namely, ignorance, unfounded fear, misinformation, or being maligned in the church by ministers or pastors who must not recall the passages in the Bible where Jesus breaks away from the disciples on numerous occasions to go pray and meditate by himself, or the passage that charges Christians with “meditating day and night.

Meditation is an important aspect of divine communication with the Creator.

It is the other 180 degrees of the 360 degree circle of divine communication. Prayer makes up the other 180 degrees. Meditation is getting yourself in a relaxed state that enables you to reflect, contemplate, ponder, listen with your spiritual ear, and RECEIVE communication from the Creator. Meditation requires that you learn to “still your mind” and learn to slow down your thoughts, and eventually, with practice and discipline, learn to part them so that you have a clearing and some clear space. It is into this clear space that our intuition speaks (the voice of God, our inner teacher, the voice of our Higher Selves), answers are received, guidance is provided, and clarity of thought occurs.

I like how Bishop E. Bernard Jordan describes meditation: “When you meditate, you become a two-way radio with the receiver turned up as high as it will go. It is the process by which you put your mind in a state where you are open to receiving Gods Word into your spirit. Meditation opens up the imagination, which is where all the things you hope to manifest exist before they ever exist in the physical. Meditation frees the mind from the intellect and the ego and opens you up to capture a constant stream of inspiration, divine guidance, and intuition that is always flowing around you.

Bishop Jordan goes on to share, “Everything you need already exists in the mind of God, which has no time. Everything you are to be and become already exists. In other words, he is talking about the fourth dimension. On the fourth dimension, it already exists in its potential form!

And words are the Creative Force that you use, combined with the activation of faith the substance of the fourth dimension that can new levels of joy, holistic success, prosperity and fulfillment forth in your life.

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