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A special Year-Opening 90-Minute SUPER-SEMINAR Virtual Event with the “Dynamic Duo”

Dear One:

As you wrapped up 2023, are you where you thought you’d be?

Are you as fulfilled as your mission statement, vision statement, vision board sessions, church sermons, advanced degrees, marriage, divorce, empty nest, retirement, new business startup, new book, new house, new car, new state, new career, ad infinitum, as you thought you’d be? Has the American Dream delivered on what it PROMISED?

If you are like most women we know who are high-performing, high-achieving professionals, thought leaders, or business owners, who we call “Boss Chicks,” you can feel like you’ve been “sold” a bogus bill of goods. The American Dream was supposed to be your ticket to fulfillment and success. You played by the rules. However, chasing this “dream” has left you stressed out, disappointed, stuck, angry, tired, drained, depleted and maybe even feeling alone. Has this strive, chase, grind, approach to success REALLY worked for your mind, spirit, heart and body?

Based on our up-close work with hundreds upon hundreds of women, and what we’ve heard, seen and observed through women-centered podcasts, talk shows, song lyrics, live events, women’s workshops, business magazines, life magazines, social media and mainstream media the answer is a resounding NO!

WHY does deep joy and deep peace seem to elude so many of us? Did you know that JOY is a state of BE-ing that corresponds to a vibration? JOY has an actual frequency. And most importantly, many of us don’t realize that, at its core, what we seek, is at the HEART of the matter. And what is this “matter?” It’s what deep fulfillment, deep satisfaction and deep peace and deep joy are made of and based upon.

REPLACE the “old wine skin” with NEW wine skin

In the lives of too many highly capable, smart, high performing Black Women, we’ve quietly been yearning for something different – to change things up, to actually exit OUT of the chase and grind way of living that’s still the norm. However, we’ve been trying to put new wine in old wine skin. And this produces short-term results. What happens when we try to bring about a “new thing” in our lives this way? The old wine skin cracks, tears and splits, and then bursts and leaks.

The old wine skin represents our old familiar beliefs, old ways of deciding, behaving and reacting, and old trains of thought that create seeds of self-doubt, low-level self-love, mis-managing your energy, struggling to honor yourself and your energy in ALL areas of your life, including with family. The Old wine skin lacks the capacity to hold the “new wine. Dealing with the repeated “leakages” can have you second guessing your value, quietly questioning your worth, attracting men that are not aligned with what you desire; and defaulting to coping instead of knowing how to ASCEND.

We hope you’ll agree that the old model of success has stopped serving us (if it ever did) and has actually worn us out, worn us down, or both.

But Now What? Where do you go from Here?

The direction to go is UP. In this new year, is there a new and refreshing way to BE, relate, engage, move and show up that brings more ease, flow and satisfaction?

The answer is a resounding YES!!

And we’re going to introduce you to it in our special New Year Kick-Off SUPER SEMINAR with Master Coaches and Transformational Facilitators affectionately known as the Dynamic Duo and the “Double D’s,” Debrena Jackson Gandy and DeLayna Michele Elliott.

In “The Heart of the Matter” you will learn how to:

ENOUGH of trying to put new wine into old wineskin. We need to replace the old wineskin with new wineskin because the old wineskin can not “hold” the new wine you have for it.

About Your Co-Facilitators:

What do you get when you bring together two of the most dynamic, grounded, potent, loving and wise coaches and facilitators of women leaders together to co-lead and co-facilitate a weekend of transformation and healing? You get the Extra-Ordinary.

Both are seasoned business owners, women’s empowerment specialists, mothers, and each are in juicy marriages of over 30 years.

You are invited to experience the mind-shifting, heart-opening power that these two co-create when they come together, as Kingdom women grounded in the Word, as long-time sisterfriends of 30 years, as sistahs who love God unabashedly; who are obedient to God’s spiritual laws in their lives, businesses, marriages and relationships; women who have blessings overflowing as a result of their integrity and desire to live righteously; and who are committed to ushering and “midwifing” women into this new spiritual season of this new year.

Debrena Jackson Gandy

Debrena Jackson Gandy is a nationally-published best-selling author of Sacred Pampering Principles, All the Joy You Can Stand, and The Love Lies. She’s a keynote speaker, Master Transformational Life Coach, owner of a 25-year successful business, mentor to 16 Black women thought-leaders, and Founder of The Love Academy, MEN-tality Love Relationships Seminars for men, The Covenant Academy, and her new Preparation for Partnership Program, and Creator of her popular Sacred Society LIFE LAB Membership Program.

Through her classes, courses, programs, and retreats, she has ushered thousands of women around the world into living and be-ing Sacred Self-Caring Women and living the Juicy Woman Lifestyle. And her three national best-selling books have reached nearly 100,000 women world-wide.

She has a heart and a passion for helping women BE FREE in their minds, bodies, spirits, hearts and relationships. As a coach to coaches, and a leader to leaders, she is known for the potency in her work, and her leading-edge spiritually-based teachings. 

She and her wonderful husband, Joseph, have been married for 30 years, and have three beautiful and brilliant daughters.

She’s been seen IN/ON:

DeLayna M. Elliott

Born to usher leading women into their greatness, DeLayna Michele Elliott is the wealth coach and midwife to call when you want to transform your mindset and live in the realm of Dominion and Diamond Wealth. As the creator of the Diamond Wealth brand and the Soul Development Life Cycle, she builds spiritually and financially savvy women that win holistically. A Woman of God at her core, DeLayna uses spiritual principles for wealth and everyday living to teach women how to invoke the power of re-coding their soul to create a vortex of opportunity to fulfill their dreams, become the best version of themselves, and thrive financially.

In 2013, DeLayna, alongside her husband Leon, founded World Fidelity Life – a financial services firm that works with individuals and families to safely accumulate and preserve wealth while maintaining the key elements of prudent investing. She is also the COO of The W3 Wealth Institute – an educational institution that teaches individuals and families the power of True Wealth Creation and creating your own family bank. DeLayna is also the co-creators of The Power of Oneness, a movement that teaches singles and couples how to become one with themselves, God, their spouse, and money.

As a highly sought-after coach, speaker, facilitator, author, and licensed financial advisor, DeLayna has worked female CEO’s, corporate leaders, chief diversity leaders, VP’s and Physicians to heal their money wounds, create a safe and solid financial plan, and invoke their right to be rich. Her signature course Mind your Money has been taught for Wells Fargo’s Charlotte Technology Market, and her signature talk Healing Your Money Wounds for Diversity MBA’s National Conference. She is a coach for Seramount’s Multi-Cultural Women’s National Conference. DeLayna is a contributing author for the Diversity Business Review and produced the white paper “The Black Woman’s Economy”. Most recently she and Leon released The Power of Oneness, Winning in Marriage and Money.

Welcome to the Diamond Wealth Life!

January 4th, 2024

5:30-7:00 pm PST/ 8:30-10:00 pm EST
From Striving to Thriving - A powerful year-opening Super Seminar
  • A special Year-Opening 90-Minute SUPER-SEMINAR Virtual Event to SET THE TONE for your 2024
  • BONUS gift (That you’ll receive once the Super-Seminar is over), an inspirational joint letter from Your Co-Facilitators to help you stay motivated and focused in 2024.